[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP16 (Full)
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[CC] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP16 (Full)

Who called me out? Come out! If I use Sara’s identity to call him out,
he’ll have no choice but to come. I’m worried about CEO Han Tae-hee. Please just save him. I’ll separate… if you want me to. If you just save him, I’ll do anything. Please just save him. What happened to Sara? She’s still not answering her phone? She was just at the station. What’s going on? If we’d known earlier,
we could have prepared. Sara is being too irresponsible. I’m going crazy. Call her again. Okay. Team Leader Choi. Is Tae-hee okay? Tae-hee! Tae-hee! What happened? Tae-hee. He’s still unconscious. The CT scans show
no abnormality. I believe it’s diffuse axonal injury. For now, we can’t tell
when he’ll wake up. Monitor his vital signs
every 10 minutes. Yes. Tae-hee. Who is it? Who did that to Tae-hee! We’re still trying to determine. It’s your fault. It must be because of you. As soon as I found out about you,
I should’ve removed you from Tae-hee. Get out of here. Get away from
Tae-hee immediately! Tae-hee is in a coma. I can’t leave him. Please let me stay. Please, Grandmother. Secretary Kim! Get this child out of here. Don’t let her near
Tea-hee’s hospital room. I beg you, Grandmother. What? He’s showing signs of tachycardia. Add more saline. Change the IV. Doctor. His condition has worsened. What? Tae-hee… Grandmother. Han Tae-hee is in a coma. He has an abnormally fast pulse. His condition is worsening. Did Han Tae-hee have
pre-existing conditions? Yes. He had occasional
lower blood pressure shocks. It’s a symptom of
broken heart syndrome. His brain injury is mild. But his psychological issues
are making the situation worse. Please just save him. Please… just save him. There’s nothing to do but wait now. It’s important to create
a peaceful environment to avoid necessary stimulus. Then… Elder. I’ll stay here. Please go home. Chae-yeon. Escort her home. Let’s do that, Grandmother. Grandmother. Are you okay? Mother. How’s Tae-hee? He’s still unconscious. Go rest for now. Escort her to her room. This way, Grandmother. Go on inside. I’m against you, too. But I think the one Tae-hee
wants to see most is you, Sara. Thank you. Thank you. When we come back here,
we’ll be a married couple. Not “ahjumma.” But “dear.” Tae-hee getting hurt… Are you involved with it? Han Tae-hee got hurt? He’s in a coma. It’s serious. Han Tae-hee has a weakness. Sara’s identity… She stole someone else’s. Han Tae-hee was behind it. That’s good. Han Tae-hee has reported me
to the directors meeting. I won’t have to worry then. Then, is their wedding cancelled, too? You… I didn’t do it. Director Han… is he involved? I told you to stop
Sara and Tae-hee’s wedding. Who told you make Tae-hee like that? Why are you so worked up? Ah… You wanted to
go for Han Tae-hee… That’s too bad. If Han Tae-hee dies,
Sara has no place to go. Whether I hate her or love her,
she’s my wife. I should take care of her, right? It’d be different
if she was Sa Geum-ran. But if it’s Sara, I can live with her. Don’t you agree? Sara is with him? She can’t, Ji-hoon. We have to separate
Sara and Tae-hee. I’m coming now. Why are you here? Didn’t you hear Grandmother? Be quiet. Doctor… moved his finger. Han Tae-hee? Han Tea-hee. If you can hear me, blink once. Lift your left hand. Grandmother. Tae-hee is out of coma. Good. Tae-hee. I have something to tell you. In Han Tae-hee’s case, it’s important to create peaceful
surroundings for the patient. With the woman
who nursed him yesterday, the patient was more stable. Wh… Who? By chance, Sara? For Han Tae-hee, his psychological
stabilization is important for recovery. The person who nursed him yesterday
should stay with him for a while. Until Tae-hee is discharged,
you can nurse him. Thank you. Only, just until he’s discharged. Since Tae-hee’s health comes first. I had a bad dream. A nightmare where my bracelet broke. It wasn’t a dream. You were badly hurt. I thought I’d never get to see you again. We have to buy a new bracelet. One that doesn’t break. Our wedding… has only been delayed. Right? Just get better quickly. How will the groom
walk down the aisle like this? Can’t you carry me on your back? I missed you. Even during my sleep. Wasn’t it your style to
finish off in one shot? What if the old lady files
a criminal case and finds out? She’ll be looking once
Han Tae-hee is charged. She won’t be able to imagine
who attacked him. She thinks it’s Sara’s fault. The whole world knows
Han Tae-hee and I are competing for the succession. With Han Tae-hee in that state,
who would they suspect? I must make the first move. CEO Han Tae-hee is my brother. Fortunately, his condition is improving. But I’m distressed. Who on earth did this to him? For my family, I’m taking the
