Crochet Easy Baby Jacket
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Crochet Easy Baby Jacket

Welcome back to The Crochet Crowd as
well as my friends over at Yarnspirations. com I’m your host
Mikey. Today we’re going to work on a crochet baby jacket. It is available in
newborn all the way to twelve months – so newborn, three months, and six to twelve
months today I’m going to do the newborn version with you and I’ll show you how
to substitute the information that I’m about to share with you. This video has
sound alerts added when you hear this sound it will be your signal that the
segment is finishing up. Press stop and crochet the instructions and then press
play again to continue along in your project. So in today’s pattern there’s
three different sizes there’s a newborn, there’s a three month, and six to twelve
and you can see that there’s a colored differentiation between the three ideas.
So whenever there’s a decision to be made you’ll notice that there is a
bracket information and there’s colors and the colors match exactly the same
size so if I’m beginning this to do the neck area and I’m doing the newborn I’m
going to say chain 46 but if I’m doing the three months then I’ll chain 54 and
if I’m doing the six to 12 months they do 54 as wel -l so whenever there’s a
decision to be made or a choice or decision at all – you’ll notice that there
is a color differentiation here and so you’ll have to follow that. So looking
back down here says second to the sixth row but if you were doing the next size
of three months to the eighth row and then the large size of the six to twelve
months is to the eighth row. So you just have to look for that every time you’re
making a decision. So today I’m going to be using a five millimeter size H
crochet hook today (but it is the wrong size) I’m using bernat Super Value just
has a clear differentiation of what you’re seeing on camera but you should
be using today baby Bernat Baby Sport, it is a smaller
thinner yarn and you’ll also need a four millimeter size G crochet hook today. I
don’t have any of that yarn in stock so by substituting to an H that I’m about
to do as well as making it to Super Value it will not be the same size
because there’s a hook and yarn thickness difference so make sure that
you are following this information for all this in order to get to the right
size. Let’s take a look further into this
pattern. So on page number three is a really cute baby and it’s wearing the
little cardigan or the jacket as you see and here’s all the three different kinds
that sizes – so you have the small, medium and
large and you also have different sizes of hats that are is also available to
today’s pattern but I’m only going to be doing the jacket in today’s tutorial. So
here is how it’s going to look and what we’re going to do is that we’re going to
start on the top of the jacket work our way out and then fold it in a certain
way so that we create these arm sleeves that you have and then we’re going to
make our way down. So once you do that fold you’ll notice that there’s a lot
less stitches and you’ll really truly speed up. So without further ado, let’s
begin to work on today’s project. So let’s begin to work on today’s project
and remember I am using the wrong size hook and the wrong thickness of yarn so
it will not be the same size that is in the photograph so it’s easier to show
you a larger sample anyway but follow that information in order to get the
right size. So we’re going to begin at chain 46, so I am doing the newborn size,
so substitute any information that I’m about to share with you for the other
sizes if you wish to do that. So I want to chain 46 so – one, two, three, four, and
five. So if you’re doing the three months size you’re going to do fifty-four and
if you’re doing the six to twelve months it’ll be fifty four chains instead. So
I’ll see you back here get the chain done. So let’s begin to do the first row
it’s the most important row of them all and again I am doing the smallest size.
So we have to double crochet four chain from the hook so- one, two, three, and four
and go to the back loop of the chain and I want you to double crochet in there just
like that so we’re going to do that and it says one double crochet in each of
the next five chains, so if you’re doing the other sizes and it’s the next six.
