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The elf moved again! Ahhh! Oh! You’re awake! Who are you? I came to visit you from the North Pole! I’m a real elf! Are you really an elf? Of course! Look at my costume. And only a real elf could do this. Wait, so you know Santa? Mr. Cringle? He’s the best boss any elf could ask for! He sent me on vacation. ANTHONY! Hold on Andrew. I’m helping Grandpa with something. A little to the left. A little more. Okay grandpa, we’ve been here for hours now and we’ve only put one ornament on the tree. If you’re so picky about where everything goes, why don’t you do it? It’s not that big of a deal if you would just move it to the left. It’s so springy! Yeah. But if I do that I get put on the naughty list. I’ve never been on the naughty list. I’ve never been on any list for that matter. I just make the toys. My favorite is the American Girl Doll. That’s my favorite too. So what’s the deal here? Santa made you real so you could play with me? Humm. I don’t know. I just woke up one day and now I’m a real boy. At least I think I’m a boy… how can you tell? Oh! OoOo… ummm Actually you should probably just ask Santa about that. Is that a TV? Yeah that’s a TV. You’ve never seen a TV? Oh no, I have. But If you help me move this to my car- ugh sleigh… I could swap this out for an even bigger one. You would do that for me and Anthony? Ugh yeah, sure kid. Ugh, yeah kiddo! Lemme help you bring it down. Anthony is gonna be so excited. It is the Christmas spirit after all. Gentle. Gentle. Perfect! Right there! Take a step back so I can see the whole thing all done. Grandpa, this looks horrible. You had me put them all in the same spot. You’re supposed to spread them around. Hummm Yeah you know what? I like your idea a lot better. Take it all off and start all over. Let me just take a 5 minute break, and then we’ll continue. You better hold that promise. The tree isn’t gonna decorate itself! Where’d my TV go? Heavy TV. Oh! So you did take my TV. Oh, no, the elf did. The elf? Well yeah, I tried to show you before. Santa sent us a real elf, but you never came. He sends us a real elf every year. No like a, a person sized elf! Well not your sized person, like me sized person! You’re gonna blame you stealing my TV on a human sized elf? No, no really. He said he’s going to swap it out for one like, twice as big. Okay ugh, if this human sized elf exists then, where is he? He’s right behind me! Well he was right behind me. He must have gotten in his car. His car? Or sleigh? Thing… The next time that you want to steal something from me, you can sleep at your own house. Oh, I hate sleeping in my own bed. Woo! Got the TV into my car- I mean sleigh. Well now that that’s done, you kinda interrupted my nap before so I would like to get back to that. What is nap? You don’t know what a nap is? You don’t know basic human things, do you? I know elf things! I’ll show you what a nap is. I love nap. Yeah sure you do. There, it’s finally done. Are you happy now Grandpa? Grandpa? *Snoring* Why do I even bother? Oh, it’s perfect! I did a great job decorating the tree! What! You didn’t do anything! G- Grandpa? *Snoring* *Snoring* *Fake snoring* Are you pretending to snore? I’m learning! That’t not how you do it. Oh, what am I supposed to do? Well to start, your eyes have to be closed. That’s creepy. That’s funny! Shall we sleep more now? *Fake snoring* Hey, wait! What? You know… now that I think about it. Ummm Mr. Cringle said that Anthony owes him money. Do you know where he keeps it? Of course I know where Anthony keeps his money. He keeps his money in there. Holy Saint Nicholas, that’s a lot of jewels! Amen. Yeah. That is a lot of jewels. You know what, I’ll just take the whole thing. Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus lane! Wow, Anthony owes Santa a lot of money. I think I feel something. Oh that’s called guilt. I get that feeling when I take Anthony’s money too. Oh I don’t like guilt. You’ll get used to it! You just gotta take his money a couple more times and you won’t even notice it. Oh I don’t think I will! I feel like I’m gonna explode! Oh! Wait, do you mean you have to use the bathroom? I guess! I think I’m gonna guilt all over the place! No, no! No, no! Go, go go! Oh come on! Do not guilt on the floor! Sonny, I need you to do me a favor! No, I spent hours decorating that tree for you. I’m not doing any more