lead as the eldest. Anyone with any tips about
CEO Han’s accident, report. I’ll catch the culprit with my own hands. Please I beg you. I saw your interview. Will that be enough? I’m afraid you might be suspected. I’m going to use this to my advantage. When I think,
I have more to gain than lose. By earnestly caring for my brother,
Grandmother will have to give me credit. Han Tae-hee is down
and can’t do anything. I’ll take this chance to
squash Winner Food’s first venture. While he’s down,
I’ll steal everything. Including Sara. You have a call from
Birth of a Chef PD. Talk to her. Yes, PD. What happened to the show filming? We had to push it off. It’s tomorrow. I’m sorry. Forget it. Make sure to show up. Can you promise? Yes. I understand. The PD sounds really mad. I heard. I’ll tell her you got hurt. So, are you going to give up? Think about it. I’m lying here like this. What would I need? Some news to cheer me up. If you give up the cooking competition, my broken heart syndrome
might come back. Go for my sake. If possible, win. For sure. Tae-hee is out of coma. What? Then the directors
meeting isn’t called off? Of course not. The meeting aside, your wife is nursing
another man right now. She’s the one who saved Tae-hee’s life. So, what can be done? They will never separate. She’s going to participate in the
cooking competition as planned. What on earth did you do? Today’s the Birth of
a Chef dish theme is… the food you want to
make for your family. Challenger Oh Kyung-hee,
what’s the dish you’ve prepared? To prepare the best table for my family,
I’ll make kingly table with 12 dishes. Sara, what kind of dish
did you prepare? Mine is bean paste stew
with four side dishes. You made rice balls when the theme
called for something extravagant. Are you going to do another
surprise show to win points? It’s not a surprise show. As soon as I knew it was for family,
this dish came to mind. I want to show my love through food. While imagining my family
happy after eating my dish, I’ll do my best. Then, a dish you want to
make for your family… The competition begins! Doctor. Watch me closely. To me, you’re already family. Whether we’ll have
a happy ending, I can’t tell. But, just the fact we’re together
now makes me happy. I’ll cook for you. With all my best. Can I see Sara after the shoot? Yes, I’ll tell her as soon as we’re done. Study abroad? I’ll support you study aboard, Sara. It’s a condition of being the
Winner Group’s main model. You mentioned the main model last time. But why study abroad? I’m… searching for the culprit
who hurt Tae-hee. I found this out in the process. Sara… Is your identity fake? The man who hurt Tae-hee… used your false identity to blackmail him. He went in your place and got attacked. I’m saying this as Tae-hee’s family
because I’m worried. As long as you’re with Tae-hee,
he might be in danger. Where’s Sara? Why? Do you wish to find your wife now? Tell me where she is. She went to the hospital. To nurse Tae-hee. To Sara, you… mean nothing. Was the person who called
Han Tae-hee Kim Ddeuk-soon’s brother? Answer me. The man who called knew
you had a false identity. CEO wanted to take care of it himself. He told me not to tell you. Don’t tell him I know. For now, his recovery comes first. Yes. Due to your identity,
Tae-hee might face trouble. Is that true, too? I don’t care what happens to you. Because of you, Tae-hee will get hurt. It was my fault. You still haven’t given up
on Han Tae-hee? You can’t separate
even though he’s in that state? Should he die for you to
come to your senses? Han Tae-hee getting hurt… Was it your doing? You’re the only one who knows
my identity blackmailed me as well. You threatened me recently. It’s you, right? Is it? What if I’m involved? If Han Tae-hee got hurt
because of you, I won’t let this go. Even if Han Tae-hee dies
and returns to life, you’re still my wife. You can’t go to anyone else. The more obsessed you are
with Han Tae-hee, I won’t let him get away with it. Got it? What do you want? You’ve gotten this beautiful. You’re different from Sa Geum-ran. Your personality has changed. It feels new. I think I can have
a good life with Sara. Let’s live together. The more you hold out,
the more danger Han Tae-hee faces. You know me well. What I did to Sa Geum-ran. What happened with the competition? Are you curious? Of course. Did you win? You lost? If you’re curious, watch the show. Are you forcing me to watch it on TV? Seeing your condition,
you look like you can be discharged. Already? Yes. I didn’t get to talk to your doctor today. Let me go see him. But you just got here. I waited for you all long. Why? Does it hurt? Yes. The back of my hand hurts. What do we do? I’ll call the nurse. No, Ahjumma. The best treatment… is the warm hand of the one I love. Your touch produces endorphins
