Childbirth on Facebook Live?
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Childbirth on Facebook Live?

– [Narrator] This video contains mature and/or graphic content. Parents are advised that these images may not be suitable for young children. – So let’s move on because
the birth of a baby. We know it’s such a
beautiful thing, but when it comes to life’s events it’s
a very intimate experience for most people that is, but what if in this particular case, it wasn’t? Check it out. That magical day your child is born, just you, your loved
ones, the doctor and– (record scratches) Tens of thousands of viewers
watching in real time on Facebook Live. (record scratches) – Everyone out of my vagina. – [Travis] Reality star and
former America’s Next Top Model Lisa D’Amato gave birth
to her second child in a hospital while her manager caught the whole thing on camera. – [Man] Wait, this is the
coolest (bleeped) I’ve ever seen it’s like everyone can just watch. – [Travis] The 35-year-old
was in labor for 16 hours before getting an
epidural and the camera started rolling live as the
doctors prepped for delivery. – Do you feel any pressure in your butt? – I do. – Oh, good. – [Travis] Viewers heard
everything from normal… – Ow, ow, ow. – [Travis] To… – Now I’m just wondering what
I’m gonna eat after this. – [Travis] After only
three pushes, baby Venice made his public debut. – Head’s out. – Head’s out, bring your hands down here. (people chattering) – Oh my god. – [Travis] Making history. – Do you hear him? That’s my little baby. – [Travis] And making some of us ask, “Is nothing sacred any more?” (record scratches) – Did I rip down there? – [Man] No. (baby cries) (audience applauds) – It’s only been two weeks
since the birth of their son, Venice, please welcome Lisa and her husband, Adam, to the show. Congratulations, first of all. We’re happy that– – Thank you for sharing that with us. – [Lisa] Yes, hi. – Baby’s good? – Baby’s great. Baby’s big. Baby doesn’t stop eating, baby’s great. – So I do have to ask the
obvious question, which is, why have the birth live on
Facebook Live (chuckles)? – I was just as shocked as
everybody else, alright? Let’s just put that out there. My best friend, Brennan, who
you say on there and then my husband were joking
minutes before the pushing was about to start that they
were gonna do it on Facebook. Now, my first birth with our
son, Daxel, was 35 hours, and Venice was 16 hours. So when it got time to
push, I was shocked ’cause I thought it would take
longer to dialate, and so my dad didn’t make it, my
sister couldn’t be there, a lot of people couldn’t be there that are so close and dear to us. So, I thought, that if they
were gonna do it, which I thought they were still
kidding, I thought they were gonna do it friends and
family only on Facebook, but it turns out my best
friends pushed “public”. (crowd chuckles, groans) – So I’m gonna effuse this
is all being broadcast live, but you don’t even know. – No, I thought I was, when
I’m joking about the food, like what I was gonna eat
afterwards, I thought my dad would be laughing because
I’m always talking about, you know, what we’re gonna eat, you know. So, it was quite shocking
but at the same time like, it was so well-received
because it was done in such good taste, like it was
from behind my head. – I was gonna say, for not
knowing that all that was going live, it was done in a way– – Nobody saw my hoo-ha, nobody
saw the hoo-ha, alright? (audience applauds) – It was done in as tasteful
of a way as you possibly can. – Yes, it was tasteful,
it was very tasteful. – Very calm, the whole setting was calm, you were calm, doctor was calm. – I joke through pain, I
just do, I’m that person that doesn’t like to show, obviously
I felt a ton of pressure, I had an epidural, so it
wasn’t like the pain was a 10, but the pressure was intense. And that’s just part of my
personality, I just joke while I go through things
that’s kinda like you don’t want people to feel
uncomfortable, or feels bad for you, you know? And I was thinking, my family– – As an obstetrician, let
me tell you, even with an epidural, you did good girl. (audience applauds) You did good, everyone doesn’t
handle it that gracefully. – I’m curious if after the
fact, ’cause something like this, obviously, birthing
is a fairly private endeavor for most, after this all
happened, was everyone in the room, you know, was
everyone okay with that? Because that’s the one
thing where, you know, it’s such an intimate experience
at a hospital, was the hospital okay with everything
afterwards or were they pretty upset? – Well, I did have a visit on day two from two women with clipboards. That did let me know that,
you know, waivers are supposed to be signed over and there
were some people that work for the hospital that didn’t
know that it was going live so obviously, I had let them
know that I didn’t do it, I was too busy giving birth,
but, and I wasn’t responsible. – I wonder if we’re at a
point, though, where you almost have to say in the delivery
room, make your intentions clear, because if there are
people in the room and there’s a camera, it’s kind of
like you go into the gym and you go into the women’s
room or the men’s room it says, “no camera phones
allowed” because you’re worried people are gonna video tape– – Yeah. – I wonder if we’re at a
point, where, ’cause obviously you didn’t mean for that to go live– – No! No. – [Travis] Where I wonder if–


  • Kelly Lynn

    So, it's her choice. You can't see anything. My baby is now three weeks old. 1 and a half pushes she was out and i was talking about what I wanted to eat too lol granted my birth wasn't live.

  • mama Wolf


  • Mikayla Westbrook

    It's child birth. Every single person on this earth, and past, have experienced it. In my opinion, even if she did purposefully broadcast it live, it is one of the few natural things left to human nature. Celebrate it.

  • Tamquam Leo Rugiens

    It's the people that choose to watch that is the issue. If not one person bothered to watch it she would have just made a Facebook home video for herself. Full stop.

  • Shell Craigmiles

    My sister took a picture of me while i was on my side, trying to push my daughter out. She then used the picture to blackmail me and sent it around to my friends. With this next delivery coming up here soon, NO CAMERAS

  • Ellis Kwakernaak-Bajna

    What about when her son comes to a certain age finding his video circulating on the internet🤔. Did she thought about that…

  • B Maximus

    As a nurse I've had to tell people not to film or photograph me while I'm working. Everything is online anymore and no, not everyone is comfortable with it for their own reasons. Not everything has to be digitally documented. Just do it appropriately and respectfully please.

  • carrie bolton

    IF she was on America's next top model.. why does it look like she's stuck in the 90's?

    Also I'm 37 weeks pregnant and have been debating to be on Facebook Live when I go into labor, but not WHEN the baby come's out…. I mean yikes.. But this isn't that bad, we didn't see her vagina so I don't see what the problem is.. Props to her for being so chill about the broadcast being public! I would of lost my cool if this was supposed to be private for family only!

  • NymphetaminexXxGrrrl

    The "graphic content" warning label made me think they were about to show a giant hairy stretched out vag during delivery, i wonder why the warning was there when nothing was shown? anyway i don't see anything wrong with a more public birth, except for the fact that people feel the need to post everything…i mean giving birth is a pretty big deal but when people start posting what they had for breakfast and every place they are going its kind of weird..

  • Delores Mackay

    Oh my God childbirth should not be public it's supposed to be private YouTube childbirth videos should be destroyed and shut down bad things can happen on line you know

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