So let’s just do five for myself – so one, and two, we have three, four and five. So let’s continue along
we’re doing the whole top end of the jacket at this moment. So in the next
stitch we’re going to do a v-stitch. So the V stitch in the very next stitch is
going to be one double crochet followed by chain one and then one double crochet
into the same chain, and that allows you to turn the corner, and that’ll be
important later on. So now let’s continue so it says one double crocheting each of
the next six stitches and if you do any other sizes it’s eight. So let’s just do
six. So – one, two, and three this is four, five and six. So let’s carry on it says a V- stitch in
the next chain. So the V stitch -if you remember – is
double crochet,chain one, and double crochet. So this area that you’re looking
at right that you just did is actually part of the arm sleep later on down the
road. So let’s carry on and it says to do 1 double crochet in each of the next 14
stitches ah – 14 chains and at 16 if you do any other size. So let’s do 14 – so one, two, and three, four five, six seven, eight, it’s nine, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14. So 14 stitches right in a row
it was 16 if you are doing the other sizes. So it says V- stitch in the
next, so in the next chain V- stitch is a double crochet, chain 1, and double
crochet – remember this is kind of the hardest row of getting everything
started. And then what we’re going to do now is that we’re going to carry on and
we basically have to match. So this is the baby’s back at this point, and this
is the sleeve, and this is kind of the front – so it kind of comes around just
like you see. So let’s begin continuing along so we’re going to V-
stitch in the next six so just in the next oops- Sorry we’re going to Double
Crochet in the next six so we’re going to do 1, and it’s 2 & 3, 4, 5 & 6 and
then a V stitch in the next. I’ve done lots of baby jackets in my past so –
understanding how this is done is actually pretty simple. And now what
we’re going to do is that we are going to double crochet the remaining of these
stitches left -ok – and there should be a total of 7 of them. So we’re going to go one, two and three, four, five, and six and seven and that’s
how you do it. So that is your first row going all the way around so this is what
it will look like. So let me just zoom out at the camera just a little bit – actually
I don’t need to – so this is what it will look like at this point. So this here is
the front of the jacket, this is the sleeves later on, and this is the back of
the jacket. So let’s move on to round number two going all the way to either
row six or eight depending on your size. So this is how you do all the ways from
rows number two to eight and if you’re doing my size of the newborn it’s only
to row six. So you’re going to chain up a total of three, which counts as a
double crochet, and you’re going to double crochet in each double crochet
across with the exception to the V stitches that are already in there. So
let me just get you there first and show you what to do. So I’m just crocheting so
the V stitch has caused the work to expand which makes the sweater get
bigger or the cardigan jacket just like you see – and you crochet until you hit
that V stitch – okay – so here is the V stitch right here so in the V stitch you
match it with another V stitch or putting a double crochet into it, chain 1,
and double crochet and again so this just makes it get bigger, and now you
just crochet again along until you hit the next V stitch, and then what do you
do in the V-stitch? Well you add another one right? So you do that all the way
across on this particular jacket and it’s actually really quite easy to do
I like these. So a lot of people email with these kind of jackets can this be
done concept for an adult or even a much bigger child and the answer is no,
because our bodies grow in different rates, so it works out for a baby but are
we get taller or wider in different coordination – so it doesn’t work out but
it does work for babies so in the next video your going to match it to a V-
stitch so put another V- stitch in and then just carry along in double crochet.
So what I want you to do is that I’m going to meet at the end of this row and as you’re just double crocheting across you’re going to hit another V-stitch –
double crochet – you can hit another V- stitch and I’ll meet you at the end of
this row to make sure that you got it straight and then I’m going to leave the
rest of the rows for you and then I’ll be back after that. So I’m coming up to
the end of row number two, you want to make sure that you’re recording your
rows so that you can get the right row count so this is where number two we’re
finishing and there’s still two stitches left don’t forget that turning chain in
the very beginning is also a stitch. So just go right into the turning chain
itself and just double crochet. So now you’re just going to turn your work and
do rows now three to six if you’re doing a small, or three to eight, again just
double or chain up three which counts as a double crochet, double crochet
across -and the V stitch-put another V stitch and so on – and you’re going to
notice that this will get much bigger as it grows outward. So please do this now
to the size that you want. It’s either the sixth row or the eighth depending on
what size you work. And I’ll see at the end of that. So when I last left you I
told you to get the rounds done you’re either finished on round number six for
the newborn -or you finished on round number eight for the other two sizes. So
now it says to divide the sleeves and the body. So how exactly do you do that? So what you’re looking at here right here is the top of the shoulders this is
the front panel now it doesn’t look like that right now because you haven’t
folded it yet. So we’re going to start and we’re going to begin to crochet
ourselves along. So let’s begin to do that and we’re just going to just
chained up three and you’re just going to double crochet yourself all the way
until you get to the first V stitch. So it says what the count is that it
doesn’t really matter just look for the first V stitch that we’re going to go. So
we’re just going to continue along – I’m looking off camera as I do this to make
sure I understand the instructions and it says to do one double crochet in the
chain one of the V stitch when we get there so we’ll make sure that we do that.