and eases the pain. I think my forehead hurts, too. The pain is moving up. My cheek feels tingly, too. Where does it look more painful? Forehead or cheek? You pick the spot and treat me. Make sure Han Tae-hee
doesn’t say anything unnecessary. Yes, sir. The more you hold out,
Han Tae-hee will be in danger. Nurse. Can you come here? The man who hurt Tae-hee… used your false identity to blackmail him. Tae-hee went in
your place and got attacked. As long as you remain with Tae-hee,
he might be in danger. Why are you lying so uncomfortably? You’re awake? Come in here. After my parents died,
when I alone survived… I was still young but I thought why should I live alone
without my parents? But this time,
I thought I had to live. Because I have you. You’ve become my reason for living. I think… we have to break up. Based on the test result,
you can be discharged tomorrow. While resting at home,
continue with necessary treatment. Let’s go to Sewoondang. My house is comfortable. Come to my house. It’s not bad. Please continue. Oh yeah. And you should be thankful to Sara. Not only when he was in coma,
was he virtually saved by her nursing. You heard that, Grandmother? I want to take him to Sewoondang
but Tae-hee doesn’t want that. When he’s discharged,
you two can’t be together. You’re putting Tae-hee in danger… Is it my thought alone? Why don’t you answer me? Yes. I’ll leave. I’d like you to leave while
Tae-hee is in the hospital. Today. Give me some time. You’re breaking up anyway. What’s the point of delaying? I’m not ready yet. If I leave suddenly,
it’ll be hard for Han Tae-hee as well. I want to do something to make sure
he’ll be fine without me. Please I beg you. Yes, Sara. Speak. May I see you briefly? No. I’ll go to your office. Please sit. If I accept the model contract offer, can I leave to study abroad
as soon as possible? How quickly do you mean? As soon as possible. I want to leave even a day sooner. I understand. And… Can you keep
a secret where I went? I want to live without
anyone knowing. What’s the reason? That way… I think Han Tae-hee will be safe. I understand. I’ll keep your whereabouts to myself. It’s me. Let’s meet now. Are you done thinking? If it’s just me,
I wouldn’t have been afraid. But for the sake of the person I love, I realized I have to
stand back against my will. This feeling… You and
Gyo Chae-yeon will never know. Because neither of you have
ever genuinely loved anyone. Like you said,
Han Tae-hee and I… will break up. Then, we can just return to
being a married couple? Married couple? I’ll see you to the end. You… me… and Gyo Chae-yeon… We three are not over yet. The smell of my house. You know how precious
your home is when you’re away. I missed this house so much. Oh? The lights are back on. What happened? I fixed it. So that your wishes would come true. I’ll unpack. Take it easy. No one is following. Ahjumma. Let’s eat. You know I’m looking forward
to homemade meal, right? What are you doing? I want to organize so it’s easy to find. It’s not urgent. Take your time. Let’s eat first. Doctor. If… I leave and I’m not here,
will you continue to live here? What? If you’re left alone without me,
find a different house. I think that’ll be okay for you. What’s wrong? Like you’re going far away. That was good. Ahjumma. Thanks. I’ll do the dishes. Doctor. I have to tell you something. What is it? Let’s… break up. I signed a contract with Winner Group. As a main model, they’re sending me
abroad for cooking school. I don’t understand. I hurt my head. They said my mental processes
might temporarily be delayed. Is this a side effect? My comprehension is low. Say it more simply. I don’t… want to marry again. I realized it when you got hurt. If I’m married, I’ll be tied to my husband
and eventually lose myself. I want to live my own life. You live your life. I’ll be supportive. When you were sick,
I helped you win the cooking competition. Things will change if we marry. I was married before. Sa Geum-ran didn’t start that way either. Ahjumma. I’m sorry. It’s hard for me to say this, too. Ahjumma. I’ll not bother you. I won’t get in the way of your life at all. Let me go. Okay, okay. Then… Tell me everything
you want. I’ll follow it. I’ll do anything. Just don’t say let’s break up. We can just stay like
this without marrying. There’s no reason to break up. I can’t do that. How can I treat you the same
when I refused to marry? We can’t go back as good as before. I’ll try. I want a different life. I want to live freely. With the beauty you gave me,
I want to live a grand life. I’m sorry. And… Thank you. How can you say that? Please think it over. Aren’t you being too much? You have to give me time
to think or prepare. How can you be this unilateral? What did I do so wrong
that you’re like this? I just got charged from the hospital. I can’t think. I’m helpless. Can’t you go easy on me? So urgently and recklessly… This isn’t right. I’m sorry. Stop saying sorry. Farewells are best short. It’s hard on both sides. I’m sorry. I’m sorry… I’m sorry… This is Sara. Yes. Are you still with Tae-hee? I decided to break up
