Cervical Cancer During Pregnancy | Ashley’s Story
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Cervical Cancer During Pregnancy | Ashley’s Story

[MUSIC] Felt like my world
was crashing down.>>Cancer when you’re 20
something years old and pregnant. That doesn’t even
cross your mind. Cancer, no. There’s no way. [MUSIC] I was probably around 26
weeks pregnant when I started spotting. The local doctor, the emergency
room checked me and said that I had
polyps on my cervix. And she’s like,
I sent it off to pathology, and it came back a very rare,
aggressive cancer called neuroendocrine carcinoma
of the cervix. And she said, you’re gonna
have to hurry up and have a hysterectomy and
start chemo and radiation. And I’m still just thinking this
all has to be a joke or a dream. There’s just no way.>>My wife, she’s pregnant and you’re all excited,
we’re gonna have a baby. And boom, like a bomb’s
just dropped on all of it.>>Four days after the diagnosis
is when I met Dr Fader. She’s just not like
a typical doctor.>>How’s life been?>>Great, how’s life been you?>>Good.
>>I told her my story and emotionally you could feel
that she felt what I felt. She was very empathetic for
everything.>>In the rare circumstance
where cancer and pregnancy intersect,
as it did in Ashley’s case, it’s incredibly challenging and
difficult for any family. She was referred
to our center for our known expertise regarding
unusual medical conditions and pregnancy as well as treatment
of rare gynecologic tumors.>>Ashley and her husband
opted to go ahead and proceed with a cesarean section
and a radical hysterectomy to try to optimize the outcomes for
both herself and for her baby.>>I didn’t have a doubt that
they could save her life.>>Hey guys.>>Hey Dr. Fader.>>This procedure really
involved two procedures in one, the Cesarean section which had
its own risks and benefits, and the radical hysterectomy and
the staging for her cancer. We had all of the teams you can
imagine, a fantastic anesthesia team, the obstetric team,
the neonatology team, and the GON oncology team as well
as all the nursing personnel.>>I felt like the room was full
of 20 angels cuz at the time this is what I felt. These people are all here for
me and so friendly and positive.>>Ashley had an amazing
post-operative recovery. I don’t know if I have ever
met anyone quite like her. She’s remarkable, very stoic. She really left the hospital
within four days.>>She’s a tough chick. [LAUGH] I knew she could handle
anything that God throws at her, and I knew she’d pull through. Say, this is Caden and
his beautiful mom, Ashley.>>So I knew was gonna
have to start chemo and radiation after my surgery, and I did chemo from May until
January of the next year. The suffering, the sickness,
the tiredness, I just got through it. I grilled through it
because I knew I had to.>>Next time wont
you sing with me.>>Yay.>>ABCs.>>Our lives just, it couldn’t
be anymore perfect right now. And that’s hard to say, considering what we went through
two years ago where we are now.>>Family is the most
important thing, definitely. And just the joy of him brings
me joy, it really does. It’s a lot of fun being a dad.>>You cherish every little
moment you have because you just never know. And you really are grateful for the people in your life
that were there for you.>>This treatment allowed Ashley
and her family to start a family and to hopefully have a long and
meaningful life together.>>Come look in the window.>>I hope that we can continue
to offer that to many women like Ashley.>>I’m blessed to have
them both today and Dr. Fader is,
I owe her a big thanks for that. [MUSIC]


  • Debbie Wronker

    Thank you for sharing, I also found out that I had cervical cancer; But not until I was delivering my son. I ended up with a emergency c-section my doctor was surprised because he checked me out all during my pregnancy. my son was a month old, and I was bleeding hard I went to my OB GYN he admitted me I had my cervix removed. My son is 34 now with children of his own.

  • Jakora's World

    im only 12yrs old why i here it sounds interesting though i hope she was treated from that horrible disease/cancer its sad lets give a shoutOut to the mothers @https:icareboutmymom.com

  • Daniela Jackson

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