Boyfriends Guess How Birth Control Works

– After performing as a princess
at kids’ birthday parties; birth control is a godsend. (upbeat music) – I was just gonna say
I have no involvement but I do pick it up on occasion. – He’s picked up my pill
for me a couple of times at the pharmacy when I
was unable to get it. – I know that it’s free because
of her insurance, for now. – You’ve kind of told me, at times, if you’re on or off birth control but I’m like, I’ve never gone with you. I’ve never helped to like pick out. – She had the prescription waiting and I pop over and grab it. When she came over it was waiting. – It was there, it was on the counter.
– That’s just the type of dude I am. (upbeat music) – My sex ed experience in
public school, growing up was pretty typical,
hey, a pull-out method; ain’t a good option. – I know the basics,
like the popular stuff. You know, I’ve heard-tell about, you know, crazy different type of shit. – I just remember this one
episode in Malaysia (laughs) when her mom found her
birth-control pills– – Oh yeah
– And they were in a circle. – Did you learn about it in school? – No, they don’t teach it in school. – I gotta be honest; I don’t
think I’m gonna do that well. – I think Steve is more
educated than a lot of men, I’ve spoken to about
birth-control. (Steve claps) That being said, I think he’ll do 50-50. – I think he’ll do great. – I think I’ll do–
– Because you’re logical. – Even still, I still don’t think (laughs) I know how these things work. – I don’t know if he has
done any research on this– – I wish I had. – Oh, I guess he’s going to do… (upbeat music) – [Swasti] Oh yes. – The pill (bell chimes) That’s what this is, right? – This looks to me like a
birth-control pill. (bell chimes) – Boom, circles. (bell chimes) – Yes. I made fun of them earlier.
– A circle. Look at that. – Do you know how much this costs? – I do not. – It’s got days on there because, you wanna take it everyday, I think at the same time everyday. – You basically, have to
take one a day, right? To actually to use it
completely correctly; you can’t miss a day. – The ones in the middle
are placebo pills. – Stops you from ovulating randomly? – It makes it so that you don’t ovulate. (upbeat music) – We missing something here? – This is quite a large ring. – It is a really large ring. – This is the one that you
keep in the freezer. (laughs) – Probably not the NuvaRing (buzzes) – It is the NuvaRing, right? (bell chimes) – A NuvaRing? Ayayaya. – I took this for maybe like six months when I was in college. – I’d still ventured and
guess it goes up your vagina. – Yeah.
– Where else would you, put this? – How do I think this is used? – You twist it like that and, you stick it on up in there. – It increases the cervical mucus, walls. – Huh? – How long does it stay in the vagina for? – Couple of hours after
use, I would guess. – A couple of months? Six months? – So this already contains hormones. – Got it.
– You put it in there and then the reason; it’s like
21 to 28 days, is because– – You have your period
and then you actually have to go to the
pharmacy and get a new one because the hormones in this
one will run out after a month. – Okay so I did say it was a NuvaRing and then, you know, I
second-guessed myself. – You should have stuck with your gut. – But I did say it so we should include that part where I did. (upbeat music) – I love this one, it’s so cute. It’s like a little toy. – Damn, it’s hard like to
kind of really figure out like what this thing could
do, once it’s inside there. – So this, is an IUD (bell chimes) – Yay! – Is it coded in spermicide? – It’s all I got guys. (both laugh) – Does this block like the uterus opening? The U is definitely like uterus or u… intra? (upbeat music) uterus… uterine device. (bell chimes) – I know it goes inside of the uterus because of the name. – Who puts it in place? – You do. What do you mean? No no no, you have a doctor do it. – I just said it word for word. You like that? – You keep this there for the full cycle; the 20 something days or the 30 days? Correct me if I’m wrong. – You can keep this in for 10 to 12 years. – You kidding me? You know, I thought I got
close on a lot of these but maybe I know a little bit less than I thought I did. – I would say, I’m pretty
shocked by how much I knew but I’m definitely also shocked
by how much I didn’t know. – It’s also on men to take
it upon themselves, if you’re in a relationship, to also
be the responsible party. I think it is a 50-50 thing. – I think it is very important
for guys to learn about this. Mainly because in the
current political climate; all of these stuff could
be going away soon. – So are you gonna help pay for some of my birth-control now? – Yeah. I mean, to me that makes sense. – I was actually surprised
about how much I didn’t know and this is why things
like Planned Parenthood are so important and it’s
because it provides you with that education you won’t
necessarily get otherwise. – You do feel passionate about that. Call your male senators. Tell them not to vote to
take away your rights, to take away your access to birth-control. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] It’s not just a
lady’s responsibility browsers, it’s your responsibility too. Stay well about it and be educated. Don’t be ignorant. (upbeat music)

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