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okay good morning you guys Bailey and I are about to head out to go grocery shopping to stock up this fridge of hearts because we literally have no food except for some the home chef meal which we always have these on hand today’s video is gonna be sponsored by home chefs so Adams probably gonna cook one of these for dinner tonight but I didn’t that we have like no food in our fridge so and we’re gonna go through shopping Vanessa did you make her one which ones hers we had a Parent Orientation at their school at their school last night and where is it oh that’s good was it for her they they do a ton of pictures this one’s Shay’s right grandpa it’s his grandpa on it it was up for grandpa grandpa’s coming here soon he’s gonna be here in a couple weeks you forgot to buy it in the ball in the ball it’s okay we can finish it later do you want to go help me go shoe shop okay let’s go I just finished nursing Gracie and I put him down for a nap and I just pumped as much as I could I got a little over two ounces so this is literally the only way I’m able to leave the house and go grocery shopping without him because we don’t have any stored milk in the freezer or the fridge so I’m gonna leave this for Adam and hopefully he doesn’t wake up and need it bless you yeah we do need a carwash you’re right I don’t know if we’re gonna have time but we’ll see we came to Trader Joe’s just switch it up and I think they have mini carts for you you want to go get a cart so you can help me grocery shop is there in Stein we get some flowers when I pick them out look at all these colors which ones do you like [Music] I’m gonna put them in mind you gotta be gentle when you put him in okay don’t throw him I just texted Liza to ask her what her favourites are here at Trader Joe’s because she comes here like once a week I feel like so we’re gonna try and get all these things on on this list okay I love the first ones orange chicken I love you Liza [Applause] Grayson woke up from his nap as soon as we got back home just in time we went to chick-fil-a for lunch so after I’m done eating all give you guys a little Trader Joe’s haul [Music] okay I just finished my lunch the girls are down for a nap right now so I’m gonna quickly go through everything that I picked up from Trader Joe’s so I got a lot of produce some bell peppers avocado mangoes Bailey is obsessed with corn right now so we got a few things of corn some Kili bananas watermelon strawberries raspberries grapes watermelon Spears some lemonade this was they were sampling some of this and Bailey really liked it so I got that for her I’m some veggie crisps I want to put these in the girls lunches Bailey said she’ll eat them so fingers crossed she does I got everything but the bagel seasoning to put on some avocado toast some more we ran out of our jelly and this one sounded really good it’s the raspberry fruit spread I got a spicy California roll I got the southwestern chop salad I’ve never tried this but it sounds really good they were all so safe playing these they’re basically like SpaghettiOs but the organic Trader Joe’s brand and Bailey like shoveled it down so I got a few cans of those for the girls for either lunch or dinner Liza recommended these the spicy jalapeno chicken sausages so I got two things of them I think I’ve tried these before and then I got the organic sriracha roasted garlic barbecue sauce to put on top of these I got a few cans of tuna some meat loaf Bailey one of these banana chocolate chip muffins they sound really good but I’m not gonna be able to eat those because they have milk in them I got some vegetable fried rice some orange chicken a few different solid options let’s see which ones I got I got the chopped salad with grilled white chicken and then the Mexican salad with chili seasoned chicken I think there’s cheese in both of these so I’m probably not gonna be able to eat the cheese but I got some granola bars for the girls lunches I got two things of those some spinach tortellini and then some organic cinnamon applesauce for the girls lunches as well and I’m gonna be packing lunches for both of them this year and they’re both gonna be eating lunch at school so I think like all of the ideas you guys have never packed a lunch for the kids for school because Bailey never ate lunch at school I wanna show you guys these cookies I ordered from Miss EP sweets cuz they’re adorable and the girls are gonna give them to their teachers on the first day how cute are these this is the same girl that did the teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week last year at school for Bailey’s teachers she makes the cutest cookies you guys how cute is that teacher fuel a little coffee cup so they’re each gonna bring a set of cookies for their teachers for the first day so freakin cute oh yeah and then Bailey picked out these roses and when I was going to check out the cashier was like these don’t look very nice do you want me to just give them to you for free or do you wanna like change them out I was like I’ll just change him out just like you know what I’m just gonna give them to you for free because I don’t want your daughter to get sad since she picked him out which was so nice to her so she just like boy to them for me but I think I can bring him back to life and just pick off some of the petals and trim him down but I was so sweet a bird okay I’m putting some of my groceries away right now and I put all my produce and my new fruit bowl and I wanted to share with you guys it’s so cute one of my subscribers actually deemed me a photo of this and was like this is so you you have to buy it and I immediately bought it I’m just like obsessed with everything wicker right now I think it’s so cute so I took out my rose gold one and replaced it with this but I love the look of it so I’ll link it down below for you guys it’s from Pier one I think it’s like 25 or 30 bucks but I think it’s adorable okay just came up to Grayson’s room so I could grab some of the clothes that fit him right now in his closet and in his dresser and bring it downstairs and put it on the clothing rack that’s in our room