So we’re just double crocheting across and we’re going to be dividing this as
we go in this row. That’s why I’m kind of dragging you along. So we’re going to do
one double crochet in the V-stitch right here so just double crochet and then it
says to chain six or eight depending on your size. So I’m going to do six for my size. so we’re going to do one, two, three, four,
five, and six this is under the armpit of the child – this piece that you’re doing
right here – and then what you’re going to do is that you’re going to skip all of
the rest of this section right here – skip it – and just fold it, in front of you like
so and then you’re going to double crochet in the next chain one space
which is the next V stitch so just double crochet like so. So this just
became the arm, you see that? So now you’re just going to continue to double
crochet yourself across the back of your jacket and I’ll see you at the next
folding area, which is going to be over here. I’ll see you there in just a moment.
So I’m still coming across the back and this is the first V- stitch, this here is
on top of the shoulde,r which we’re going to fold in just a moment. So we’re going
to across the back until we hit the V stitch and we’re going to put a double
crochet inside that chain one of the V stitch. So here’s the V stitch you’re
going to double crochet. Now the chain number is the same number that you did
on the other side, so it’s either six or eight, in my case at six. So one, two,
three, four five, and six and just fold it up towards you and then go to the other
V stitch on the other side, and then just double crochet into that spot and then
double crochet yourself all the way to the end of this. So because you’ve just
done this now you’ve just now folded your jacket in a way that makes sense.
Also there’s going to be far less stitches to go across back and forth and
we’re going to then cover the next row which is going to fill in that area
right underneath the arms and then we’re going to start growing the jacket down
toward the waist, which does not take a lot of time, because there’s less
stitches to work with. So I’m just getting you to the end of this and then
I’ll show you what it looks like at this point. So some baby dresses are actually
made like this as well, but they’re not with no hole in the middle. So now I can
just look at it now. So this is what the jacket looks like okay. You can see
that’s been folded and you have the arm sleeves now – so when
the baby’s wearing it you can just slide in. So let’s start the next row and then
we’re going to continue along from that point. So now we’re going to continue the
next row and we’re going to chain up three to begin and that counts a
double crochet and the only difference in this row and then all the other rows
from this point forward – is the fact that you have the chain right here underneath.
So we can get to that chain we’re going to fill that and I’ll show you how to do
that and then I’m going to leave the rest of the row for you and then I’m
going to then just kick you off in the next row and then you’re going to get it
all the way down to the waist area. Jackets are really not hard to make, if
you keep yourself organized mentally in your mind. So I’m just double crocheting
across so it’s no longer growing out now it’s going to grow down on the baby’s
body – if the baby was wearing it right now. You go right into the last one.So we
knew that we had six chains here, so we’re going to then just go into six
of the chains. So one, so – I’m going to count it to make sure I get it right and
I’m going to do two, and three, and four, five, and six. This is the last one I only
chain six there and then you’re right back on the project again on the other
main area. So that just helped you just bridge that gap over and so you’re just
going to just crochet along to the other side again – fill in the gap that will
exist on the other chain – and then I’ll meet at the end of this row in just a
moment. Okay, so now I’m back I’ve gone all the way to the end of the row I can
see that I filled in my arms just like you see. So what I’m going to do is that
I’m going to go back and forth down with just one double crochet in each and keep
on going back and forth until I get to a certain measurement. So for the newborn
size from this bottom right here all the way down to five inches is the newborn
size, and then it’s five and a half inches all the way down from this point
for the three-month size, and then for the other size of six to twelve months
it’s six and a half inches. So I want you to double crochet to get to the
dimension that you need. So you’re going to end up
down here somewhere, and then when you’re going to do that -you’re going to come
