[ENG] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP11 (Full)
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[ENG] 미녀의 탄생, Birth of the Beauty, EP11 (Full)

Ahjumma! How can you wait till now stupidly? You’ll die trying to celebrate your birthday. I can just live as I have. What birthday? No. From now on, I’ll help you celebrate it. Happy birthday. Sa Geum-ran. We should sleep, right? We should. We have a lot of work tomorrow. You have to visit your
grandmother and get a lawyer. I have Birth of Chef filming,
go to the restaurant. And visit my mom at the hospital. Why do we have to be busy? We can’t go on dates leisurely. Let’s each change into our sleep mode. Okay. Good night. Okay. Let’s. Well, you said let’s each sleep.
Why are you holding my hand so tightly? It’s not me. You’re the one holding me. I have… an alien hand syndrome. It’s not me. I… I think it’s my hand holding you. Really? Then, I’ll let go. No… Wow… You’re the man. Han Tae-hee. You’re the man. Wow. Ahjumma. Good night. I’ll wear this on our date tomorrow. Whoa~ Sa Geum-ran. Whoa~ Sara. You went through so much suffering. Got into the accident,
fell into water and getting surgeries… You totally suffered. It was tough but it’s okay now. See? You’re smiling. You met a good man and
happiness is before your eyes. Being love is good. But love is scary.
Right? Will I be able to love again? It won’t be easy. Your married life was so painful. You are fearful. I’m really fearful. I failed once before. So what? You even got surgery. What can’t you do? Don’t be scared. Go for it. Just go. Doctor Han Tae-hee is
different from Lee Kang-joon. Right? Of course. It’s not love that scares you. You’re afraid of getting hurt. I suffered because I was powerless. I was an ahjumma who
only depended on her husband. After losing everything, I was powerless
to protect myself or Mom either. Then… Not my land or husband,
I myself should become powerful. That’s right. Power comes from skill. Working women are cool. If you have power,
you can protect love and Mom. Totally great idea. Birth of a Chef. Challenge
yourself to become a chef. If you become the best chef,
the winning prize is $100,000. Not as a taster,
but compete to become a chef. This lousy world… Why are you so late? Ugh, you smell like alcohol. What’s going on? I don’t feel right. Because of dead Geum-ran. When Geum-ran married Kang-joon,
we lived in a rental house. We had nothing. Geum-ran… is a grateful child who
looked after my mother with dementia. She always smiled and never
said a word of complaint. That child… I know she died because her
husband cheated on her. The fact that we’re living well like this… It bothers my conscience. The building on Geum-ran’s land. We should give it back to her mother. What? Dear! We can live without the building! Greed. In the end, it becomes a
disease that eats away the heart. You want me to give back the building? Of course, I don’t intend to
return it to Geum-ran’s mother. Am I crazy? But, if your father-in-law comes out
that strong, it’ll be tiresome. Let’s pretend to give it
back and sell it later. You gave that building as an apology
for it being his second marriage. Kang-joon is a CEO
of a broadcasting company. Having a building would stir gossip.
That’s why we put it in your name. Is that why the title is provisional? So, if necessary, you could take it back? Look at her. How dare you glare
at your mother-in-law? How frightening. When I see you, Geum-ran
comes to mind naturally. Please take after her at least halfway. How spiteful. Ugh! Unbelievable. Where’s Lee Kang-joon? Sara is home with a man right now? Yes. There’s still light in the kitchen. Find out how long they’ve been dating.
