Conan a Volga Wolfhound
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Conan a Volga Wolfhound

Conan was born after his mother had given us three, Mani, Uncas, and Mazi, and then took a 5 hr break. I thought she was finished, so I went to bed. Imagine my surprise when I woke up to him, his sister Sophie, and his other brother Soma, in a whole new nest Niu Niu had created out of couch cushions, under the work table. Soon they were all snuggled together in the pantry again. Another 4 on their way. A snow storm was raging outdoors. It was February. Only one, a little boy, was still born. 10 puppies later, and Niu Niu was a mom again. This time of 10 puppies. He had this tiny sliver of white for the first 2 weeks. Then it just disappeared. snuggling with his older brother, Manitou. His hobby was sleeping for the first 4 weeks. He was terrible at waking up. He’d sleep sitting up. He made a great pillow. His smaller brother, Mazi can attest to that. On the first day outside, the rest followed him. Like his name implies, he was fearless. A true warrior. He’d strut around, expressing his unquestionable rule over the pack. What a character. It was like he was on patrol. Mind you, he was quite serious about his roll as the alpha. Look at those eyes. He waited for no one. He was the leader and he seldom looked back. Awwwwwww. There’s no way THAT can have wolf in it…right? Think again, pal. So athletic! The boss. Period. This guy was gonna be assertive. Luckily, his new people also owned a female VW, a malamute, and a Great Dane. So they knew what they were doing. His brother, Arf, behind, and Lupo in the lead. Cona had the most dramatic contrast between his pitch blacks and snow whites. No other in his litter was like this. From the get-go he meant business. Walked like a wolf… Amazing posture. His hero was NOT his father, Imoojeesh, but his older brother, Bookdao, a Rare Red sable color phase. He would often claim all of Bookdao’s time, not allowing the other pups to play with his older brother. Bookdao was an excellent mentor. Conan learned manners, respect, and patience from him. Bookdao would let him get away with anything pretty much. They were almost inseparable. Conan learned to play, gently. Truly amazing relationship. It was always a pleasure to watch them. Then the real growing started at 6 weeks. His father took over his learning. Now he learned to walk so everyone knew he was boss. His dad is a king. He would be too, and he seemed to know it. This was the last photo I took of him. Then he went to live with his new people, where he joined an ever growing pack, including his aunt, and later his two sisters. He was home. A couple months later his new people sent me this. The awkward stage. LOL! Those ears! Conan

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