• Magicpointeshoe

    y’all criminals heartless

  • Amanda Charlebois

    It’s not just that she lost her, it’s how she lost her. She feels responsible. She feels she failed her. And she believes she doesn’t deserve to be happy, even when she thinks about her. Even those moments have to be painful. But when she thinks about her, she remembers how much she hates herself. And the cycle continues. Constantly forgetting and remembering.

  • unb3k44n7

    Why are there 3+ short videos of this same story on the sam Dr Phil channel? Can't get enough views with one, longer copy of the episode alone?

  • jelinaangel

    Nightmare … but they cannot blame themselves.. difference is is that they loved that baby, what happened was accidental and I know Madeline wouldn’t blame them for that… ❤️🙏.. may God bless these parents and give them some peace on their lives….

  • Firebol84 Sayles

    She feels like she has no right to live happy because her daughter isn't ….alive or happy . I get that . I mean if one of my boys passed , idk how I could live . Yet I'd have to for my other son . It's not the natural order of things for our kids to die before us . I could never say that I know how she feels , but o def understand her logic as a mother .

  • jinx xo

    So true what he’s saying about reliving the tragedy everyday. I have two friends, happily married, until they lost their son. She would mention him everyday and bring the mood down when the husband just wanted a few moments of not remembering. She would blame him for not picking up the phone for him that night and what not as well. It’s just too much. They have different ways of coping with loss. One wants to talk about and relive it, and one wants to act like nothing is wrong. Their marriage is now over.

  • Susanna Kristiina

    2:39 Dad's back and neck position make me sad. I feel like he's beaten.
    "Your eyes saw my unformed body, all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be"

  • Nicole Emrick

    This has to be the saddest Dr. Phil episode to date. I can’t even imagine what those poor parents are going through, and I am so sorry for their loss 😔

  • Rayne Storm

    It’s not like a switch you can turn off, she’s right, it’s not something you just get over, she has memories of this tragedy and it’s tearing her apart, there’s never forgetting just accepting. This poor woman lost her child, in my opinion she won’t get over it with a couple therapy sessions especially on live tv. Bless her. I hope she forgives herself.

  • Isadora Obsidian

    And here i go crying again. Ive felt that kind of pain for 5 years since my fiance died and there is nothing worse then survivals guilt and blaming yourself for the one person you love most not being here. Hes right time doesnt heal all wounds but sometimes you get so used to the pain you dont notice it as much and those days are nice.

  • Tasha Hocking

    I can't imagine the guilt I'd have if this happened to my baby. It's hard for me to understand how people can go on after losing an only child.
    Easy for Dr Phil to say. But he hasn't lost a child.

  • cheeky rotties

    My 14 day old grandson lost his fight for life, he was born with hypo plastic left heart syndrome,leaky valves and a hole in the heart, my daughter in law blames herself, even though it wasbt her fault. 4 weeks on we still are in shock and we are all dealing with it differently . Although a different symptom, the principle is the same. My heart is breaking for my son and daughter in law, as there seems no one can give them the right help. England uk. He was born 10.24.19 and passed 11.06.19.

  • Brakarot

    There is more to this story with her child than she lets on. She was also on 60 days in,a show about going to jail, and I think her extreme guilt is due to the fact that both her and her husband were on drugs at the time this happened. There are physical characteristics you can see in her face that remind me of the meth heads around the block. She’s probably recovered now but the high level of guilt is due to the fact she knows she was doing something wrong at the time.

  • Diane Morris-hill

    I agree with dr phil. I don't want anyone I loved to be sad and hurt at the mention of my name. Please be happy and laugh at the mention of my name when I'm gone.😀😀😀

  • Lady MF Unicorn

    Poor thing thinks if she's happy everyone's going to judge her. Problem is people judge her everyday just like everyone. like I always say & dr. Phil said today "whatever people think of you is none of your business"

  • VicktoriaJobe

    I think what she needs is to completely mourn with her husband. They need to stop blaming eachother and mourn and love together. She’s looking for attention and love from her husband.

  • christy49534c

    I know how this feels first hand. We just lost our 4 year old son Mikey in June 2019. He went in for his 18th heart surgery and suffered a massive bleed leaving him brain dead. The guilt, panic, rage and pain is UNBEARABLE.

  • Nikkole

    How sad. I have no idea what to tell her what to do or think. I can only imagine the pain of losing a child. I don’t think I would ever get over it. How horrible. 😥

  • Ginger Guerra

    I like how she is real honest with herself, but she also needs to learn how to forgive her soul .. she is very hard taking the pain out on herself for punishment

  • FamilyTies Music Pg

    She was on 60 days in I feel her pain we lost a 2 month old baby who would be 6 now to sids it changes you it's hard

  • The Raccoon

    I knew someone who was having a bath with their 5 month old baby and the mom had a seizure and the baby drowned in the tub, and the father found them too late.( mom survived) Sometimes there’s terrible terrible things that happen in life, this woman isn’t alone she needs to talk to other parents that have suffered similar losses

  • IamEm

    This is just heartbreaking. That poor couple has been through so much. I hope they can forgive themselves, learn from this, and grow their future and honor their daughter the way they want to deep down.

  • Taylor Asher

    They are responsible!! Geese! It was an accident not intended to hurt their baby however it did happen and they both chose to sleep in an air mattress with an infant! They put her in there they slept in the bed and the baby suffocated let’s call a spade a spade. Something bothered me about her statement. They have a mosolium for their baby with nothing written on it, no tombstone and she’s so manipulative that she’s saying I won’t get out of this rut until I get the money to get all that! Seriously that is what your concerned about? You had a funeral with an open casket! I guarantee the baby could have been buried with a beautiful tombstone for what was paid for a mosolium! I don’t feel sorry for her! She’s mourning yet wearing it like a badge of honor

  • Miss Lucid Dreams

    They should take some blame…co sleeping is dangerous but they need to stop turning on each other and acting more reckless…they have other children in their lives…

  • christ1313

    There should really be some ttype of licensing process required to have a child. These two never would've passed it, and all of this misery would've been avoided.