And the man’s name and occupation. Follow Sara tomorrow as well. Are you stalking Sara? None of your business. If it’s not, you’ll regret it more. You are… being played by Sara. Are you jealous? It’s true I loved you. That’s why I despised you. But now I pity you. Not jealousy. I’ll endure you just for three weeks. After that, leave as promised. You’re up already? I was going to make breakfast today. I’m going to compete in Birth of a Chef. Now? We don’t even have time to date. I have an important reason for trying out. Sleep more, Doctor. No. Then, let’s do it together. No. I have to do it alone. By myself. Don’t worry. I’ll do what I need to do. Of course… It includes dates. In Round 1, we have Lee Jung-shin with 30 years of home cooking experience
and chef Kim Joon-young of Showen Hotel. While the judge gives scores, let’s join
the taster as she tries out the food. How is Lee Jung-shin’s food, Sara? It’s much better than the pork
rib roast from last week. Usage of bean paste
for season is very unique. In my opinion, I wonder how it’d taste
adding shiitake mushroom powder. It’s a perfect combination. Sara, good work. Good work. Good job. Sara. Yes, Chef? How do you know about using
shiitake mushroom powder? You’re a young lady. Have you cooked before? Yes, Chef. I always loved cooking. Will you taste my food? I made Korean, Japanese, Chinese cuisine
and Italian food to give you options. I want to compete to become a chef.
So I made them. Chef, please try it. Please come taste it. Try it. What’s all this? Eat some. It’s so good! Sara, you’re such a good cook. Please eat a lot. It’s great. I’m Lawyer Park Ji-hwan. Please take good care of our case. Grandmother is aged,
so we don’t have much time. Within this week, I’m confident
I can get the case dropped. Thank you for the food. Really, Chef? Could I compete to become a chef? Of course. With this skill, you’re more than qualified. Wow, it’ll be amazing if
you compete and win, Sara. A total transformation
from a taster into a chef. Sara. To have this much skill,
you must have a lot of experience in cooking. It’s fascinating. You’re not even married.
When did you learn? Since eight years ago,
I did all my family’s cooking. I did it as a hobby. But it turned into a skill. Ah, a hobby… Your resume said you’re an
ideal daughter from Gangnam. But your hands are rough. Your fingers are callused. It appears you did a lot of housework. Did you have a rough life? Why do I feel like you’re hiding something? We’re not even close. You have so much interest in me. When did you look at my resume? You’re so unique. If you become more famous, you’ll have
lots to talk about as a talk show guest. You’ll do great. You’re impressive. Thank you. I’ll work hard. Bye, Chef. Be careful. But Sara. Why are you working so hard? I want to protect someone I love. In order to do that, I need strength. A man? I don’t know who he is,
but what a lucky guy. See you again. Sara. I stopped by your dressing room and heard. You’re competing to become a chef? Yes. You heard? Everyone is expecting a lot. Me too. I’m going to do my best. That’s great then. I was going to give this to you. It’s an invitation to a famous
Italian chef’s cooking class. Thank you. What’s this? No calls? It’s our first day. Ugh, that dense lady. What are you doing? Is the filming over? Did you eat? Why no answer? How annoying. Is your phone off? You won’t reply, huh? Is her fingers broken or what? Doctor. Ahjumma! Are you carrying your
cellphone just for show? How come no texts or calls all day? If we’re like this,
what’s the point of dating? You have to respond! Tell me. I sent you dozens of messages. How come you sent none! Why are you so worked up? I was busy with work. Oh, is that so? Am I more important? Or your work? Why ask such a thing? Doctor. There’s a set time for Mom’s
hospital vitiation. I need to go there. I’ll call you later. Ahjumma! Ahjumma! Ugh, Jeez! CEO. The detective on
Lee Kang-joon’s case called. Lee Kang-joon… was released. What? Lee Kang-joon… He’ll start suspecting who reported him. Ahjumma. It’s really cold outside. Mother. I’ll bring you a blanket. Hold on. Doctor. I’m at the hospital. I think a man is following me. He’s wearing a black coat. That man… is the one who kidnapped me. It’s okay. He won’t get you again. I’m also sent by Lee Kang-joon. Go tell Lee Kang-joon. From now on, I’m going to
stick with Sara 24/7 now. If I catch you again,
it won’t end like this. Got it? You’re the one who
saved me that time, right? Thank you. Ah… The one rescued you from
the hospital? Was it him? How do you keep saving her every time? But… what’s your relationship? Oh well… I’m Sara’s manager. Don’t worry about bad guys. I’ll show up and rescue you again. That man knows I sent you? Yes. And at the hospital Sara went,
Shim Yeo-ok was hospitalized. What? I won’t leave the jerk who
kidnapped you alone. If I catch him, I’ll scratch him like crazy. Mother. Don’t be scared. No, it’s not because of that. It’s about Sara. What about Sara? When she hugged me, how should I put it? It felt… familiar. I recognized her smell. Anyway, I can’t forget how it felt. I keep thinking of that young lady. Thank you… for today. What did you do all morning? Why didn’t you answer my calls? I told you. Birth of a Chef. That darn show. Why are you so mad? It’s not fair. I’m the only calling you all day. It’s not fair that I didn’t
get a text back all day. You’re mad because of that now? What a sight. Today’s our first day dating. That’s a relief. A sight to see is better than a bad one. Hey, it’s the food eating beauty, Sara. Can we get a picture? Of course. One more? She’s smiling unaware of danger she’s in. Can we take a selfie? Cheese. A guy sent by Lee Kang-joon
might be lurking outside. Thank you. Hello. I’m Director Kim Gye-il from J Management. J Management? We’re an advertising agency. I’d like to meet with you. I’m her manager. Really?
