Dr. Travis Stork and Wife Parris Expecting a Baby Boy
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Dr. Travis Stork and Wife Parris Expecting a Baby Boy

(audience applause) – So instead of a typical
doctor’s prescription, today The Stork is going to deliver something a little different, so I wanted to share this
with all of our viewers and my co-hosts because
I’ve kept it a secret but Parris and I are expecting a baby boy. (audience cheers and applauds) – Congratulations, oh that’s so lovely. – The stork hit your life. That’s so awesome, so happy for you. – Thank you all so much, thank you. (audience cheers and applauds) – [Dr. Batra] Ah, so sweet, adorable. – We are thrilled, we are so excited. And I have teachers. – Yes you do. And you can give us some refresher course on having a newborn at home. – Well the beauty also is, I’ve been hosting this show for 12 years and every time we have parenting advice, I’ve been paying attention, so now, and I have all these books saved from over the years, the book giveaways. So now I’m startin’ to go through them. Book by book. – And you’ve got Dr. G in your rolodex. – Dr. G’s in the rolodex. So anyway, thank you all for
going on a journey with us. – So happy for you, our best to Parris. – Yes, please Parris our best.


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