favors today! Yeah, you know what? Actually after taking a second look at it, I decided, I definitely hate it and we’re redecorating it again tomorrow. But, that’s not what I came in here for. Then what? I need to borrow $5 for my shuffle board tournament tonight. I wanna bet the big bucks! Oh yeah, big spender. I know! Anyway I would have just taken the $5 myself but, it’s weird. You cabinet of money and jewels went missing. Wait, what? Well yeah I mean, it’s either that or I need stronger prescription glasses again. I don’t understand. What’s not to understand? It’s gone. Poof. Bye-bye. See you later. Sayonara Sucker! No, it can’t be. Well, you missed. Yay! All the guilt is gone. That’s not a good thing, Anthony is gonna be mad! Is that syrup? I guess. Come on, why don’t I teach you how to tie your shoes? I’ll finally have shoes! Come on! Loop-de-loop, and then you pull. Okay now- you try. Loop-de-loop and pull? Loop-de-loop and pull. Loop-de-loop and pull. Yep. Loop-de-loop and pull. Humm. Loop-de-loop and pull. Loop-de-loop and pull. Yeah you’re not doing anything. Loop-de-loop and pull. First my TV, now all my money and jewels? What? ANDREW! Alright, you figure that out, I’ll be right back. Loop-de-loop and pull. Loop-de-loop and pull. No, no, no. What? Two questions. One, where’s my money? And two, why is there syrup on my shoe? Oh, the elf. He guilted all over the floor. What, no! How many times do I have to tell you that you can’t eat pancakes on my toilet? It wasn’t me, but I might still do that. [Coming from the other room]
Andrew, Andrew! What is that? That’s the elf I’ve been telling you about. He just learned how to tie his shoes, come on! Oh what in the world? Andrew! I loop-de-looped and pulled! No, no. That is not a real elf. That is a guy, dressed like an elf, who’s been stealing all my stuff! No, no, you’re wrong. Show him the thing! Andrew. Anyone can do that. Anyone? Really? When I tired I ripped my pants. Okay well you know what? He is not a real elf and he needs to go! That’s not nice! He’s stealing my stuff! Okay, I guess I’m not a boy elf. What? He just poofed away like a magic Christmas elf. Yeah, ’cause he is a real magic Christmas elf! And now I’m never getting my American Girl Doll. Thanks! No, there’s no way… *Phone Rings* Hello? Ho, ho ho! Anthony, is that you? Santa? Can you explain to me why there’s a crying elf, with shoes here? At the North Pole with me? Wait, no, no, no, I- He said that you told him he wasn’t a real elf. Ugh, that’s kinda mean! No, Santa, he is not a real elf! He stole my TV, he stole my money, and he guilted all over my floor! Yes, we do have that problem with this one. He does guilt around sometimes. And you did owe me money Anthony. I don’t know if you forgot. But, did he steal your TV? What? There’s a TV twice the size. Next time I send an elf in training to your house, you better be nice! I’m going to pretend I didn’t see this and go decorate the tree again. Hey what’s up you guys? Thank you so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed watching the elf on the shelf come to life and if you did and you want to see this character come back, let us know in the comments down below and give this video a like and maybe we’ll make another one. Also don’t forget that the elf on the shelf teeshirts are still available at Culter35.com but only until January 1st so if you want to grab your own, make sure you go get yours now. If you wanna see some bloopers and behind the scenes for this video, make sure you go check out our second channel The link will be down below and on screen at the end of the video. Also don’t forget to subscribe and click that little notification bell button down below. You might not be notified when we post new videos if you don’t click that little bell. Andrew and I have been having so much fun responding to all of your messages and questions over on our instagram So make sure you’re following us over there if you want to chat. That’s about it, thank you guys again so much for watching and we will see you guys again soon with a brand new video. Bye guys. Santa? How do I know if I’m a boy elf? Ugh well you just kinda feel like a boy I suppose. You should probably ask Mrs. Claus. She’s good at answering that one. Oh! can you put her on the phone then? *Dialing tone* It’s time for nap! *Fake snoring*


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