CPMC Van Ness Maternal Newborn Rooms 360
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CPMC Van Ness Maternal Newborn Rooms 360

delivered your baby, you’ll continue your stay in
one of these maternal newborn rooms. Take a look around. Each room was designed
with new families in mind and has a comfortable,
adjustable bed, as well as plenty of seating
for visiting guests. That chair converts into a
sleeper for a spouse or adult guest to stay overnight. And a bassinet by the bed is
a warm cozy place for baby to sleep beside you. See the computer station? That provides your
caregivers secure access to your electronic
health record. So you have peace
of mind knowing that everyone on your team is
up-to-date with your medical history and specific needs. We have trained nurses that
provide breastfeeding support and guidance and techniques
right at your bedside. And your caregivers are
right outside your door to help with any
questions you might have. Our staff is highly trained
and experienced with newborns and their families. And we want you to
feel safe and supported on this new adventure. Call or click today
to set up a tour, and we’ll happily answer any
questions you might have. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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