Couple Used Doll To Fake The Birth And Death Of A Baby To Scam People
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Couple Used Doll To Fake The Birth And Death Of A Baby To Scam People

this couple claimed that their baby boy
died but then their friends started to grow suspicious there are few things so
cruel and tragic in this world as losing a newborn child it’s abhorrent to think
then that anyone would ever attempt to exploit the situation for their own
personal gain however that’s what one pennsylvania couple allegedly did when
they apparently claimed their baby boy had passed away near hours after being
born Jeffry and Casey Lang hailed from
Somerset near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and the announcement of their pregnancy
was a cause for celebration among friends as it usually is for expectant
parents according to the latter’s best friend Cynthia de Lasky oh the Lang’s
had apparently been expecting once before but they told their friends that
they lost the baby from the outside everything about the Lange’s pregnancy
looked real the couple set up a baby registry full of gifts from people to
buy for their newborn ranging from $2.99 all the way up to sixty nine ninety nine
among the items on the list were numerous clothes teething dolls blanket
a car booster seat and an activity center
Casey Lang posted on her Facebook page any guesses on the baby’s gender
we’ll be announcing in a few weeks a couple’a Celeste friend said via the
Lascaux to host a baby shower for them to which their supportive friend duly
obliged as a result she organized the shower and gender reveal party in May 20
19 at the Lange Silas in Westmoreland County to ask yo smell almost three
hundred dollars of our own money preparing the event which would see the
Lang’s being showered and gifts for their baby’s upcoming arrival
grandparents and great-grandparents contributed cash and groceries for the
couple well friends followed suit with money gift cards and baby supplies two
months later the couple announced the arrival of their newborn baby Easton
Walton flanked according to the pair their son had been delivered at 3:11
a.m. on July 3rd at Johnstown Scone ma OBGYN Associates Hospital the lanes even
shared pictures of babies did on Facebook wrapped in a blanket
however heartbreak was to follow losing the child is undoubtedly one of
the worst things that could ever happen to a parent it doesn’t matter how old
that child is the loss will be felt all the same and the feelings that come with
it are torturous anger despair gilled loneliness and depression can all follow
often for many years later the loss of a child cause will take a toll on the
parents relationships with others according to psychologist Marilyn a
Mendoza she wrote for Psychology Today in 2016
people are uneasy and reluctant to talk about death and certainly not about the
death of a child many people will pull away from a family
that suffered such loss as though somehow having a child died is
contagious studies have also shown that losing a child can still have a negative
impact on the parents relationship with each other much of this may be doubted
at different ways in which people grieve and the inability of parents to comfort
each other sufficiently nevertheless a 2006 report by The Compassionate Friends
found that only 16% of parents divorced following the loss of their child in the
summer of 2019 the legs were supposedly about to find all this out for
themselves tragically the couple announced on July 7th that baby Ystad
had passed away just hours after birth the newborn had apparently suffered from
respiratory distress syndrome a condition that results in breathing
difficulties and is caused by underdeveloped lungs the Lang’s then ran
an obituary for their son on the website of the local newspaper it read
he weighed 7 pounds 2 ounces and was 17 inches long Easton’s parents were
blessed with just a little over five hours before he went to his heavenly
home at 8:20 a.m. he’s an experienced holding hands and hugs and kisses with
his mommy and daddy and being told an unaccountable number of I love yous in a
Facebook post announcing Easton’s passing Jeffery landing that asked his
friends and family for donations to cover funeral and medical expenses and
once again everyone came to the couple’s aid they raised a total of 550 dollars
from well-wishers after posting their plea to a GoFundMe
I know however their friends Cynthia de Lansky had begun to grow suspicious of a
couple she’d first grown skeptical at the gender-reveal party when KC Lang had
revealed she’d be having a son she told Action 4 News at autist 2019
when I saw the envelope it opened it and saw it was just a blue piece of paper I
was like hmm that’s kind of odd but maybe that’s how they do this nowadays
then around seven months into the pregnancy the couple apparently
disappeared altogether only adding to glass keels wariness over the whole
situation and it was only after Casey Lane claimed to have given birth that
she contacted her friend again I got a call from her mother crying saying Casey
had given birth D’Alessio told CBS Pittsburgh in August 2019 but the baby
had died at the hospital he’s supposedly grieving parents that
organized a memorial for baby Easton and invited glascott to attend however she
was now doubtful that the baby had ever existed and refused to show up
determined to get to the bottom of the story the layers Neil called the funeral
home where he stood and apparently been cremated
but the hallway had no record of the baby on their books so on July 19th she
reported her friends to the police alerting them to her suspicions that the
Lang’s had faked the baby’s existence the cops then checked with Somerset
County coroner’s office to see if data to be stood but to no avail a similar
response awaited investigators at the Cambridge County coroner’s office and
even at the kohn-ma OBGYN associates where Katie Lange had
claimed to have given birth police then interviewed Casey and Jeffrey Lange on
August 5th 2019 both stuck to their original story the Easton had been born
but passed away shortly after as a result of respiratory distress in
Jeffery claimed that he’d been presidenta son’s birth but the baby had
fluid on his lungs and a heart rate that dropped significantly
the following day investigators obtained a search warrant for the lakes house and
they were shocked by what they found there alongside an urn with the name
Easton Walt laying hatched into the sign officers also discovered what they
called a lifelike newborn baby doll police now suspected that the couple had
used the dial the fake Easton’s entire existence by using pictures of it on
Facebook and GoFundMe the probable cause statement for the case read pictures of