back here and then we’re going to start doing some sleeve work after that. So now come up to the end and I’ve gone my five inches just like you needed to go and
this is for the newborn size, so it was five and a half if you were doing the
three months, and it was six and a half if you were doing the six to twelve
months. So once I get this done I want to just fasten this off and I’m going to
weave in all my stuff at the end of this project so it’s not a very big project
generally so I’m just going to let it just tie on to itself like so and there
is my little jacket just like you see. So I can align it properly and now we’re
going to concentrate on doing the sleeve work first and then we’re going to come
back and do the button section later. so Let’s have begin to do sleeve number one
and I don’t think it matters which side that you start with because they’re both
identical. So let’s begin to do at least one and I’ll show you that and then
you’ll do both on your own. So looking at the outside of the jacket this is where
the arm will come out and I’m just going to create a slipknot to begin and I want
to go in the middle so there was six stitches here okay just right here so
just choose either probably this one or this one it doesn’t really matter as
long as it’s in the middle and you’re going to choose that and you’re going to
insert in and you’re going to just pull through and then chain up three. So one,
two, three, and all you just need to do is circle around this okay, so make sure
that you’re catching all the stitches in so I just started over – I got two more
left on this bottom section, on this side okay it’s one and two so I’m just
keeping counts – it’s important I’ve done sleeves before where I haven’t kept
count when I was first in The Crochet Crowd and what happens when that happens
is that you end up screwing up because the fact is that you end up with the
project that has one sleeve bigger than the other. So now once you get those
three done you’re immediately going to jump to the top of the section here
okay the arms, and just go right in the double crochet into the first stitch. Now
you’re going to end up with the gap right here – you’re going to use a darning
needle and sew that in later but don’t worry about that right now don’t fill it
in because they don’t look inconsistent and then you’ll be off with your count.
So you’re just double crochet yourself around. So if
you’re doing the size of the newborn it was 24 inches or ah 24 double crochets
around, if you’re doing the three months it’s 30, and if you’re doing the six to
12 months it’s 32 stitches around. So I’m just making my way around. The nice thing
about it is that it’s a sleeve so this is going to go relatively quickly and
your sleeve length for this one for the newborn size will be only four and a
half inches, it’ll be five and a half if you’re doing three months, and it will be
six inches if you were doing the six to twelve months of size. So you can see
that the arms change lengths as the child gets older. So you’re going to go
right into the very last one of this side here and then you can immediately
just jump down to the chain okay – so jump down to the chain so you have three left
here on the chain, so just coming right down and again you’ll be left with a
small gap here – you’re going to fill that in with the darning needle so you’re
just going to pull that in together at the end. It’s the best way to do it
and then once you get all the way around, which I just did, you’re going to slip
stitch to the top of the first chain three like so and then you’re going to
begin again. So to start up every round now
going forward you’re going to chain up three and it’s just one double crochet
in each of the double crochets all the way around the slip stitch it to the top
of the chain three and then begin again. How many inches you need to have? It’s
four and a half inches for the newborn, it’s five and a half for the three month,
in at six then for the six to 12 months I’ll leave that in your capable hands
and then I’ll show you how to close that later as well. You’ll need to do both
sleeves so I’m going to leave that in your capable hands now and I’ll see you
at the end of doing this sleeve area. So just finished four and a half inches of
this of one sleeve and I’m going to do the other side just the way I just
showed you and I’m just going to fasten off and I’ll weave in this later and
I’ll come back to it. So this is what it looks like so far – it’s just got one
sleeve completely done and now I’m going to go and do the other sleeve next .So
let me start over here again starting in the middle just like you see I’m going
to choose the one and then just go all the way around keep your counts either
be 24 or what we have here? We had a total of 24 stitches for my
size, 30 stitches for the three-month sizes, and 32 for the 6 to 12 months size.