and kind of organize it in the baskets that I got from Target the other day I still have not done that so I want to do that today he’s taking a nap right now in our room so I don’t want to wake him up so I’m probably just gonna put music over this part but I’ll show you guys like how I organize it and everything and I have to do this fast because we have to head out to his laser checkup appointment in like an hour so I don’t really have that much time because I have to wake him up from his nap most likely and feed him and get his car seat you guys know it takes forever to get a newborn out of the house so I don’t really have much time but let’s go ahead and get started [Music] last night we had something to hide I’ll be kissing but I don’t really have a case you don’t have to pigeon you just like their attention it’s written [Music] all messages on my phone see keep your if you that strategies [Music] [Music] you know and slept on my bed then said you have found your plan [Music] not sure if I want this you don’t think that this is a given you I don’t wanna play the quiet type when I’m near you pretending that I don’t know who you are every time I see you [Music] you think that strategies [Music] hi [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] just [Music] [Music] [Music] you talk you got something to say yeah wait wait I’m gonna peel you I really need to get our nursing friendly clothes what I’m wearing right now is not ideal I’m wearing like a shift dress today and like mad at my clothes but still so I like have very limited options my closet of what I can fit into right now and I need really need to do laundry but I need to order some more nursing friendly and I’m close but we just got out of this appointment and everything is healing fine the doctor said everything looks great so we come back and to explore another follow-up to make sure that it’s not reacting or anything but as of right now everything looks good okay we’re back home now the girls are having some dinner they’re having the SpaghettiOs that Bailey wanted from Trader Joe’s some corn and some watermelon how’s the corn oh you didn’t try it yet in your watermelon I just got an Amazon package and I was gonna kill me I would I guess I don’t know I’m just gonna guess that you bought an extra thing of that Betty no that wasn’t on the like subscription oh she never never ceases to amaze me okay I just finished putting the girls to bed Adam is a whole baby who are doing some tummy time right now and he’s not having it Adams with Chloe she had her second day of training today he should be home soon oh oh okay okay Grayson’s in the wrap right now he’s nice sweet boy he’s gonna help me make dinner so I think this is one we’re gonna make for dinner tonight it’s the one sheet pretzel crusted chicken with roasted broccoli and honey mustard it looks really easy so all of their recipes are super simple to follow – you don’t have to be like a pro in the kitchen to follow their recipes which is really nice especially for someone like me who doesn’t like to cook and they have 26 different weekly menu options which is a ton and it’s only nine ninety-five per serving for dinners and you have the ability to pause a service or skip a week – if you’re gonna be out of town but all of their ingredients comes pre-measured in these little bags so you don’t end up wasting ingredient so I’m gonna take all these outs and then convince Adam to come in the kitchen so he can make this breast I’m gonna be kind of hard with this guy smiling at him he always gets them just my whole super big are you jealous Chloe’s jealous it will always be that there is no doubt and I always be I always always [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] [Music] okay Adam just finished cooking this looks really good thank you ma’am but if you guys want to check out home chef you can click the link in the description box and use my code Terra 80 free for $20 off your first four boxes for a total of $80 off which is an incredible deal it’s the best deal that home chef has ever offered so take advantage of it while it lasts and thanks to home chef for sponsoring today’s video I’m about to do a load of laundry but I wanted to share these two things with you guys because if you’re postpartum and you’re breastfeeding you need these two pieces in your life I’m not even kidding I basically live in this nightgown and I wish I had multiple of them I just told Erin and Hillary to order multiple of these because if you’re breastfeeding this is honestly like the most comfortable nightgown that I own it’s supersoft it’s the same material as my robe and it has this little flap right here and you can just pull this down and breastfeed it’s just it’s just genius I think they may come in gray in black is what Erin said but I’m definitely gonna be ordering more of them they’re on Amazon so I think they’re on prime as well so I got mine like super quick but it’s it’s a nightgown and then it just has that flap but seriously if you plan on breastfeeding order this nightgown and thank me later and then this bra is another thing I honestly could not live without this thing it’s so comfortable it has padding so I can wear this under knee like my graphic tees that I basically live in and it won’t show my nipples like a lot of my nursing bras are that really thin material which are super comfortable but I can’t wear those under my t-shirts because it’ll show so this has padding in it but it’s not like super bulky or anything it doesn’t have underwire it’s just super comfortable this is the brand Natori I’ll link these two things down below for you guys but this is definitely the most comfortable nursing bra that I’ve ever worn and I think they make multiple colors but I’m gonna be ordering another one of these as well because I’m just constantly washing these two things because I live in them I’m gonna call it a night you guys and end the vlog here thank you guys so much for watching be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you guys very soon [Music] do it all for you I’ll be enough be enough for you baby I’ll do it


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