the baby were posted on Casey and Jeffries Facebook pages the baby matched
the appearance of a newborn look-alike baby doll
Cynthia DeLand scale pressed charges against the couple for fraud and they’re
now set to appear in court on October 1st 2019 accepts by the media to reach
out to the couple who’ve gone unanswered but velasca told CNN she does this stuff
there’s people who can’t have a baby or who have lost the kid and she does this
it’s sick and though the Lang’s are currently facing misdemeanor charges
that could change Pennsylvania State Police spokesperson Steve LeMond II told
CNN that the couple could end up facing felony charges if they received more
than two thousand dollars and with more potential victims allegedly still will
come forward that’s not out of question it’s not even about the money it’s more
about the emotional part that she actually did this to her family and to
me and to the people who were there for her who cared
D’Alessio told CNN and she added to Action 4 News
I don’t know what their motive was but to hurt your family and everybody is
just sick elsewhere GoFundMe issued a statement that assured that all of
Lang’s alleged victims will be compensated for their donations the
crowdfunding platform announced in August 2019
this type of behavior is not tolerated on GoFundMe we will fully cooperate with
law enforcement officials during their investigation and we will issue refunds
to all donors we have a zero-tolerance policy for any
misuse on the platform the crowdfunding platform told wtae-tv all donors are
fully protected by the GoFundMe guarantee which means donors are
protected by a comprehensive refund policy it misuse occurs this campaign
received 15 donations totaling $550 this isn’t the first time someone has
allegedly faked a pregnancy for financial gain however back in 2018 a
couple from California announced on social media that they were all be to
adopt a child and they were soon contacted by a woman from Virginia
Elizabeth Jones would claim she was expecting a daughter in November Laura
and Matt trade paid for meals and gifts or Jones and the former even traveled to
Virginia to meet the supposed expectant mother she awesome took Jones and her
children to dinner paid for a professional photo shoot and rented
movies for the family the latter meanwhile kept the couple updated with
ultrasound pictures then in November 2018 the traits will go out to Virginia
in time for the baby’s apparent arrival during that trip they paid for more
gifts for Jones and took her out for dinner again but in the morning the baby
was due she messaged the couple to tell them that she was giving birth in her
car on a roadside Laura trait then called Jones reassuring her over the
phone and helping her breathe at the time the couple believed they were
helping her give birth to their daughter he supposedly expected mother that made
it ray to a hospital but when the traits arrived
Jones pretended that she didn’t know who they were in fact Jones simply said she
was suffering from back pain so the question remained would it happen to the
baby Jones later sent a note to the trait stating that she’d suffered a
miscarriage months ago eventually though the real truth came out Jones had never
been pregnant at all in March 2019 a grand jury indicted
Jones on nine felony counts of larceny she has two previous convictions of the
same felony he’ll be it related to credit card fraud in June that year she
pleaded guilty to eight of the charges and is now serving two years in prison
with another eight year suspended sentence to follow I feel relieved and
thankful that justice has prevailed metraid told the Orange County Register
in June 2019 we were able to hold her accountable for her actions and special
prosecutor Chuck Slemp added her lies resulted in the theft of more than his
property more than just money and meals she intentionally inflicted pain on
individuals it’s not inherently illegal to fake a pregnancy however doing so for
financial reasons can land you in legal hot water
pamela Mackie a criminal defense attorney who represented basketball star
Kobe Bryant in his rape case told the Atlantic in 2013 that misleading someone
this way constitutes theft by deception if you deceive someone into giving you
money that’s a crime Becky continued a fellow
criminal defense attorney Seema Iyer that added to the Atlantic and
faking a pregnancy for personal gain could also violate criminal
impersonation statutes however she noted that prosecutors would most likely press
charges of harassment or larceny nevertheless the potential legal
ramifications haven’t stopped people from buying and selling positive
pregnancy tests through online marketplaces such as Craigslist
celebrity divorce attorney Raoul Felder told the magazine that it’s a new
wrinkle in an old scam he added that in the past women would tell multiple men
that they were pregnant and demand cash to get an abortion
according to Mackey even selling positive pregnancy tests is illegal she
said I would answer to guess that it created prosecutor would try to go after
someone like that on complicity conspiracy and aiding and abetting an
iron agreed that both buyers and sellers of positive pregnancy tests can be open
to prosecution Jeffery and Casey Lange’s alleged scheme also isn’t the first time
people have attempted to exploit crowdfunding platforms for their own
game for instance in 2017 Victoria Morrison from Carson City Nevada
raised around $2,000 on go fund me after she faked the death of her son after
police realized he was alive Morrison was arrested and sentenced to a
minimum of five years in prison elsewhere back in 2016 brandy holder set
up a GoFundMe camp for a memorial duck hunt for Barry son
of former police officer killed in Afghanistan
however the hunt never went ahead and holder stole almost five thousand
dollars from the campaign Sutton’s family meanwhile only received
four hundred dollars the former was subsequently arrested and received a
two-year prison sentence a year earlier Cynthia Lynn Smith from Burlington and
Ontario attempted to raise an eye-watering 1.6 million dollars on
GoFundMe for medical treatment she never needed the campaign raised 126 thousand
five hundred ninety four dollars before it was shut down but Smith was only
charged with one count of fraud under five thousand dollars barely the vast
majority of the money was never recovered of all the ways people have
attempted to pull scams on GoFundMe though
few have been as serious as to fake a pregnancy and subsequent death of a
child as Jeffrey and Casey Lang allegedly did now they’re facing a pre
trial in October 2019 where more details of the case may yet emerge


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