Denver Woman Gives BIRTH In JAIL Cell | Nursing News
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Denver Woman Gives BIRTH In JAIL Cell | Nursing News

so there’s a dent a woman in Denver is
suing after giving birth in her jail cell
what yes okay and the kicker ladies and gentlemen they kick it – the story is
not only did she give birth in her jail cell no um um but she gave birth in her
jail cell by herself nurses guards health care providers
whoever works in that jail cell we’re standing outside the locked door and no
one helped nothing nada zero zilch all right so almost six hours after
Diane Sanchez says she first told the guard on duty she was in labor she
delivered a baby boy alone in her jail cell
those are of the allegations being made in a newly filed civil lawsuit against
Denver Health Medical Center the City and County of Denver and six Sheriff
Deputies and nurses so let me describe you the situation right it sounds crazy
but if you know the details you ask yourself how and god how how and why
would something um would a what to call a guard a nurse whoever allowed this to
happen okay so on July 31st 2018 this is about
a month ago a very I’m sorry a year ago a very pregnant Diane Sanchez woke up
early this is 5:00 a.m. and she was feeling contractions so she knocks on
the jail cell door and she says um I’m going into labor I think my baby is
coming like I need help I need some medical attention here right and she is
given at this time for all of you health care providers out there you know what
I’m talking about when I say a disposable chunk but if you don’t know
what a disposable Chuck is it’s like a I don’t know like a it’s like a very long
large paper towel a little thicker and she’s given a single one single
disposable Chuck that is slid under the door they don’t even open the door to
check on her to see what’s going on no nothing they slide under the door one
single disposable Chuck and say and basically say good luck hands a free go
do what you need to do in sanity absolutely insanity right so she tells
the guard she’s in labor she gets a disposable Chuck and then um the the
rest of the morning for those six hours where she’s by herself you see it and
this is all and one of those cameras what is it
called the closed-circuit camera so it’s just there’s no volume there’s no voice
it’s just the camera of the jail so you see her pacing back and forth you see
her getting into the bed and in the edited version of this nursing news I
will show you some of this video um but you see her pacing back and forth you
see her she’s obviously in pain she lays the check down she gets underneath the
blanket and she just lays this she starts screaming in pain hollering
screaming all these crazy things uh and then she gives birth to the baby boy and
only after only after she gives birth to the baby boy um
does the guard bring and a nurse so let me tell you the details about that she
says Sanchez told jail staff both sheriff’s deputies and nurses that she
was having contractions at least eight times at least eight times that morning
and that an ambulance wasn’t caught until after the birth it was more than
30 minutes after the birth that Sanchez and her newborn baby finally arrived at
the hospital according to the lawsuit the Denver Sheriff’s Department I think
this is literally the worst part of the story all of this stuff all of whatever
happened is unbelievable right it’s it’s unheard of to allow a pregnant woman to
give birth in a jail cell by herself with zero help all of that is unheard of
but the kicker the kicker is that the Denver Sheriff’s Department has denied
its deputies did anything wrong right but have changed the policies so so they
want us to believe that the policy at the Denver correctional officers the
Sheriff’s Department is that you do allow these pregnant women in jail cells
to give birth by themselves if that is the policy this whole that whole
Sheriff’s Department needs to just close and shut down because if that’s the
policy what are you guys doing there what are you good like I understand like
all of these like that the police and the department and like all those people
they want to be heavy-handed and just hardcore in these inmates hardcore news
enemies and by the way homegirl was in the jail cell for identity theft
all right so if you were over here questioning oh maybe she was super
violent and they were scared or whatever crazy protection like defensive
mechanism you want to use it’s bullshit she was in there for identity theft
right so of course she needed to help but I don’t care what she’s
therefore she could have been in there for a crazy massacre a murder the baby
that’s coming out of her has nothing to do with what she did that baby needs
help she needs medical attention if this story just blows my mind blows my
frickin mind anyways we’re moving on moving on another scary story another
really shitty story to be honest

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