You’re going to be my manager? I think being your manager is good. I’m going to be an evil manager. Earn money as a manager. And stick with you 24/7
to watch your every move. From now on, I’m a manager. An evil manager! I want to register the Canvas
building title in my name. This is Lee Kang-joon’s seal. This is the provisional registration
certificate and other documents. I’m going to sell the building
as soon as it’s in my name. I have to sell it quietly. So, look into it. Okay. Min-hyuk. The lawyer
we gave the old woman was fired. Han Tae-hee is trying to
get the old woman out. Whoever has her will
seem like the real grandson. The board of directors will
obviously take their side. What if Han Tae-hee moves first, Min-hyuk? Then, we will stab him in the back. Have HBS CEO Lee Kang-joon come. Han Tae-hee… is Winner Group’s successor? What have you been doing? Your wife knew Han Tae-hee well. In short, we need Grandmother. Kang-joon, your job is to release her. I’m going to act like a good grandson
escorting her out of jail. Meanwhile, you move the media that
I’m one fit to revive Winner Group. Chae-yeon! Chae-yeon! Where is she? Why her? Did she make trouble? What’s going on? Just hearing
her name makes me nervous. Chae-yeon applied for permanent registration of title on the Canvas building
so she could take it for herself. What? What? Chae-yeon is trying to
take the building as her own? Yes, Dear. I got a text from the registrar. They wanted to confirm
documents for the title transfer. Chae-yeon has lost her
head over the building. That darn… Chae-yeon did? Yes, I understand. Father. Come home immediately. Self-defense? Let’s learn self-defense so
you can protect yourself. You’re going to make a lot of money. You can’t get hurt. Now. First position. Listen up A guy is walking suspiciously… He suddenly sees you. “Wow, you’re pretty.” Saying that, he grabs your wrist like this. What do you do? No, he grabbed your wrist like this. What will you do? Does it hurt? So why try to teach me self-defense? I went to the nationals for judo. Jeez, this lady. You still need it. Do more? Of course. Let me give you another example. This time, a man comes in front
of you and attacks you. Like this. Grabs you like this. If he does this… I’ll just head butt him. Hey, you got personal. I went easy on you. So stop. No. Learn more. This time, an attack from behind. A bad guy… attacked
you from behind like this. What will you do? He holds on tight from behind… What will you do? Do you know this too? Do if you do. No… This one… I don’t know. Ah, really? But that bad guy might
hold you tight like this… Really? Then… what do I do? I know. This would… be bad. I know. You stole my seal? Once I file the correction, it’s over. Without my permission,
you can’t have the building. You got hit? By brother-in-law? Where are you going? To the hospital. To get the Canvas building,
I’ll do whatever it takes. I’m open to negotiation. If you had over the building,
I’ll give you information. You like Sara but you’re suspicious. It’s driving you crazy, huh? I’ll solve the mystery behind Sara. Negotiate with me. For mere information,
exchange it for the building? It’s worth that much. I got that Canvas building
by marrying Sa Geum-ran. It’s the fruit of eight years of effort. You think I’ll turn it over? Then, it’s war. You’re going to be my
evil manager today, too? Today, I’m going to invest in on you first. I won’t reap what I sow. I’m going to receive tenfold. Good. Next. Great. You look pretty. I like that one. So pretty. Beautiful. Go in. Next.
