CLOCKWORK | Draw My Life

Natalie Oulette was a sweet and calm girl.
She had hazel eyes with some green highlights. Her long dark brown hair contrasted with her
pale skin. She loved to paint, and when she ran out of sheets she used the wall as a canvas. Her parents didn’t like that; they often
argued and punished her by locking her in the room. Plus, her older brother Lucas would
mess with her all the time and make her life impossible at home. Natalie soon began to
feel lonely and sad. As she grew older she became a dark person
and her drawings became terrifying and bloody. One day in high school she fell asleep while
working on an English assignment, and the teacher called her attention. The teacher
demanded that she gave her what she had done, but on top of Natalie’s desk there were only
drawings of sinister characters and gruesome scenes. “Time’s up, Miss Oulette”. That phrase
caught her attention. It seemed that time was always against her and that bothered her. After class, she met Chris, her boyfriend.
He had blond hair and brown eyes. Natalie was glad to see him, but he was very serious.
When she moved to kiss him, Chris turned his face away and said he wanted to break up with
her. “It’s better if we give each other some
time and space apart”. Again with the time, thought Natalie. “Why? What happened?” “It’s your way of thinking, your drawings.
You are always sad, and you never smile” Natalie was shocked, Chris had broken her
heart and she felt like her life was going from bad to worse. When she got home, she went to the bathroom
to cry. On the shelf, she saw her mother’s sewing kit, fumbled until she found a needle
and thread and looked at herself in the mirror. “So I never smile…” She began to sew her cheeks in the form of
a smile with a black thread. She felt excruciating pain, but all she did was laugh hysterically.
She was in a kind of trance. Blood dripped down the drain. Suddenly, her mother came
into the bathroom and shouted. They went to the hospital, and Natalie explained
to the doctor that her biggest problem was time, the time passed slowly, controlling
society and torturing her to the end. She felt like a different person. She spent the night in the hospital. She woke
up from a nightmare where a voice kept telling her that her time had run out. That her time
was up. She tried to move but she couldn’t, she was handcuffed to the bed. A group of
men with strange masks were with her in the room. One of them had a scalpel in his hand
and told her that he would do a small surgery to keep her mind under control. She felt them giving her multiple injections
of a viscous liquid that burned inside her skin. Her heart was beating intensely, and
it seemed like her head was going to explode. She closed her eyes, and when she opened them
again, everything had disappeared. Only the doctor was there, injecting her a sedative
and asking her to calm down. She got rid of her ties, hit the doctor and tied him to the
bed face down. She felt that something inside her was changing,
something sinister like her paintings. She moved the mechanism to fold the bed completely
and split his body in half. The doctor kept screaming inconsolably as he bled from his
mouth. She painted the walls using blood and laughed out loud contemplating her art. She went to the bathroom and looked in the
mirror, still holding the stitches on her face forming the sinister smile, but now her
eyes were completely green. She loved her new self. She fled the hospital and went to her house.
She went into the kitchen and grabbed two knives. Her mother appeared and when she saw
her she screamed in horror. She tried to run down the hall but stumbled and fell to the
ground. Natalie stabbed her several times while whispering “Sweet dreams, mother.
Your time is up”. Then she went in search of her father and
her brother Lucas and murdered them, torturing them. When she finished, she went to her room.
Everything was silent, and she heard the ticking of a pocket watch on her bedside table. She
remained listening to the sound for what was an eternity to her. She went to the bathroom and put the clock
on one of her eyes, piercing the skin and tearing the organ, until the device fit perfectly
as her eye. Natalie was gone, now she was Clockwork. She burned down the house with the corpses
of her family inside and moved away from the flames, plunging into the depths of the forest. Some say she is still alive. Determined to
make your time end and avoid the agony of waiting. The only way to know if she’s there,
watching you, is to sleep near the window. In the dark of the night, you will be able
to differentiate the chilling ticking sound, and you will see the green flash of her eye.
If she’s there … You’ll know your time is up.

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