So please do the same thing and let’s do sleeve number 2. And what I’d highly
recommend is that because I used a measuring tape this I’m going to make
sure that this sleeve totally not just before finishing off as well. Because
sometimes things happen (giggles) you never measure the same thing twice – so make
sure that you just kind of fold it over and just check to make sure that the
sleeves are exactly the same. I’ll see you at the end of the sleeve just do it
exactly the way I just showed you it does one. So now I got both of my sleeves
done I want to show you how I’m going to fill in this hole and you’ll have it on
the back side as well in the back here and you just want to fill it in with
just a darning needle and some extra yarn and that’s just part of the process
you know clothing and etc. So I creating a slip knot on one side and I’m creating
a darning needle space on the other side, so what I want to do is I
want to open up this jacket to where I can see it on the inside – right – inside
and I’m going to drag my needle just through fibers that appear on the inside
of the jacket – so if I see this coming out on the other side (let me just zoom
in real quick here) and if I zoom in real quick, let’s go, so it’s only on
the fibers on the inside. I’m just going to drag through and I’m just going to
drag it until I see that slipknot appear and I’m going to put that darning
needle through the Slipknot and then I’m going to pull on it nice and tight, there.
So now what I’m just going to do is just go into another section and again
keeping the fibers on this side of the project, which is the inside and then
just pull and what that will do is it will close in that hole just like so.
That’s all I have to do. So now I’m just going to just do a quick tie on this
side and I’m going to do all four of those
holes so you have two on both arms and then all I’m just going to do now that
I’ve got that tie just weave in that into the fibers on this side of the
jacket so if I turn this over and see that needle coming through I know that
I’m too deep – so just make sure that you’re good. I just pull on through and
that’s all you got to do so you’re going to do that on all sides of that. Now the
original one over here – this was the original string – I can get rid of that
because I’d buried that as I went. Now you’ll have the string that we’re
leftover from the starting slipknot, so just take that string it’s already been
tied because you did a slipknot already and all you’re just going to do is just
drag it through a few of the fibers as well. The key is just not to go deep that you
don’t see it on the other side and I want to do so you just have to drag it
once and then trim. So what I want you to do is I want you to do the same with the
one on the back just close it off and then I want you then to do the other
sleeve, as well doing the same thing, you can see it clearly obvious there and
it’s on the back of that one as well and then what I want to do is that I want to
show you now how to finish this the strands off. So I don’t want to impede on
the edging, so let me just get this done and put that leftover strand that you
had from the sleeves you’re going to do this for all of them including the top
area and the bottom and what you want to do is you want to drag that yarn
underneath into the stitches so don’t go onto the top of this at all, because
that’s where the child that’s where you’ll see it if the child is wearing it
so just go underneath the stitches once go back on the underneath the stitches
again twice and back again three times so the third time is a charm, and then
you can just simply trim that out just give it a bit of a stretch and then trim
and you’re going to do that with all them as well. So then you can completely
finish that off just like you see. So please do that with all your yarn
ends. Now fill in this area and then we’re going to do the –
almost finished now – we’re going to do the the button areas right here in the
front next. So let’s begin the button band. We’re going to start with the first
one on this side so look at your project face it down and then you want this one
so now let’s turn it on its side and what we’re going to do is that we’re
going to double opps – single crochet ourselves across. so let’s create a
little slipknot and we just have to equally spaced single crochets all the
way down. So starting right at the top outside a double crochet here just go
right into the actual stitch don’t go to a space – go to a stitch – and then you’re
just going to join it put the slip stitch chain one in one single crochet
into the same spot. So now what you want to do just going down through – don’t go into any kind of like chains or like posts or anything. Just stick right in
the chains and just equally spaced out single crochets going all the way down
to the base. so you’re only going to the base and then back up. So this side here
the button will be sewed at the top here and then it will then have a space on
the other side once we get there where that button will feed itself through. So
just go right into an actual chain work itself and I’ll see you at the bottom of
this jacket. Once you get all the way to the base I’m just about to hit there
now – you just stop, turn your work coming around and you need to do two more rows
of just single crochets back and forth. So just chain up one and one single
crochet in each going all the way back up. So all the hard work is pretty much done
because you’ve already established the spacing out of the stitches and then
when you get to the top of this just turn your work chain one and single
crochet all the way back and I’ll meet you at the end of that row. So that’ll be
the third row, this is number two. I’ll see you then. So I’m at the end of row
number three – now just kind of trim my work I’m going to hide in my end with a
darning needle and then that’s it for the side and then we’re going to do
three rows on the other side, but the other side has a buttonhole, so we have
to pay attention to that one and I believe that is in the second row from
what I’m seeing. So in the other one while I’m doing this and the other side
what’s happening is that we’re going to start off in the
(see I’m hiding this in) so we’re going to start off in the bottom of the jacket we
started it on the top of the jacket this time on this side – but the other side in
order to keep the look – we have to start at the bottom. So again going in and out
three times highs in the loop and permanently and you have a really good
finish. so let’s move to the other side of the jacket and let’s begin to do that
next. So you can see what it looks like you even see in the model that you can
see the little bit of space here ,it’s not a big deal, but look at the
difference of finished versus not, it’s quite significant it looks much better.
