Drift Life #39 – TEST 2JZ 700HP, Ostatnie upalanie Dzika
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Drift Life #39 – TEST 2JZ 700HP, Ostatnie upalanie Dzika

Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Hello, everyone. The way JZ sounds, and the sequel to that sounds amazing. I sold over 3 tickets already on stage. Can I do it? I can’t do it? Can I do it? I can’t do it at the end anyway. HI! Hello Hi, I’m Daniel. HI, I’m Asia. HI, I’m Kornelia. Hi, I’am Adam. Hi, I’am Asia. Hi, I’am Kornelia. Hello, I’am Paweł. Hi, I’am Adam. HI, I’am Paweł. Nice to meet you. Hi. We are just on Autodrom Pomerania doing DRIFT TAXI. Among other things, there will be Adam RUBIK Zalewski and we go to check out his car at the beginning. SCION FRS Stretching Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Hello, everyone. I’d like to show you a stick. A very important thing. Please open it. Tell me where it’s from. This is a stick from Japan, special to BRZ, GT 86. Here you go. Let go. Good without a stick. Let go. And elegant. I may not know each other. How much did you get out of the dynamometer? Something about. . . Don’t lie, now tell the truth. How much came out now everyone will know. Listen, guys. Come on, come on. In fact, it was dressed up and we got older so we wouldn’t crank again… that it was 690. And so we drove from Plock to . . . You know what? I’m not gonna tell you because I don’t want to lie now. But 690 KM was still going from Plock through all the rounds. He didn’t have 700. That’s 700 KM in general. Here we go with the camera. Let’s show you. Feal Suspension As you can see, the Quaife 6-speed sequential gearbox. I founded it two years ago and we didn’t have much trouble with it. Very cool topic, in fact most DRIFT MASTERS drivers have such a box. Come on, we got a panel from ECU MASTER. As you can see here also EMU BLACK, which is exactly what it’s built up. I also have PMU, which is a fuse. We don’t have it on fuses like this, but it’s just being inserted in the computer. And a monitor that’s amazing. I always wanted one. Show me what’s interesting there. Here we have fuses, for example. Okey Here, one of the more interesting things is that you can immediately get a look or something is cut off. Whether a fuse has blown or not. This is very useful, because you don’t have to pull out and check everyone. I’ve got a charge, inlet temperature, which is also very necessary, oil pressure. . . oil temperature, water. I’m all here, too. The most important information, I think you have it in your car too. Honestly, no, because I’ve got this pig connected to a serial computer. Oh, just. So, it’s really all ahead of me when I’m gonna put my SUBARU together. I’m gonna have to get to know all of this, including everything else before I do. Also cool, a lot of cool information for me. Now, I’m riding on regular clocks. Okay, you ride on regular clocks. Yeah ordinary clocks with peak I don’t know what kind of bike you’re gonna have in GT, but it would come in handy. If it’s JZ, the temperature of the oil, the water will come in handy. The oil pressure is above all, because even if it drops below 2 bar, something can happen. And so it’s always this certainty. It’s safe because you’ve gotta cut off your engine if there’s a temperature that exceeds the norm? I had one of the fuses dropped when I went to France. Some cable was routed through the chamber and connected to a fuse and touched the ground somewhere. It was automatically short-circuiting, and my whole car died on the move. I stopped, I couldn’t fire it and we were looking for a reason for three hours. It just showed that it cut him off. But what exactly was it, we didn’t have a list either, so there was a bit of searching in the beam and all that. But somehow we gotta figure it out. How did you change from E30 to SCION? This season was so testing and I had a different impression of driving in each round. So I had fun on one route, for example, in Austria where I had 3rd place. I was really good at driving there. But when I went to the second round, which was in France, I couldn’t get over it. Here in front of the 1. 8. . . Rubik is preparing the car. 1. 8 forwards and 1. 7 backwards. And we’ll show you how the top car in the DRIFT MASTERS league goes. Here we turn the tyres into Rubik’s car. Now, a big moment in my life, I’m going to have a ride 2JZ. Thank you Adam for lending my car, so I will have the opportunity to reschedule my future car. When it comes to driving. As for the engine, we’ll see if it’s 2JZ or whatever. But I’m sure I’m very happy and I can’t wait. I wonder if I’m gonna get a hold of something or not. Okay, because you have a sequence, so how do I put gears into the clutch? Yeah You throw in the clutch normally and it’s like. . . Now, take the moor with this purple button. The fans are on, press the button again and the pumps will start. You got a clutch? Yes, I got. When you throw in, you have a first gear and a smaller gear. It works on that principle. And back. This is where we start? And it’s fired. Shall we go? Yeah Adam goes to inflate the tires. Once I’ve sat here, let me stay. What JZ sounds like and the sequence to it makes the sound. We have 1. 