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Cluster Feeding in Newborns | CloudMom

Hi everybody, Melissa here at CloudMom. So
a very common thing that a lot of parents deal with when they have a new baby is something
that’s called cluster feeding. Cluster feeding basically means that the baby it needs to
nurse or drink from a bottle very, very frequently during certain periods of time during the
day. And when you have a new baby it’s very common for this to happen in the late afternoon
or during the course of the evening. So this can be a very, very frustrating and difficult
time for parents. You keep trying to nurse your baby or give your baby the bottle and
the baby keeps breaking away and crying, you’re trying to soothe your baby and it doesn’t
seem like there is anything you can do, you try to put your baby to sleep and it doesn’t
seem like there is anything you can do, meanwhile you don’t think that your baby has colic
because at other points in the day during the morning and in the early afternoon or
even during the night, your baby feeds beautifully and then goes down to sleep. So this is a
very, very frustrating thing for parents to know how to deal with. So just to start off,
you know that we love schedules here at CloudMom and I am the queen of schedules, but guess
what? You have to be a little bit flexible with your schedule. There are times when you
might have an idea about how things are going to work and you think for example that you
fed your baby at 4:00pm and the next feeding’s going to be at 7:00pm but guess what? It just
aint’ gonna work. She’s not going for it. And when that happens you have to reorient
yourself and sort of go with the flow. Okay, so I’ve written down here some of the things
that I’ve done during this time and I want to walk through them for you because different
things have worked for me. If you are nursing, nurse the baby as often as he seems need and
try if you can to do a full feeding. Try putting him in the crib with a swaddle and some dim
lights and very little noise. If your baby won’t go down in a crib, try soothing him.
Put him in a carrier or a baby Bjorn try some music. I actually did a loud whisper to my
baby like this **loud whisper** If none of these things work, you might try taking your
baby outside and just having a nice walk in the park or if you live in the suburbs you
might think about popping your baby in the car and just go for a ride. Hang in there,
do not despair, this fussy period and this cluster feeding is a very common thing, I’ve
had it with three of my five kids. It doesn’t mean you’re going to succumb to on-demand
feeding if you don’t want to be feeding on-demand, it doesn’t mean that all of sudden
you have no schedule, it doesn’t mean that you’re life is over, it doesn’t mean any
of those things, all it means is that you have a very young baby who is manifesting
very normal things and you’re going to kind of go with the flow and sooner, if you keep
up with having good habits and feeding regularly and putting your baby down for a nap, everything
will fall back into place. Usually this fussiness and cluster feeding can happen from about
2 weeks of age onwards for another month to 6 weeks or so. Now take it from me the CloudMom.
There is a silver lining on this cloud and that is the following. Oh there is one more
thing I forgot to tell you guys, this is really important. This is very important for nursing
moms. This cluster feeding and this fussiness very often happens late in the afternoon and
that is a period of time during which many nursing moms feel as if they have a lot less
milk, me included. And they worry that what’s happening is that the baby isn’t full. The
baby is not getting enough food or nutrient so the mom starts to supplement with a bottle
or formula. This is a very, very common thing. Now when you start supplementing and you stop
giving the breast, you are basically triggering your body at that point to produce less milk
because your body is producing milk in response to the demand for the baby. Now I have had
this feeling of emptiness in the breast not thinking I’ve had enough milk and really
trying to go for it. I actually have not supplemented. And there is a theory that one thing that
is happening here is that the baby, although she is sucking and sucking and it doesn’t
feel that there is a lot of milk that she is getting this very valuable hind milk which
exists later on in the course of a feed and is very nutritious for her. And let me tell
you one really funny thing that has happened to me. It has happened to me that I’ve gone
through hours and hours of this with the fussiness and the feeding and the small bits and feeling
like I didn’t have enough milk and then my baby has just collapsed and gone to sleep
for like 6 hours. So that is what I wanted to say is the silver lining on this horrible
time. Your baby might be so tired and so exhausted that he or she then starts to do a very, very
long stint of sleep. And you should get yourself ready at that point and you should also go
to sleep. But don’t just start supplementing assuming that it’s a hunger problem because
it might not be hunger. So try these different things, I hope that you will successfully
get through this period of time in the day and make sure, most importantly that you also
really try to get some rest.


  • Brittany Cain

    You have no idea how helpful this was! I thought I wasn't giving him enough because he never seemed like he was . Thank you thank you thank you Melissa!