Go on Best. It’s Sara. Wow!
She’s so pretty. What will I do with all these clothes? Tomorrow is your first appearance as a chef. You have to look your best.
Be the envy of all the women. There’s more. How much is this? I don’t need a car. A celebrity needs a car. Is there something better? This one. Sign here. What’s this? When she goes to the bathroom,
let me get an installment plan. Is this really okay? Aren’t you investing too much? So, make a lot of money from now on. Got it? Okay, okay. It stopped. I didn’t brake. For you, I picked a car
with automatic brake function. Because you have a
trauma with car accident. Whatever I do yields a double benefit. This is me. Doctor. There’s a place I want to go. Will you go with me? Where is it? Tell me. I’ll support you fully as your manager. But why? Why did we come here? When I was Sa Geum-ran,
I was known as a pitiful ahjumma here. Because I was always alone. I want to show them how confident I am. Can I? Sure. Of course. Shall we shop? Huh? Okay. Let’s go. Oh my, he’s so handsome. He’s my man. My man. Hello. Wow, he’s so handsome. Thank you. I’m not alone today. I came with someone. Hello. Oh my, the peanuts are good today. Buy some. I’m allergic to peanuts. I’m sorry. Sell a lot. Over there. Hello, ma’am. Welcome. How nice. The spoon worms are really good today. Buy some. They look really good. Can I have some cockle? Give me some mackerel. I want some cod but put the
organs separately please. Okay, great. How much? $10 worth. Hello. The pig head is great today. This… Wow, how? Look… Here… You’re mean. How much is it?
I’ll buy it. Stop it. Long time no see. Are you that happy? Yes, I am. I’m so happy. When they asked me where my
husband was and why I was alone, I wanted to run into a mouse hole. I feel like I can fly. Such a day comes to me too. It’s so satisfying! Give me that. This fish smell… I came because I wanted to support her. Seeing her happy makes me happier. Ahjumma. Yes? It’s nice seeing you smiling. Yes, Ji-hoon. Okay. I’ll go. Did something happen? Something happened to Chae-yeon. I was really scared. Lee Kang-joon, that jerk. I’ll meet him. Don’t. When you’re father passed away,
I vowed at his deathbed. You and Ji-hoon, I’d protect you. I can’t let it slide when you’ve been hit. Kang-joon and I have to handle it. But for now, I don’t want to go home. Let’s go to Ji-hoon’s house for now. I want to go somewhere
Kang-joon doesn’t know. The place we went in our childhood… Let’s go there. I think I’ll feel safe there. Chae-yeon wants to go there? Okay, Tae-hee.
I’ll go too. Ji-hoon. I want to be with Tae-hee today. Don’t worry too much. Let me take a nap leaning on you. Something happened to Chae-yeon. Chae-yeon. It’s nice to
see you in a few years. But you don’t look good. Good to see you too, Tae-hee. I know you’re busy.
