DACIA VU Connecticut and Virginia Beach, Virginia Baby, Birth and Family Photographer
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DACIA VU Connecticut and Virginia Beach, Virginia Baby, Birth and Family Photographer

I’m Dacia owner and photographer for
dacia vu photography. I’m a lifestyle family baby and birth photographer for
southern New England. I’ve been an artist at heart since childhood from drawing my
favorite cartoon characters to painting and acting in high school and picking up
my first real camera in college the moment I picked up that camera I knew I
had found the medium I’d been looking for. I spent years photographing
everything from still life to random people on the street. Then in 2010 I
married my husband and started a family soon after, so photography and pretty
much everything else took a backseat. I’d still photograph my kids but didn’t take
any of it very seriously until I had my youngest son Jake. Jake was born three
months early and he spent 71 days in the NICU. A friend of mine came to visit Jake
and I in the hospital and took pictures of him. Those pictures would completely
change my perspective. Once we got Jake home it dawned on me that those pictures
represented the reality of what our baby went through. Suddenly I understood the
value of a single simple photograph and I wanted to offer that gift to others. I
wanted to help others see and tell their story, so about six months later I
decided to open dacia vu photography. I’ve tried a lot of different genres but
nothing inspires me quite the way families and babies do. Planning a photo
session can be stressful but I strive to make the entire process enjoyable.
I offer wardrobe guidance, a client closet with options for babies, children
and even gowns for expecting moms Choosing the perfect location for your
session is another part of the process whether it’s your home, my studio, or an
outdoor setting, we work together to find the best fit for your needs. When your
images are ready to view you’ll see them at the studio, in a slideshow set to
music – and you’ll probably cry. I like making my clients cry.
The good tears anyway. I’ve always found fulfillment and joy in creating
beautiful art. Photography allows me to document the beauty I see in people. It
allows me to tell their stories authentically. Stories that I believe
deserve to be remembered and cherished.

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