DIY Baby Spot And Stain Remover Laundry Spray- Organic Soap
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DIY Baby Spot And Stain Remover Laundry Spray- Organic Soap

best baby spot and stain remover laundry spray castile natural organic green cleaning remove baby stains diaper drool food hi it’s AlaskaGranny babies and stains
go together here’s a simple recipe from a DIY stain remover recipe homemade baby spot stain remover for your laundry
that’s made out of natural ingredients you only need two things you need
castile soap and water castile soap this is better than remove stains it dissolves
stains it’s natural it’s completely organic green cleaning and it’s safe to use around even
the newborn infants into a clean spray bottle add one cup of castile soap add
one cup of water swirl it around to mix it and you have
the most simple spray-on stain spot pretreat remover for the laundry look over your baby’s
laundry and wherever you see any stains spray this on it works great on diaper
blowouts it works great on spit-up look for wet
places you know your baby spit-up even though it doesn’t look like it’s stained
now if you don’t treat it it can come out of the dryer with a big old stain on
it take your spray bottle spray it over any wet spots and a diaper blowouts any
food of chucks any kind of stain this on your baby’s laundry give it a spray of
your castile soap water combination and then throw it in the washing machine and
launder it as usual check the laundry when it comes out of the machine look it
over make sure the stains have been removed before you put them in the dryer
generally all the stains are removed with one washing but just in case you
have stubborn stains don’t put them in the dryer lay them out to air dry treat
them again and wash them a second time if you find a remaining stain you put
stain things into the dryer there’s an old saying with heat you’re beat you
don’t want to cook a stain into fabric if you can help it
so before you wash your baby’s laundry look it over give it a spritz with this
DIY stain remover laundered as usual it should remove almost all of the stains
that have gotten onto your baby’s clothing learn more at
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