So we’re going to start on the bottom this time last when we start it on the
top this time we’re going to start on the base. So let’s begin at the base
and what are we going to do? We’re going to attach it with the slip stitch right
in the corner of one, we’ll go right into an actual chain – don’t go into a space- a chain one and then equally spaced a single crochet all the way back up
the other side just like you had before. And again make sure you go into a chain –
don’t go into any spaces because it’ll make you look bigger than they should be.
So just equally spaced your single crochets going up and I’ll see at the
end of this row and then we’ll carry on from that point. So we’re now going to
turn a work up come up all the way and the second row has the buttonhole in it and it’s right at the very top, there’s only one button that’s required. So we’re
going to start off this row. So chain 1 and single crochet in the first one
here’s the buttonhole right here we’re going to chain one, skip one, and we are going to single crochet in the next. So that little spot that you just did right
here that is your buttonhole. So you’re going to use a regular thread and needle
with a button that will fit through there in order to make that work – and I’m
going to leave that for you to be able to do that and if you’re not sure how to
attach buttons – of course there’s YouTube videos on how
to do that as well. And it’s just a regular darning needle – oh sorry a
regular yarn and thread and a needle oh sorry a button to do that. So I’m double crocheting oh I’m sorry, (giggles) crocheting all the way down (I have
no idea what I’m saying right now) it’s been a great day here and we’re just got
one more row to do after we get down to the base and it’s really quite simple.
Actually this jacket went a lot quicker than I expected it to go you know
there’s some projects where you realize that you’re going to commit to a long
time frame this definitely is not one of them and I think it’s great for that. So
I’m coming all the way to the base right down to where it started and then once I
get down there we’re going to just go up one more row. So just turn your work and
then just chain up one and you were going to single crochet yourself solidly
all the way back. When you get to that chain one space that you had created
you’re going to go right into that chain one space that you did as well in order
to kind of really open it up open that up. So it’s really kind of an easy
pattern to do, if you haven’t noticed I am going to do the Hat as well in
tutorial format I just did this one first. I was gonna do the Hat first
because I thought you know do the easy stuff first but sometimes doing the hard
stuff first makes the easy stuff fly really easier, then you don’t dread it. I
don’t know if you ever procrastinate whenever you’re doing projects at all
where you leave the hard stuff to the last. So I kind of wanted to do opposite this time. So I’m just crocheting myself, single crocheting all the way back to
the top, keeping an eye out for that single crochet, which is coming up soon
and I’m going to go right into that space, which is next, so here it is so I’m
going to go right into that space it’ll open it up a little bit more and then
single crochet in the final. So that’s all you have to do for this particular
pattern just got a sew on your button next just make sure you take a good your
time sewing on the button you don’t want anything to be a choking hazard just
really make sure it is nice and secure a lot of people don’t like to put buttons
on their baby stuff, but I think it’s a personal decision and I think if you put
the time into it and really fix in it I like to put on buttons with upholstery
thread instead of just regular thread because that stuff just doesn’t go
anywhere once you’ve attached something to it, if you’ ever done that it’s the same
kind of thing you do to sew canvas and stuff, so it’s exceptionally strong and
that’s kind of what you want as well. So I’m just hiding in my loose ends and
that’s it for today’s baby jacket and I’m Mikey in behalf of Yarnspirations,
as well as so I just can just have my little jacket now
and my buttonhole is here so I’m going to attach my button here and then it’ll
safely just join like so and then you’re good to go. So until next time I’m Mikey
and I’ll see you again real soon bye-bye


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