Crowdfunding – Reborn
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Crowdfunding – Reborn

What’s up guys, thanks for watching this video series of our new album Reborn Today we’re officially launching our crowdfunding. This is the most important moment of our band so far Now it’s you and us together. We’ve carefully prepared everything for you. We put a lot of time doing this for it to be our best album so far. So, if you want to tag along with us and join, now it’s the time! Continuing this self-production process that we adopted in this album we decided to do it while connecting with the most important people for us the ones who like our songs, who believe in us and drive us to hit the next stage.
It’s been ten years, afterall. We didn’t start yesterday
It’s not a long time, but it’s not short either We’ve decided to do this crowdfunding campaign for you, our fan that believes in our work, you can participate directly with us and I know for sure that everyone that listens to our band, that like it and come to our shows are people like us, who like metal because it means something for them. We believe that this album brings a lot of these feelings and that’s why it’s so important to have this crowdfunding campaign, because we don’t have a record label backing us we’re doing all by ourselves and
counting on you to make this a sucessful launch We’ve prepared super high quality goods a lot of exclusive items, which will only be available for those who join this campaign. The digipack format in a way we’ve never done before. Comes with a special booklet, all the artworks by Vitor Arante including this one here behind me and if you were waiting for a better time to have and exclusive Hatefulmurder item now it’s the time! Join us! So, this is the perfect time for you to join this, don’t wait any longer. come check out our perks and become our backer! Come leave your mark in Hatefulmurder’s history! Come! Come! Come!


  • Robert Naoya Tino

    Muito legal a iniciativa do crowdfunding, a última que eu participei me rendeu alguns segundos de fama no vídeo clipe do Raimundos 😁 muito louco !

    Vou dar uma olhada nos prémios e ver o que posso fazer.

  • Leonardo Bs

    Já contribui galera! Só ainda não apareceu no site. Ainda aparece "00", não entendi. Deve demorar um pouco para ir… E também fiquei na dúvida sobre a camiseta, pois não sei quais são as estampas, poderiam ter colocado a foto ou um link ou entre parenteses para ir na page na banda e ver a IMG da estampa. Por isso escolhi às cegas a "Sol" mesmo (já que escolhi a contribuição n.4) sem nem saber qual é. Mas, tá bom! Deve ser da capa do álbum e tá show. Sucesso na campanha e quando ficarem ainda maiores não deixem de fazer shows do RJ.

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