Closet Organizing Tips : Dress Closet Storage
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Closet Organizing Tips : Dress Closet Storage

My name is Abby Jones and I’m talking about
the process of moving into a new space and how to make that new space efficient and functional.
I’m standing here outside my closet right now. And looking at ways to make my closet
space efficient and functional. The first thing that I do when, that I did, when I looked
at the space was to assess the space and see what I was working with. Then I added storage.
Then I added, then I put in my shoes and next my hanging clothes and then I started filling
up these organizational places with my other shirts. So I’ve organized my pants, my skirts
and my hanging shirts. So something that I have left to organize are my dresses. There
are several different ways that you can organize dresses, to store dresses. I have some dresses
that don’t hang well and so I folded them and put them down here on one the, bottom
of these hanging shelves. And then I also have several dresses that are okay hanging
that I’m hanging back here, where there’s space for them to hang there fully. I’m hanging,
to conserve space on hangers, I’ve hung all my dresses, my hanging dresses on one hanger.
They’re pretty easy to get off so it’s not, it’s not terribly clunky but it does save
space in your closet. And again you want to hang your dresses in a place where they can
hang there fully so that’s what I have here behind this wall. The space goes all the way
down to the floor, so my, so the jumpers won’t get dirty because they’re touching anything
or they won’t get wrinkled or the ends of them won’t get wrinkled.


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