Drawing My Newborn Son

I am 39 weeks pregnant right now, you can see I got the… Today is September 18, 2009 And… I’m tired. I’m hungry. And I’m in labor. Buh bye And you don’t seem to understand… A shame you seemed an honest man… And you know what they say might hurt you and you know thats means so much And you don’t even feel a thing I am falling I am fading I have lost it all… I’m four centimeters dialated. I just woke up, it’s like… 8:55 right? Yeah, it’s 8:55 in the morning And I’ve only gotten a couple hours of sleep so far And that’s the baby’s heart beating as you can hear. I’m tired, I’ve got bags under my eyes, so bear with me. My hubby over there looks just as tired though. Hi Hubby. Great job, Lauren. Don’t forget the placenta. (laughs) Look at the baby. (cries) Ok, you can leave now. (laughs) Jonathan, Reece’s tail, it’s like brushing the top of his head. Oh! I got a smile on the camera! Did you see that? Tha was a good one. Eh, I think that looks pretty good. You smiling a little? Yeah, you getting hungry? I think he’s getting hungry. (laughs) (Gibberish) What was that about your hair honey? My hair’s messy! Kay, move the water bottle. Oh, so you move it right in the way. Sorry! So you move it more in the way

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