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Ms. Nutshell here, deliver this message
please. Dear unborn and born child, I love you before we met.
It’s possible, don’t even fret. As a parent, my duty is to inform. Whatever you do, don’t conform. The best person to love; is you. If you don’t, you’ll always be
blue. You must conquer every fear. They will hold you back, my dear. A unique gift
you possess. Do great things, stay obsess. Follow your heart. Play
only, that part. This world is a mess. Please avoid the stress. Your way is
the utmost best. Work on your dreams, don’t rest. Be an avid reader. Always be a
leader. Don’t ever follow. It leaves you hollow. Different is fun. Be rare, like
the sun. Make your own money. Be independent, Honey. Use your time to
create. Despite, others will berate. Validate yourself and approve. Some
people will disapprove. Master your mind. Progress you’ll find. Try your best and
fail. And, you will forever sail. Failure helps you to grow. Not trying
keeps you low. Keep your efforts consistent. Move forward, be persistent.
Follow through and believe. Success you will achieve. Use diligence and patience.
Oh, have grit and confidence. Keep your environment positive. Avoid those that
are negative. Living your calling is true happiness. Seeking happiness in things
equals sadness. Don’t bury your dreams. Don’t be
blind to schemes. Live fearless and brave. Take no dreams
to your grave. You are more than enough. The definition of beauty is tough. We are
all queens and kings. Don’t adjust to foolish things.
Society will tell you, what to do. But, baby always be true to you. Question
everything. Don’t just accept anything. Look for the meaning. It might leave you
leaning. You have a brain, use it to think. Alcohol and drugs make you sink. Karma is very real. It’s the worst deal. Always do what’s right. Morning, noon, and night.
Respect everyone you meet. Stand up strong on your feet.
Never ignore how you feel. Work hard and don’t steal. Always do good. Help out the hood. Control your anger. Aid those who hunger. You will be Black.
The target for attack. Black lives don’t matter. Animal lives treated better.
Animals are labelled by name. For humans, it’s not the same. A rat is called a rat.
A cat is called a cat. A baboon is called a baboon. A raccoon is called a raccoon.
A man is either black or white. This is exactly what causes smite. We are all
human. Man and woman. Don’t fall into that trap.
Stay awake, it’s all crap. It’s all about the dollar. We’re labelled by color. Nourish
your mind with books. Keep good company, not crooks. Love is the solution to every
problem. Such a shame, we haven’t solved them.
Understand, greatness takes time. Make sure you know how to rhyme. Never settle
like this dust. Walk alone if you must. Rose Parks sat on the bus. And it changed a lot for us. Malcolm X spoke. Here we are woke. Dr Martin Luther King jr.
talked. For civil rights he walked. Harriet Tubman did escape.
Underground Railroad took shape. They all stood up and fought. Now we’re free, can’t
be bought. Change the world, yes you can. All you need is a good action plan. Barack Obama was the 44th
US president. Nothing can stop you, from being resilient. Care, love, help, and share.
It’s the only way to make it here. Serve people, stay humble, and selfless. Live
your purpose until, you’re breathless. Thirst for connection. Not sex and
affection. I know you will disobey. Use protection or decay. Have a vision for
your life. Be a good husband or wife. Walk away from abuse. Every type you must
refuse. Not everything works, don’t stay. Know better, will come your way. Life is too
short, to be miserable. Choose a life that is memorable. Trouble will come your way. Acknowledge God and pray. Kneel on those ashy knees. Before a request, say please. Don’t
let anybody tame you. Be fierce, that’s what you do. All I’m simply trying to say.
Is apply this and you’ll be okay. I know, this message is long. It’s
intended to keep you strong. With oceans of love from Mommy Nutshell. Please let
me know in the comments below, if this message resonated with
you. Please prescribe and subscribe to my youtube channel, Instagram, and Facebook Ms Nutshell. Thanks for watching. Thanks for sharing. Live positive, yeah mon!

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