  • Emz Bee

    I want so bad to give her a hug, I have the same name and am a February baby, and gosh universe I just want to give her the biggest bear hug I can ❤️

  • Jenny Garza

    Im not saying anything bad about the parent's. I feel so bad and my prayers are with them but how many times are we told as parents not to co sleep. Its so dangerous

  • Yazmin Ramos Hernandez

    I dont believe that cause of death. I think it was just sudden death syndrome and the forensic people just focused on them sleeping with her. I would get another opinion.

  • Angelina Smith

    I have never related more to an episode before I lost 3 of my kids and I've spent YEARS YEARS punishing myself for everything I didn't do things I should have done . I have subconsciously tried killing myself because at least I wouldn't hurt anymore. I hope she finds peace with in herself

  • Katsic

    Your baby girl wants you to smile when you think of her and she would want you to go on. She knows she will see you again. Take it a day at a time😊

  • Jessica Mariscal

    My heart hurts for her. I just had my baby last month and I couldn’t imagine something happening to him. I hope one day she finds peace ❤️

  • Rchl Swtzr

    Anti co-sleeping propaganda. Millions and millions of mothers have been co sleeping with their infant BREASTFED babies for all of time.

  • Charlene Thorgrimson

    What a beautiful baby! I lost a baby at 7 months and 2 days. She died from a communicable disease and I felt guilty about it. I feel that it doesn’t matter how your child dies, you’ll feel guilt. I tried to rewrite the story but you can’t. I feel so bad for this couple💔

  • Sabrina Parker

    😭😭😭 I knew I shouldn't have clicked this video. Such a sad situation. I cant even imagine the daily hurt those parents must feel.

  • Jammin ToTheBeat

    She needs to realize that her partner is still alive and well next to her and not merge her husband together with her baby. She needs to forgive herself and her husband and they need to move passed the issue together. They love each other enough to stay with each other. She needs to stop hating herself and her husband

  • Olivia Mahler

    As a mother who has lost her daughter myself I can completely understand her self blame. My daughter passed away due to a genetic condition so I know exactly why but I still feel self blame bc I couldn’t save her from it or I couldn’t “fix” it. If my situation would’ve been accidental that’s another layer of grief unimaginable grief I’d have to go through. Child loss is unbearable no matter how, what, when, where and why. keeping this family in my prayers that they can be at peace with their grief that’s what their daughter would want.

  • Knights of Dark Heart

    On one hand i get her self blame…sleeping on an air mattress with a baby…yeah..not good. But at the same time being in the moments as a parent and wanting, needing your child next to you sleeping, is normal. You dont think, "my child is going to die sleeping next to me." We get in our routines and life and things happen. Yes, it could have been prevented but at the same time, it was a freak accident . I feel horrible for her. I think i would have the same dilemma. Hoping they can heal.

  • Rosalind Ng

    Madalin and I shared the same birthdate. I remember 2009 as not having near the advanced quick knowledge we can get now like asking Siri to search something on the web quickly, I couldn’t imagine as a busy teen parent to take those moments (in a fatigue state) to double check the information of how to parent for the first time. I sincerely sympathize with how both of you are feeling & affected by this. I really am rooting that you two can work the grief together living a happy life, you’re two great people seen in these 3 interviews we get on youtube

  • tabitha Patterson

    I use to co sleep with my first daughter it was just me and her but then I kept getting scared that I would roll over on her so I stop with my 3 yr old we did co sleeping but it was easy bc of the new things they make now days. We had a little mini bassinet type thing that was made for co sleeping for a bed. I feel so bad for this woman no one was at fault and she will blame herself regardless

  • Shonna R.

    Dear God, Please put your loving arms around this mother and heal her heartache. Give her peace. In jesus' sweet name I pray, Amen

  • Reesah

    I understand it’s sad and it is but you dont cosleep in a inflatable bed with a guy that big and a baby . Yeah they made a bad decision .

  • FML

    This is so sad, i feel for her she needs to be able to forgive herself, like Dr Phil said it was an accident. I hope she finds peace within herself.

  • Jack Chick

    obviously i cannot imagine what they must going through, it must be one of the most traumatic things that could ever happen to a parent. it really puts that into perspective knowing that this happened ten years ago

  • HolyLand Fan

    Notice he said if "he" were to die today. He didn't put his sons in that sentence. He doesn't know how she feels, so quit trying to make up junk. Robin wouldn't want to even live another day if something happened to either son or grandkids. This lady's heart is broken.

  • mrsC Mac

    needless to say that getting through your childs funeral is the hardest thing you ever been through,I mean of course it is,it is for evey parent who has lost a child, there's no doubt about it,doesn't need to be spelled out in the introduction as clickbait…

  • Kitty Haart

    SIDS is not how I lost my daughter, but I too have been mourning for almost 10 years, & my heart goes out to this woman! It is so hard not to be heart broken when you think about your childs death…. especially when you feel responsible….. I'm so sorry sweetheart!! 🙁

  • 4 ever

    I have trouble sleeping on an air matress.They are so uncomfortable.
    Jesus can heal this family. Call out His name daily. He will show up. Promise.
    Read the scriptures.
    Grief is so horrible. Peace and blessings to this beautiful family.

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