Crystals for Pregnancy, Delivery & Childbirth, and Post Birth
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Crystals for Pregnancy, Delivery & Childbirth, and Post Birth

– Hey crystal lovers, Ashley Leavy here with the Love & Light
School of Crystal Therapy. And we got a question today
all about using crystals for pregnancy, carrying
a pregnancy to term, going through delivery and then
also using them postpartum. So I wanted to go through
some of my favorite crystals for supporting women through pregnancy. So I’m just going to run through a couple of my quick favorites and I hope you’ll find these
suggestions really useful. Let’s start out with Rhodochrosite. Now, this is a classic crystal
for women who are pregnant. The bands and coloring
and this crystal actually are kind of representative
of the uterine lining so they’re good for not
only women who are pregnant, but also women who suffer
from really heavy periods and other complications with
their reproductive cycle. So for women who are pregnant though, this crystal acts to inflate the baby, protect the baby energetically. It’s about really strengthening your womb that’s kind of a main root
energy of this crystal, when you use for this purpose and so this is a really
big slice of Rhodochrosite. But mostly you’ll see it like this with this gorgeous kind
of white and pink banding, looks almost Lace. And this is from Argentina. You’ll find some of that’s
similar to this also in Peru, but this is a phenomenal
crystal to use for that. And then there’s also Rhodochrosite that’s Gemmy Rhodochrosite and
it looks totally different. This usually comes from China. It’s very, very pretty. You can see this has a
little bit of crystal draws on the end of it, but any form
of Rhodochrosite will work, any bit of it is just fine. And it doesn’t need to
be that large either. A little tumbled stone can work wonders. Tuck in your bra, keep one
in a little medicine pouch, it’s really up to you. If you use crystals already, regularly, then I think energetically it’s okay to continue to use them through pregnancy. But if it’s something new for you, you may want to start with
them more just in your space, in your environment during pregnancy, rather than directly on the body, just because you don’t
wanna change up anything too drastically when you’re pregnant, just like, you know, a
lot of people recommend if you don’t do yoga before pregnancy, don’t suddenly start doing in your yoga every single day during pregnancy. But stick with your normal routine so the same kind of applies for crystals. So if you’re working them
in for the first time, you haven’t really use them before, try placing them in your environment. So a crystal like this on your nightstand, bed side tables, somewhere
in your living room, in your kitchen, somewhere
you spend a lot of time can work really well. Now, the next crystal I want
to talk about is Rhodonite. It’s very similar to Rhodochrosite, but in actually a lot of
people get the two mixed up, but Rhodonite has usually
these darker bands and this is a really beautiful piece of Rhodonite from South Africa. And Rhodonite is a great
crystal for new beginnings. So whether you’ve start
to use as at the beginning of your pregnancy or during childbirth, this is a perfect stone for some emotional and energetic support. For anything that’s new and
changing then let’s face it, every day of pregnancy is
like a new beginning, right? There’s always something new happening. So Rhodonite like this would be great, but you can also use Gemmy Rhodonite and so this is some Gemmy
Rhodonite from Brazil. It’s a lot darker in color. This is a little bit more intense, it’s a very high vibrational crystal. It’s not super common, so
you don’t normally find this. So for something like this I would recommend, you know,
this would be fine for like the moment of childbirth
that kind of thing, but just the regular
softer, pink Rhodonite the rest of the time during pregnancy, I think, it would be a
great emotional support. Then there’s a Selenite. So Selenite is connected with
the moon goddess, Selene. So it has a very beautiful,
soft feminine energy. It’s also very cleansing so it keeps your energy field
clear from psychic debris, it helps eliminates stress,
things that we really, really need when our bodies are changing. So if you are finding
that you’re stressed out, you’re overwhelmed, you
just have too much going on, your hormones are crazy, reach for a little bit of Selenite to get some energetic support with that during your pregnancy. Then there’s another goddess energy stone. This is crystal color with Malachite so you’ll see the green Malachite and the bright teal or
turquoise crystal color. This is a beautiful stone
for supporting any woman, because of its divine,
feminine energy quality. It’s really connected with the earth so if you need some
grounding, some support, some stability, this is
an excellent crystal. And it’s also another really good crystal to use during childbirth,
because it does keep you rooted into the earth to help
you work through pain, particularly for women who are going to natural childbirth route. Then there is Kunzite. Now, a Kunzite is a really
high vibrational crystals. Well, this is a Lavender Kunzite, it’s a really high quality piece. A lot of this is a very,
very soft, pale pink it won’t look quite this lavender. And Kunzite is another great
stone for emotional support and it has a little bit of
similar energy like Selenite does where it’s actually great
for cleansing as well. So if you need a cleansing emotions, you need to rebalance the emotions, because they feel out of whack, this would be a great stone to
use, particularly postpartum. And then the last crystal
that I wanna share with you is Rose Quartz. And I love this stone not
only for emotional balance, but for strengthening the bonds between mothers and children, and for opening the heart center. So this is just an
amazing stone for support, for helping you feel more
connected to your child and for kind of accepting
and understanding changes that happen in your life. So you can get a rough piece like this, especially just put on your bedside table or a coffee table,
somewhere where the energy will kind of radiate out into your space that’s a great way to use
a piece of Rose Quartz. You can also get one shaped into a shape like a little heart. You can get one of may
be the goddess Kuan Yin, protector of mothers and children. For the symbolism to
these shapes kind of add to the energetic qualities to the stones. So a little heart, of course,
to be a representative of love, your love for
yourself, your self love and your love for your new child. You could also go with
something like this. It does not have to be this large. This is just kind of a
lavender colored Rose Quartz, but you could use a little point and hold it during meditation whether that as you’re going into labor, to try and keep yourself
calm, breath through things or if it’s later on postpartum,
if you’re working through emotional issues, if you
need to help the stress, if you’re not getting much
sleep, because your baby is up, a little Rose Quartz point
just held in the hand during meditation can go a long way. So I hope that those tips
were really helpful for you and until next time. I’m Ashley Leavy of
the Love & Light School of Crystal Therapy, crystal blessings.


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