• Newborn Indian girl found buried alive in cemetery: report
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    Newborn Indian girl found buried alive in cemetery: report

    A newborn baby girl is fighting for her life days after she was found buried alive in an earthen pot in northern India The emaciated baby remained in critical condition on Tuesday at a hospital in Bareilly, a town in the state of Uttar Pradesh, with sepsis and a low platelet count that left her struggling with a blood infection, pediatrician Ravi Khanna told the BBC  BABY BORN WITH AMNIOTIC SAC INTACT, PHOTOS SHOW “There are chances of her survival, but we would know for sure only after five to seven days,” he told the outlet  The child was discovered Thursday by a man named Hitesh Kumar, who had gone to a cremation site to…

  • Why You Wouldn’t Survive In Medieval time
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    Why You Wouldn’t Survive In Medieval time

    Chances are slim that you’ll wake up tomorrow having slipped through a time portal and find yourself now living in a Medieval village. But if that does happen, here are some of the things you can expect. First off, it’s hard being a peasant. Fortunately, you happen not to be a slave, because that status doesn’t factor into Medieval society. So you won’t be sold from owner to owner. Unfortunately, you’re not exactly free, either. Your social rank as villein means that you don’t own your own land. For the sake of context, we’ll say you arrive complete with a backstory. Villein is an inherited designation, meaning your parents were…

  • Kenneth Cole –  “The Birth of a Shoe Company”
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    Kenneth Cole – “The Birth of a Shoe Company”

    1982 is when I started my company and there was a that time a downturn in the economy and I had just a little bit of money and I knew I needed to move quickly because then not much different than today most companies -60 to 70 percent- don’t survive the first 12 months of business because they invariably underestimate the time it takes the resources that it takes to survive and the cost that it takes to survive that amount of expenses and the time it takes to do it. So I knew I needed to move quickly and so I named and I had to go to Italy…

  • Birth of the Moon
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    Birth of the Moon

    The Earth, over its 4.5 billion year history, has been pummeled by asteroids. Eroded by wind and rain. Covered over with flowing lava. Wrinkled and gouged by shifts in its crust. Most traces of its distant past have long since been destroyed. But there is a place where clues to the early history of our planet are still largely intact. The moon. Scientists have been reconstructing its history by scouring its surface, mapping its mountains and craters, and probing its interior regions. What are they learning about our own planet’s beginnings, by going back in time, to the mysterious Birth of the Moon. The space age made possible rockets with…

  • Robotic Birth Simulator is Saving Lives in the Delivery Room
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    Robotic Birth Simulator is Saving Lives in the Delivery Room

    (baby wails) (Nurse speaking) – [Nurse] Okay. Gonna have a shoulder dystocia, call for help. – [Man] Is something wrong, what’s going on? What’s going on? – [Nurse 2] All right, Christine, push! Go ahead and push! – Keep pushing, keep pushing. – [Nurse 2] One, two, three. Baby’s out. Baby’s out! (baby doll wailing) – [Doctor] We’re gonna have a debrief session. – We need to clamp the cord. – [Doctor] All right, get the clamp. – [Woman] Good job, good job. – [Another Woman] Good job, good job. – Well done, guys. (echoing music) We’re gonna have a debrief session. (baby doll wailing) All right, everybody. Remember, light…

  • How to Bathe, Change & Feed a Baby : Preparing a Newborn Baby Bath
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    How to Bathe, Change & Feed a Baby : Preparing a Newborn Baby Bath

    This is Vanessa and Andrew on behalf of Expert Village.com and this is preparing your baby’s bath. First things first, you will want to place your bathtub wherever you are going to be bathing your baby. Then you will get your water; bring it to your tub. You are going to want to test your water, make sure that it is just warm to the touch. Fill up your bathtub with the water. If you have one of these swings and you press down the water will not come above the newborn baby’s belly button. It is very important that you don’t get water on that. So you will fill…

  • Baldi’s Basics 1 Year Birthday Bash
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    Baldi’s Basics 1 Year Birthday Bash

    Haaahhhhhhhhffpppp *helicopter noise* *music starts* Baldi: Welcome to The Baldi’s Basics Birthday Bash! Markiplier: So Baldi: Come on in and have a blast! Markiplier again: so Baldi’s Basics apparently turned one year old Release the balloons! *party horn and children cheering* Yay *Laughing* They released an updated version of the game and I wasn’t exactly gonna look into it too deeply, except the SAID that there’s a NEW ENDING as a THANK YOU for playing the game and giving it so much love. I don’t know how to get that ending, but I’m guessing I have to beat the game again. I don’t think I have to beat it with…

  • Kulture’s Birthday Party
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    Kulture’s Birthday Party

    (upbeat music) (audience cheering) No, no no. (audience whooping) Okay, okay, all right. Stop, look, it’s time for the Inside Scoop and here with the dish, is the CEO of Hollywood Unlocked, Jason Lee. Hi, how are you? (audience cheers) So, Jason’s looking at hot topics right now, and he goes, you know I know Medina? Oh yeah, Medina’s exactly how you described her. Bitch, right? Well she calls me and she says, “bitch” so. Okay, what’s going on with Cardie? First of all, thank you for letting me know everybody was there but you know I wasn’t in town. Yeah, so I was here in New York last week…