Dog Delivary – My Dog Giving Birth – Bhola Shola
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Dog Delivary – My Dog Giving Birth – Bhola Shola

Hi Friends, I am Harwinder Singh Grewal Owner of Grewal pet shop and Farm There is a good news for you There were some little problem in my website You can surf website in new look … open our website for purchasing in whole India for home delivery There is a no topic for today today in my shop had a live delivery This is a Healthy Puppies of American Bully It has Blue in colour SO her mother This is a Mother she gave a birth to Eight Healthy puppies Now we will show you How this delivery done And What instructions should we need to follow Many peoples are dog lover. 90% if dog Linked so its means they are nearly deliver And ready for delivery So be alert on that time It is something like this. And we have to remove this ballon Please take her away And do not let the mother eat this. Please give me thread please someone to catch her its too hot please give me blade She is female i am using thread because his blood will not go outside and she is pure black in this way we can use thread Firstly you can cut thread then half part can quite Separate And use tissue paper Brother this is a female So this was a American Bully in Blue colour this is a live Birth Use this thread we are cleaning him And He is a Male because he has pennic you can see some part Now we can give him to his mother So that they can clean him properly Lets watch him please put him in a box ok we did not disturb you all right His cover remove is very important work If we will late to remove the cover of dog they can die at a time please give me a thread Welcome in this world She is a female in blue colour some are go to father half are in mother Come here STuffy his hand is very cold Please grip her Don’t be afraid, be careful This is a national television You can cut off so much Tissue paper please Please open up tissue paper and give me He is doing toilet BE CAREFULL FROM INFECTION WE should clean puppy in this way Other work will be done by her mother She clean her baby This is a Natural process Its first time Varun sir is in this video Because its Heart touching time SO i had come there And this whole work will be done by dog mother But Grewal sir help them Please clean with tissue Be carefull friend whenever mother give milk in this way to her puppy IN first breeding But in some time puppy can under their mother SO Be careful you should present on that time LIKE, Now you are watching her Some time puppy will under her mother to find milk That time you should be carefull In Fan of the month we do some changes This time i have a new topic Who will Download my App and give five stars And will do unique comment That comment judge by you comment people like more than other comments we will give Rs 500 Gift voucher of Amazon company we will give to that category And Second change In our facebook account any picture or video we Will update And who will do more comment And topist of this month also get gift voucher And third who will give first comment who will send us more comment on you tube In Facebook page give more comment And download My app and give us Five stars And please do it a unique comment Which comment who like by many peoples And Give them more thumb that category gets Rs500 Gift voucher Every End of this month SO Many MAny thanks for watching this video If you like my video please give us thumb up And if you want more information If you dont understand anything ANd give us any suggestion So please, Send us comment And please subscribe us for more information. THANK YOU Friends..


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