  • lusciousfox

    My 2 week old feeds on 1 boob thn wants more. I give the other boob & thn she still wants more. OMG! I feel I just walk around house n a sports bra. Ready to feed baby constantly

  • TracyTia80

    Thanks for this vid. This is exactly what my little one is doing right now. She just wants to nurse, nurse, nurse, then take a long nap in the afternoon.

  • Gabbygirl

    Tks for this video, I learnt a lot because my 1 month old is actually nursing all the time! It´s good to know it´s normal and it will get better in time 🙂

  • Janie

    OMG your videos are so informative on breastfeeding , I just had a baby who's 2 weeks old and it's been so tough and so much advice from different moms and LC have made me so overwhelmed and thought about quitting breastfeeding , thanks a bunch !

  • Sandra Elizabeth

    Help me pleaseeee. I'm loosing my sanity over here. My son just turned 3 months old. He seems to always cluster feed… Not just one particular time of day but all the time any ON TOP OF THAT only naps 20 to 30min at a time. Then he proceeds to stay up an hour and a half. He sleeps long stretches at night going to bed at 8pm and waking up at 1am…then 4am… Then 7am. I don't know if this is normal and keep researching and find that most babies sleep two hours or an hour… I WISH. What can I do to have him eat/feed and sleep longer.

  • Amy Wardle

    Thank you very much for this video, I totally relate to what you are saying and it's given me a lot of encouragement. The crying and cluster feeding is really hard even being very dedicated to feeding the baby. That's a huge relief that this stage passes 🙂 was getting rather past myself and was praying for some answers last night on what I could do to help. Your video sure was an answer to my prayers and a light at the end of the tunnel that this phase will pass which I'm very thankful about.
    Thanks for sharing your experience and advice 🙂

  • levimissy11

    my baby is a week 5 days old. in the hospital she nurse 4 times and would stop. and in 4 days she lost 1 pound from.birth weight. so now I pump only. when we tried to breast feed she would turn her tongue sideways and now just plays around and they cries. have any ideas why she hate the breast but does great on the bottle and how to increase milk with pumping only

  • Monika malik

    my baby was doing the same.. i had him breadtfeeding for full evening.. and he'd still be fussy and crying as if he is hungry.. so my elders started to supplement him… also he was underweight when born.. just 2.35 kg .. i still feed him whenever he wants .. and give him supplement for 3 to 4 times a day.. am i doing right ? please help

  • Louise M.E

    My newborn is 2 weeks now and he breastfeeds alot! ..i know he is full because he pisses so much and some of my milk comes out of his mouth. Help!!!

  • SxyGrl44

    😟 stressful. I kept trying to nurse her… she falls asleep and I thought she was done and sleepy…. I put her down and then she starts crying. I put her back on my breast and try it all over again. She cries again. I couldn't get a break. I gave her a bottle of breast milk…. 😟 I was trying to stick it out and solely breastfeed through this cluster feed bc I was afraid it would diminish my milk supply but I just couldn't take it anymore

  • Janie Ramirez

    Oh no 😩😩 I can't do this with 3 other kids… I'm due in 3 weeks. 2 of them go to school and the other one is a 2 year old toddler so idk if I could do this whole cluster feeding for a month- 6 weeks 😰😰

  • Michele Lara

    exactly what happended to me yesterday!! baby is 3wks old, and super fussy~~ she finally went down from noon-5pm.. I slept for that good chunk of time too!! It can be so frustrating when baby doesn't want breast, nap, diaper change etc.. sometimes they're so upset that they can fall asleep quickly.. they have to calm down then nap.

  • destaliya

    Omg thank you I just found ur video and it gave me some relief cos this what am going through now with my 7wks old. I have been giving her formular because I feel like am not getting enough supply and it's impossible to pump since she is always nursing.

  • Karla María

    Omg I was crying so bad feeling terrible not knowing what was going on with my baby and thinking I wasn’t producing enough milk for him and this video gave me LIGHT!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Zanoubia

    My baby is 6 weeks and she breastfeed all the time from 12 h in the morning until 1h at night i dont understand why, she is gaining a lot of weight having a lot of wet diapers… i suspected a tied tongue but sometimes her father plau with her and she stick her tongue out. Can a baby do that if the tongue is tied ?
    I really dont know what to do

  • angelyka Extra

    thanks for this vudeo i thought im not producing enough breast milk.. thank god i didnt use. formula milk

  • Asif C

    2.05 – mother "shooshing " baby shhh shhh shhh
    2.08 – baby looks at mother all confused, like what the @#% is she doing..

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