7 bar on tires 17. And what width? That’s 245 or 255, because I have two types and now I don’t know. There is no server here. I’ll tell you, for the first time, this is great. You’re doing great in new car. Are there tires yet? Take a look. For one lap. For one OK Well, we’ll make another circle. But the tires don’t stick anymore. Thanks, Adam. It was mega. No problem. We’re already on a 2JZ ride and I’m m very happy. Thank Adam for giving me a ride. No problem I didn’t expect Paweł to go so well for the first time. Like he told me before, he never drove on JZ, but he got in that car and felt like a fish in the water. Here’s the sequence box. I’m proud of you too. Thanks And it’s really cool that you could go for a ride. I know how happy I was when I didn’t have a TOYOTA yet and I went to Kuba Przygoński and he showed me how to drive a GT and I was mega happy. I’m also glad to have given you this opportunity. That’s great, and I’m inviting you to the channel to Adam. Also invite Adam RUBIK Zalweski, I have now started throwing in new films a little bit daily, but I will start adding such seasonal ones during the season. You have a link in the description and I invite you because Adam is a top player in DRIFT MASTERS and you can see many interesting things. Punch in, and we’re going to go on a trip and collect money for WOŚP. Exactly. We’re gonna collect and donate our bricks for today’s goal. It’s nice to be here today. The weather is not as bad as you might think. It’s blowing a little bit, but we’re working. It’s great. Let’s go. Hey. Briefing time We’ll talk about how to drive. You take the ticket away from him, it’s about the people who bought the ticket really go for a ride. Go, go, go. Mirek, pick up. Where are the helmets for people? I don’t know who I’m going with at all. HI, Paweł. Good morning. I gotta tell you, there’s a very big queue for drifting. There’s a very big queue, so I have to fire the DZIK now and reduce it a little bit. I’m firing the DZIK and we’ll be doing DRIFT TAXI all the time. I went out in front of the ranks and said that the person with the vouchers has priority to enter. . . To DZIK So listen, it pays off. Is 40 PLN You were first. We go 10 PLN higher – 50 PLN. Is 50 PLN, 60 PLN Hand up and will be 70 PLN. You were first. 80 PLN 140 PLN But he fired – 140PLN 300 PLN? 310 PLN 320 PLN, 330PLN, 340PLN, 350PLN But for the third time. Applause for this gentleman. Come on to us. What’s your name? Patryk You’ve drawn a DZIK for 300 PLN and you’ll be the first to go. First, look. I give you. Thank you very much. OK, 200PLN – first. Oh, the devil. 300 PLN – first 310 PLN 310 PLN – first Michał Michał, how much you put in? 400 PLN Applause for Michał! Also on. It’s for you, Michał. The last voucher and we’re also starting. And who will give 100 PLN? We’re starting DRIFT TAXI. I’ve already sold over 3 tickets on stage. The best part is that they all sold up to 300 PLN. So it’s okay. We’re going to drive people. Let’s see on-board. And how? Cool Turtle What happened, Blanka? I wanted to go off-road, but figured I’d try Sky-Line. Nice idea! I got so fast, I flew all over the side. Can I do it? I can’t do it? Can I do it? I can’t do it at the end anyway. You can greet somebody. I greet my family and Paweł too. And subscribe! Exactly! Ok We have to pull it out, because she’s buried. And has she parked in parallel? Oh, far away. Really? OK, Mirek should be able to do. A well I’m gonna go there and help her. We need to hold off for a while. You know what we’re gonna go out there and I’m gona help. OK It goes. Half the bumper is gone, but it’s okay. It’s for you. Ok, thank you. Bye This one’s cool. Okay, I’ll take this one. And we’ll add you… The FORMULA GRUZ is cool too. OK We got it. Take it away. And to the briefcase. And to the money box. Somehow suspiciously low here. That’s the way it is. It can be so gentle I can’t swear, because it’ll be, you know. . . This is hard work. This is cool. You’ve got to get your hands on it. Well, I’ll tell you what to do. My first ride. I just wanted to ask you. First. I’ve never driven like this before. Sideways for the first time, and that’s the highest level of hardness that can be. It’s better with you here, because I see you can. But if somebody doesn’t know how, I’ve already hooked that lamp. Are you happy? YEAH I’ll tell you, I’d have two wheels. I didn’t want those two, but I say we go. Why don’t you go? Because I have this monitor from ECU MASTER and he showed me that something had disconnected my power. They’re burning up. Mateusz’s gym again. How are you doing? Okay I’ve been away a while. We did a lot of DRIFT TAXI. People liked it, so it’s mega cool. But I still have this BRZ in my head all the time. SUBARU, SCION, GT 86 2JZ sounds so cool there. This sequence is buzzing so cool. I like it. Could you drive? Yes, I could. I’m shocked. I didn’t think it would be so cool to drive. I’m gonna get in and I’m gonna. . . There’s something about the stuff. What’s up Asia? I’m fighting with the glass. It won’t close. We’ll come back with an open one. The button on the glass is broken and we can’t close it. So, Asia is fighting. Yeah, for 30 minutes. Asia has magic hands for such things, so she still fights. We’re done driving. There’s still a DZIK here. He’s going to smoke tires? What? He’s going to smoke tires? No Did you take the pictures? Yes Show me We’ll record, we’ll see. Let’s see what that came out of. And this will be imposed? Oh, there’s DZIK. I’m doing the Otofotomoto. I’m friendly with Mr. Roman. We always act together on the track. Together in a noble goal, the automotive first of all. And it’s appreciated. What not Jaś? That’s how you appreciate it, and you also appreciate leaving your paw up. So you must remember that. As you can see, the party’s over. I don’t know if this episode is going to be all right, but it was full of spontaneity. Most importantly, we did a lot of driving for a good cause. That’s what it’s all about, too, to help others. And if you’re going to help through drifting, you have to. It’s a spanning day for me today. I had a chance to ride Adam Zalewski’s SCION. This is a top car. It’s the first time I’ve ever ridden a JZ. I’m not hiding that I’m pleasantly surprised. I got in that car and I could feel it. I had no problem connecting this route, so it was sharp. I can’t wait to finish SUBARU BRZ. For DRIFT TAXI we managed to collect over 2500 PLN. Only for 6 tickets. Also DZIK made a furore, the most expensive ticket went for 850 PLN. The rest is 500, 400, 300 PLN each, so it’s really a lot. I’m terribly happy for you. The viewers and people who watch this channel were also bidding because I got this information from you. If you want to be up to date, go to Facebook and Instagram. Bye!


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