Emerald Cut Vs Cushion Cut Engagement Ring | Rectangle Cut Diamond
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Emerald Cut Vs Cushion Cut Engagement Ring | Rectangle Cut Diamond

(upbeat music) – This is Jill Maurer
with your Jewelry Minute and today I’m answering the
question what is the difference between emerald cut and cushion cut? And these are two different
ways to cut a stone and generally we’re
talking about diamonds here and people will ask the
question when they’re looking at engagement rings
but almost any gemstone can be cut in either of these cuts. Both of them are
rectangular, an emerald cut has a rectangular shape
as does a cushion cut. Now cushion cut can also be
more square but right now we’re talking more about the emerald. The emerald cut is
rectangular with the corners cut off of it in the
diamond and that is the way that the cushion cut is too. It’s a rectangular shape
with the corners cut off. So what is the difference? The difference is the way
that they’re cut on top. An emerald cut has these parallel
cuts that look like steps, we’ll sometimes call that a
step cut or an emerald cut. The cushion cut has a
brilliant cut on the top, it’s cut in a lot of
small facets similarly to a brilliant cut round diamond. And the two looks create
very, very different effects. The emerald cut, because it
has these long step facets, it has kind of the hall of mirrors effect, the way that the light works. You get a very broad
flash, a broad sparkle. You can see a lot into the stone, you can look down into the
stone much more clearly because there aren’t as many
facets confusing the eye. It has a very mathematical
appeal, the emerald cut, because everything is
very precise and linear. It also will make a stone look bigger. A one carat emerald cut
stone will look bigger than a one carat round brilliant
cut because there’s more surface area on the top of the stone. Because you can more easily
see through the emerald cut, it will show imperfections
more clearly to the naked eye. It will also show if your diamond
is off color a little bit. This is a cut that was
first created for emeralds but has been used to cut
diamonds for a long, long time. It is a very clean and classic look. The cushion cut has also
been used in diamonds for a long time and again it
is this sort of rectangular, corners cut off but then it
has this brilliant cut on top. And this is a much softer look. It is named after a pillow after all. It’s named for a pillow
or a cushion, cushion cut. It’s a softer look, it
has a very antique feel because they were used
a lot in antique stones. It doesn’t radiate light
as clearly as a precised, round brilliant cut would but
it does flash a lot of light. When you look at it you’ll
see flash flash flash. It’s different from the
emerald cut that has more of a broad flash, this will
be a lot of sparkles on it. But still in relation to
a round brilliant cut, the facets will be a little
bigger and you can see into the stone a little bit more. So even though these two
different styles get confused they do have very, very different looks. The cushion cut has become
more popular recently, I think as antique stones
have been more popular. Up until pretty recently
you didn’t see people cutting stones in this way today but you would see it in estate jewelry. Now you do see it. So when you’re looking at
jewelry or maybe you’re selecting a diamond for an engagement
ring and you want a rectangular shape, these are
your two most popular choices are the emerald cut and the cushion cut. They’re both beautiful
stones, they look very, very different and people
like one or the other for different reasons. This has been Your Jewelry Minute. If you have a jewelry
related question for me, just ask me in the comment section below. Until next time. (upbeat music)



    I love cushion cut. I always want to get a cushion cut diamond. emerald cut good for high quality of Diamond. Thank You so much for sharing ❤️

  • Bobster92

    I love both of these cuts, as well as radiant, but my all time favorite is emerald cut due to it reminding me of a prism and the way the light reflects from it being completely unlike all the other cuts (due to their brilliance). I have both cuts in my personal collection, but much more prefer emerald cut! Thanks so much for this great video Jill 🙂

  • SoCal RockerGal

    I knew what the difference was but I’ve never liked Emerald cut because I don’t think as much brilliance is there. I love the cushion cut! Beautiful!


    I prefer the emerald cut over cushion but hey I’ll take either one lol. Since you can see the imperfections in the stone more so in the emerald cut would cushion cut be used more for that stone that perhaps has more imperfections?

  • Eva Flores

    Again, I’ve never heard of cushion cut.
    That cushion cut is what I love. It stands out so much. Now I would accept a ring with any cut.
    Have a blessed day Jill!

  • Leslie Craven

    Good to know. I like both but I will never forget as a child seeing an emerald cut Aquamarine. It was gigantic and made a lasting impression

  • Life of MC

    Oh, that necklace! So so love it! I love both cuts, depending on the jewelry setting. Love and respect from the Philippines…

  • DawnDawnDawnDawn

    My diamond is a high grade (clairity… whatever you call it 😂. I dont know the terminology) so the emerald cut looks good.

  • YotaStyle

    I definitely prefer the cushion cut but I do love both styles. You explained the differences perfectly! Thanks Jill! Have a great weekend! XO

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