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All right, I’m at the crib now in the man cave I don’t know if y’all seen your man cave before dawn in J Mascis playing right now it might be the worst to ever play pool, so Too much air time on this video Right now That is fire You ready to eat So fire I’m sweeter by birthday Saturday, I just got a about to go to this mini house event they got going on Portland’s market is really crazy with housing So I got to go and see what’s going on because y’all that don’t know we’re into housing too So this is something that kind of interests me a little bit all right, so we’re inside of the vent Let’s go check out some houses Levante was pretty dope said at least a moment way to see JQ. So we can get a new toy What’s up y’all so I’m back over here with JQ. Now. She’s taking me to a special place to get my new gift for myself I told you I was gonna be a cool little toy. It’s gonna be my first one ever I’m excited to show you guys what it is You ready for this oh? So they wouldn’t let me inside the store with the camera, but I got my first toy Glock 23 we’re at the place to shoot right now, and I’m about to bust some rounds Singing I got a couple of grenades come on Alright we set up. We’re ready to go. Let’s get great Yeah ready Skitty Okay, so me and Jake is gonna. Have a shootout right now, so we’re gonna be Targets on the match. Yeah, we got how many shots we got We got 13 shots you got to hit each target at least three times. We’re gonna count the points from here five four three Two one you have to hit each target a minimum of three times here And here you got 13 shots whoever gets the most points wins You ready? I’ll bury You Michael really cool The window this is really jiggers a:hover body, so it’s all good No no I’m just looking at the family. He had three old why? Do heavy do any o’clock three hours later Two hours later I’ll be posed even if I woulda knew this is gonna happen So that is ah we just got to our destination Honestly It’s just looking like it’s a new Portland. So we got to get used to we got to navigate a little differently now So it’s looking like our wait for everything It is what it is see what this line is looking like I’m thinking about getting that I’m not sure actually it’s a hoodie and a Good cuz we got the barbecue brisket on Think about transcendence April, and that’s right recycle me niblet liberal Yeah, I think i’ma go with the woody the Woody’s a Peugeot We saw a song vamanos in About the trillion I ordered enough food this time We just got the TopGolf I’m off to hit a couple hole-in-ones you waiting for the friends to get here friends and family yep Are you laughing at the back? I said, I’m gonna get a hold on one It’s a people get all the way away I Made it to the gate. Y’all gonna. See yeah, so yeah, we’re just waiting for people to get here So let’s get It’s going down It’s going down y’all ready Ready Just getting set up right now everyone’s getting registered There good over there We’ve got the guys getting set up over here about to get a little competition going because you know we love to compete Hey Jay, you ready produce oh? good Well Tiger hood, so we’re gonna figure it off You look a few you do, bro Without a practice Hey dribble should be a four cell car park Wanted Hello, what’s up? I’m out here with the kaing kaing kaing We go away back like both flats on a scatter bed put a pinwheel Ross Coleman I’m DJ super AJ and this is a DNA, so thank you everybody for watching we had a great night


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