Downsides to the Genetic Screening of Traits for Unborn Babies?
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Downsides to the Genetic Screening of Traits for Unborn Babies?

I like the part that you’re weeding out some of the things that we don’t want because we all want our kids to grow up and be as healthy as possible but, on the flip side, we’re not picking puppies from the pound, right? And so, there’s something about your kid showing up as is and loving them unconditionally. (clapping) No doubt about it. I mean, that’s how nature has been for tens of thousands of years. Why, I mean, messing with. We can control diseases. That’s one thing, but controlling nature just because we want to pick and eye color. I mean, what’s the future? Hair color? Height? Yes. The future is hair color. The future is hair color. We’re about a year away from that. The future is screening for autism. People don’t have a problem with that. The future is height. People have a problem with that. The future is screening for cancer. People don’t have a problem with that but, should we eliminate any of those? Because then you put the hand cuffs on scientists. And I am a very strong opponent of the fact that you never put the hand cuffs on scientists. (clapping) So, I think that and I think that’s the question. People are wondering if one day you’ll be able to show up and kind of build a baby and say I want my baby to have this color eyes, this color hair, this height. I want him to be this weight and all of the other like physical attributes. Do you think that we could get to a point where we have gone too far and it can have a negative impact on society? Well, we look at society for instructions on that and I always tell people, there’s no book on my shelf that tells me how to do this. As a matter of fact, we may be writing the book because there’s no guidelines. There’s no instructions. What’s right? What’s wrong? I’ve been doing in vitro fertilization since the first baby was born and I walked out shortly after we started and had a note on my windshield that said test tube babies have no soul. (crowd oohs) Go to a party now, a third of the children there are test tube babies. So, it’s evolving and it’s inevitable. It’s coming. So Doctor Steinberg, how much does this cost say for the IVF and the additional medical screening and the add on of say, checking eye color. Right. Standard in vitro fertilization is about $12,000 in the US. Adding this on brings it up to $14,000 for gender selection and eye color is an additional $8,000. (crowd gasps) So, it’s not inexpensive. It’s not for everyone, but for the people that find it valuable, they really have no problem with it. No, I’m just curious with your thoughts, like, do you think anything would be overboard? Like, would you say I would never want somebody to be able to come in and make all of these requests or do you is your thought that, nothing is gonna be too much? Personality, I have a problem with. Engineering personality and engineering intelligence because again, some of the most intelligent people don’t meet any of the criteria that we would normally assign to intelligent people. So, I’ve got a problem with that, but I have no problems with anything else. I don’t wish you had some problems. Parents choosing. I do Everything for their kids. They have no choice. This is the ultimate in helicopter parenting gone horribly wrong, right? What happened to freedom of expression? The coolest part of being in love is that you show up exactly as who you are and they love you anyway for it. (crowd clapping) So what’s happening here What’s happening here is that you’re robbing the kid of the chance to be all of who they are and being cool with that. So what does that say Let me interrupt doctor, psychiatrist, right? Mhhm. Okay, schizophrenia, okay? We’re very close to figuring it out on a genetic basis. If we change that schizophrenia gene, alright we’re also going to change the personality. So, you don’t show up who you are. That’s a good thing because you’re psychotic. Good and bad to everybody. But, my eyes are brown and I wouldn’t be me if my eyes were green. I love the fact that I can show up and people love me regardless and so, what I’m talking about corrupting the dysfunctional pattern I’m all for it, but when we’re talking about selecting something that’s just a part of expression that’s where I gotta get off the train. I’m totally respectful of that. Alright, this has been a really interesting discussion. This is, this is good stuff. Thank you very much, Dr. Steinberg. You’re welcome. (crowd clapping) I could tell you’re a committed to what you’re doing.

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