Campfire One: App Engine’s 1st Birthday (pt. 3)
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Campfire One: App Engine’s 1st Birthday (pt. 3)

[applause] Woollen: Thanks, Kevin. My name is Mark Woollen. I’m responsible for our
Social CRM products at Oracle. Today, we have
over 5 million customers using our CRM applications
all around the world. Now our customers
do use a large variety of personal productivity tools. And they’re also
always looking for open standards-based ways that they can connect
their Oracle data to the growing set
of third party applications that reside in the cloud. Now the Google
Secure Data Connector helps us solve this problem. If you look at the slide
over here, what you’ll see is the Google
Secure Data Connector interacting with
a Siebel CRM server that sits behind
the firewall. and it’s doing this
via Siebel’s REST APIs. And all of this then powers
a user experience in the cloud. Let’s take a look now
at some live code that’ll show us how we can use
the Secure Data Connector in conjunction with Siebel. And as we do this,
we’ll do it in the context of a channel sale scenario. Now as a channel sales rep,
typically to get even the most basic information
like my leads, I have to log into
a large enterprise application. Instead,
what you see here today is a streamlined,
personalized home page comprised of a series
of gadgets. Now this home page
is actually a Google site. A Google site
is basically a gadget container, but what it does
is it houses private gadgets. So it meets the critical
user access security needs for IT
in a business environment. Now as a salesperson, these gadgets provide me
with very useful information in a very simple manner. So all the critical
information I need– my leads, my customers
I’m calling on, et cetera– are all pulled
into these gadgets from the Siebel CRM server
that sits behind the firewall. Now we’re able to do this because the appropriate
access control list had been defined on
the secure data connector agent. This allows me then,
as a result, to use a standard
Google Apps account to access this information as you can see here
in the upper right-hand side. Now what’s really great is not only can I view
the information, I can interact with it
as well. So again, in a channel sales
environment, the business partners
I work with may forward leads to me, leads that I may choose
to reject or in some cases accept. And I may say that this deal
here at Erikson looks like one I’d like
to take on my own. I’m gonna register
this deal. I can simply select it,
hit the “submit” button, and now this is my deal. I’m gonna work this deal
and try and drive it to closure. Now the Secure Data Connector has the ability
to provide access to a number
of cloud-based resources, not just these gadgets. So let’s continue
the demonstration here by showing how we can use
a Google Spreadsheet to collaborate
on deal pricing. Now just like
Kevin showed you earlier, this is a Google Spreadsheet, very simple, very
straightforward. What we’re doing here though
is we’re loading information from a Siebel CRM server
that sits behind the firewall. Now as a salesperson,
this is useful to me, because one of the things
I might have to do to close this deal
at Erikson is take pricing information
from behind the firewall but use it
in a collaborative manner with other people,
other parties, to close the business. Again, we’re able to do this because the very same account
we used to view the gadgets, my [email protected]
account, that Google Apps account, you’ve already granted access
to view this information on the SDC agent. What this then does is dynamically
and in real time, it pulls the information in
from the Siebel CRM server on products
and the prices, and it then allows me
as a salesperson to use this information
to collaborate with other people and hopefully close
this business. The result, critical
sales leads in pricing for a specific user from a Siebel CRM server
that’s behind the firewall are securely tunneled through
to the spreadsheet. So just to recap, there’s really
three things I’ve showed you. Number one was a set
of very simple private gadgets, and again, private gadgets
that allow you to control the security
in a business environment. Unlike maybe the public gadgets we’ve seen pop up
on the web everywhere. Number two,
we’ve used these gadgets combined with the
Secure Data Connector to provide a simple,
personalized user experience based on consuming information
from a Siebel CRM server behind the firewall. Number three,
this data that we consumed is interactive,
available in real time, and it can be shared
amongst a number of cloud-based
applications and resources, including the Google App
engine. And from a user point of view, it gives me all the security
I need around my data, but it also gives me
the ease of use and flexibility
in collaborating and sharing it. Secure Data Connector
for Oracle Siebel CRM is gonna be available
in May of 2009. We’re working on using
the Secure Data Connector with a variety
of our other applications in the HCM and the supply chain
space at Oracle. And for those
Siebel CRM customers that want
to take advantage of this prior to its availability
in May, you can do that
as part of our beta program.

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