with Han Tae-hee. We talked. Where will you go? I’m going to study abroad. Okay then. I’ll trust you then. I’d like someone to
take care of Han Tae-hee. We lived here together. If one person is missing,
the house will feel lonelier. I’ll take care of Tae-hee. Don’t worry. Ahjumma. Can we talk? Ahjumma! Ahjumma! Is something wrong, Han Tae-hee? Have you seen Sara? Why are you looking for Sara here? Weren’t you two
getting married abroad? What’s going on, Han Tae-hee? Sara… is going to study abroad? She left the house today. It’ll be tough for Tae-hee for now. Dr. Gyo Ji-hoon and you. You two go check on him often. Family is what he needs
at times like this. Yes, Grandmother. Why are you packing up? Did you fight? Are you living separately again? Not this time. Then? It wasn’t easy for me to
announce my divorce. I tried my best to keep
my family together. But I couldn’t do it. I’m sorry for disappointing you. What’s the reason,
Gyo Chae-yeon? He…has another woman. Who is she? Is she a celebrity? It’s someone well-known. But I won’t reveal her name. I don’t want to go that far. And… I’m not going to
be a fool anymore. He’s trying to take
my property away from me. Representing the
faithful wife of this land, I’ll fight him head on. Divorce interview? What are you doing? I gave you advance notice. I’d divorce when I wanted. Fine, let’s. Let’s do it! But what does this make me? What humiliation and
embarrassment is this! Revenge for ruining my life. I don’t know how I got entangled
with you and Sa Geum-ran. It’s so horrid. I never want to see you again. Let’s not even meet in dreams. Oh, aren’t you curious why I didn’t mention Sara’s name
during the press conference? I want the building. If something goes wrong,
I’ll expose you and Sara’s story. A man murders his wife. That wife survives and
goes through plastic surgery. Then she takes revenge on her husband. The whole country
will be in an uproar. And at this point in time,
isn’t Sara your key to survival? So, live quietly with your mouth shut. I hope you make a sensible decision. Gyo Chae-yeon and Lee Kang-joon. They’re finally divorcing. Good for you. But Mother. They’re divorcing because
Lee Kang-joon had another affair. With whom? There’s no name. Gyo Chae-yeon was crying crazy. By chance, it wouldn’t be Sara, right? Let me see. Sara was involved with Lee Kang-joon. Now that I think about it,
Gyo Chae-yeon’s marriage ended and Sara and Han Tae-hee
couple broke up, too. What’s with everyone? Sara… I need to call her. You called earlier. Her phone is off. It’s Mom, Geum-ran. Geum-ran? No matter what happens,
don’t break down. Never. I trust you. You overcame near death. There’s nothing
you can’t accomplish, Geum-ran. You can’t give up. And if it’s hard… you have me, your mom. In any situation, I’m on your side. Sara… is Geum-ran? Jeez, how humiliating. It’s so frustrating! Oh my world… What’s wrong, Mom? Are people gossiping
about Kang-joon again? Did you meet someone? Even strangers are pointing fingers. Everyone is laughing at us. How can I hold my head up? I can’t live. I can’t live. Hey, you brat! Are you going to end your life and
dig your own grave through marriage? Why are you so stupid! Father! Move! This jerk! Honey. Sa Geum-ran… Where did you go? Answer the phone. Answer the phone! Oh my, CEO. Do you know where Sara is now? We only heard
she’s going to study abroad. I heard it was settled with
Winner Group headquarters. By chance, can you reach her? No. CEO. Are you alright? Check the departure records. Whether Sara is still in
Korea or departed. If she hasn’t left, confirm what time. Find out. Yes, CEO. How’s Tae-hee? He fell asleep. He’ll be better with rest. [Doctor] Sara. It’s Han Min-hyuk. We were able to
adjust the flight schedule. It’s Sara. What brings you here, Team Leader? CEO asked me to do something. Oh, I see. What happened? Did you verify the departure date? Yes, CEO. It was originally the day after
tomorrow but changed to today. Today? Tae-hee! I can’t let you go. I can’t let you go like this. Ahjumma… Ahjumma… I’m looking for
a passenger on PJ flight 301. Please announce it by intercom. It’s urgent. PJ flight 301 has departed. Is that so, Ahjumma? I was the only one
in love like a madman? Am I the only one in love? Hand over the building quietly
or I’ll reveal this. It has the footage of you
murdering Sa Geum-ran. Tae-hee gave up Winner Food? Is it because of Sara? Han Tae-hee is weak. It’s our chance. I’m going to falsify documents
and prosecute Han Tae-hee. Han Tae-hee might be prosecuted? You couldn’t protect
your woman in the end. Just like your father
who died 20 years ago. Tell me where you sent Sara.


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