Carrying your Newborn Infant in the Beco Gemini Baby Carrier – Legs Out Position | CloudMom
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Carrying your Newborn Infant in the Beco Gemini Baby Carrier – Legs Out Position | CloudMom

Hi everybody. I’m Melissa. Welcome back
to Cloudmom. In this video I’m walking through how you can carry your newborn baby in the
Beco Gemini with the legs out. I have other videos on this carrier, and one of them goes
through all the features of the carrier. So check that out as well. Now one of the really
great features about the Beco Gemini is this adjustability on the bottom that can make
it a narrower carrier for a younger baby or a wider carrier also that can be very convenient.
Because for a younger baby and a smaller baby, you can have the baby with the legs in, in
this outward position, but you can also have the baby with the legs out by narrowing it
using these snaps. And that’s what we’re going to go over in this video. Okay? So here
I go. I narrow my carrier like this, and you can have the legs out. Now there is something
you want to make sure about which I’m going to show you with the baby in terms of the
way the baby’s being held. So let me first put on my waist. This is the first step with
this carrier. You want to attach the waistband like this. And I have dual-adjustability here,
so I can tighten on both sides. Okay? So now my carrier’s all set and I’m going to
get my baby. Here’s my newborn baby. I’m going to name this guy Frederick. Now what
I’m going to do is I’m going to just hold my baby in a good position, and I’m going
to smooth the carrier over the baby. And then I’m going to just flap these straps over
my shoulders. Okay? And I’m going to reach back here, I’ve got my right hand on the
baby, and I’m reaching back here for this strap. I’m turning like this so you guys
can see. And I’m just going to attach it there right like that. Duck. And then I can
tighten. Similarly, I’m going to hold my baby with my right hand like, sorry with my
left hand. I can reach back with my right hand like this, and I attach like that. I’m
going to just go a little bit into the situation with the hips here and then we’re going
to talk about safety. The important thing is that the baby has support from knee to
knee. If you feel that your baby is not getting that support, you should go back to a legs
in position. And similarly as your baby grows, if the legs are starting to dangle down, what you will find is that you’ll need to adjust to the wider setting of the Beco Gemini so
that your baby gets that knee to knee support in the hips. Okay? Couple things on safety:
you want your baby high and you want your baby tight. You should be able to kiss your
baby. And the chin should be off the chest. And you should have some nice entry here for
air. So those are the basics when it comes to carrying a newborn baby in the Beco Gemini
with the legs out. I have some other videos on this carrier. Please weigh in with your
experience with this carrier, love to hear about it. And thank you so much for watching


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