Come more often. Thank you, ma’am. Ji-hoon is running late. I got a text from him. He’s busy at the hospital. I was fine being alone before. After I started liking Doctor,
when I’m alone, I’m lonely. Why isn’t he coming? I sent someone else to take these pictures. She was with a man all day. They… seemed close. I got pictures of the man’s face, too. Han Tae-hee? Where’s Sara now? She’s home alone. Why isn’t he coming? He said he’d stick with me 24/7. There he is. Why is he playing around
when he has the key? Should you be leaving your
position as my manager? It’s Lee Kang-joon. Won’t you open the door? [Open the door] What happened? When did he get out of the holding cell? Long time no see. Didn’t you miss me? Ahjumma. I’d better go. I’ll call Ji-hoon. Or Team Leader Choi. Don’t go. I regret it. For marrying, not listening to you. If I let you go now, I’ll regret again. So, stay with me here. How you feel about me…
I’m sorry for knowing too late. I want you to protect me. Accept me. You never thought of me
as more than a brother. My marriage was a foolish decision. In exchange, I realized what real love is. I want to be with you. I… have someone else. It’s because I wasn’t there. That’s not it. You… have broken heart syndrome. I’m the only one that can stop it. We… need each other. Not anymore. Then… Is it… Sara? Tell me no. She was just taking my
place when I wasn’t around. I’ll call Ji-hoon. Tae-hee! Drink, Kang-joon. I have a question. For the past few days,
I only thought of you. You said you love me. Is it true? Of course… it’s true. Why? Just because… I just wanted to ask. I think someone’s here. Who is it? Move the furniture in front of your house. People can’t pass. That’s strange.
I didn’t leave furniture out. Kang-joon. I’ll be right back. Why isn’t she answering? Yes? Are you Sara’s manager? We got a call requesting Sara on our show. I’ll send you the details by text. She said she has to have power
to protect the man she loves. That touched me. The man she loves… To protect? No. I have to do this alone. Alone. I have an important
reason to compete as a chef. Ahjumma! What’s all this? I’m sorry. What have you done to me? What’s all this? Ahjumma! Ahjumma! Are you okay? Are you hurt? I’m okay. Han Tae-hee. Sara. What? I want to talk. About Sara. I want to talk to you. Lee Kang-joon finally saw us. What will he do this time? I can’t even guess. Don’t worry. You’re not alone anymore.
I’ll be with you. Yes, Team Leader Choi. CEO. We have a problem. Director Han Min-hyuk moved. He got your grandmother released on
medical parole and will take her home. Reporters are here as well. What? Okay. Why? What happened? That jerk is taking Grandmother. What? He put her in jail. We have to do something. We should go. Here she comes. – Give us a word.
– Tell us how you feel. You jerk. I’ll take you home.
The reporters are here for us. I won’t go, you jerk. If you don’t keep quiet,
not only illegal slush funds… but you’ll be charged
for faking medical parole. Nothing good will come of it. You jerk. Where’s Grandmother? She was pretty much dragged to her home. If we go now, we can run into them. I must go. I can’t let Grandmother go with him. I’ll go with you. I’ll go, too. No. It might be dangerous. Don’t come. I’ll be right back. See you at home. Take care of Sara. Let’s go inside, Mother. I have no reason to be with you two. You liked the jail better? Evil jerks. Escort the elder inside. Yes, Madam. Let go, you jerk! Grandmother! Han Min-hyuk. There’s nothing you can do now. Don’t make a fuss and go back. What about Grandmother? I was too late. We can bring her back again. Let’s find a way together. I’ll stay with you. It was such a long day. Being my manger,
going to the country, problems with Lee Kang-joon
and now Grandmother. It was huge. Starting tomorrow, we’ll both
go through tremendous things. Shouldn’t you take care of yourself? Running and bumping into things…
Don’t do that. But… If I think you’re in danger,
I’ll come running to you. Okay. I’ll run to you, too. But, why didn’t you tell me
Lee Kang-joon was released? I don’t want you to tremble in fear. I wanted to protect you. Is that why you taught me
self-defense and bought me a car? Since I can’t always be there. Your PD called earlier. The reason you wanted to work… was to protect the man you love. I want to hear something from you. I don’t want to hear from the PD. What is it? It starts with an “L.” What word starts with an “L?” Leader? Tell me quickly. Sa Geum-ran? No. You know. What I want to hear. I can’t even imagine
what might happen tomorrow. Loving someone again is scary to me. But… if it’s you… I love you. Say ah. Hello, I’m chef contestant, Sara. It’s ridiculous that you’re trying to be a chef. If you like Han Tae-hee, get a divorce before you call him. It can’t be a coincidence. A wiretap? Hello, Grandmother. I’m Tae-hee’s younger sister. Did you propose or not? Propose? Sa Geum-ran failed in marriage. It isn’t something she can joke about.

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