Erb’s Palsy is Arm Paralysis in a Newborn – NY Attorney Raymond Silverman Explains
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Erb’s Palsy is Arm Paralysis in a Newborn – NY Attorney Raymond Silverman Explains

You’ve just been told that your
baby who was just born has a condition called “Erbs Palsy.”
You’re scared. You don’t know what this is. The doctors are
telling you there’s a problem with your baby’s arm. I’m here,
ladies and gentleman, to talk to you a little bit about what is
Erbs Palsy, how is it caused, and talk to you a little bit
about some of the rights you may have in regards to the condition
your baby has. My name is Raymond Silverman. I’m one of
the principal trial attorneys here in the law office of Parker
Waichman. The condition of Erbs Palsy is a paralysis of
an arm that’s caused by injuries to upper nerves in the upper
branch of the arm. It is a condition that is often
associated with something which is called “Shoulder Dystocia,”
which can happen during the birth of a child. Shoulder
Dystocia is a situation where the baby’s shoulder – the
interior shoulder – gets stuck on a woman’s pubic bone as the
baby is entering at birth. It is an obstetrical emergency, a
medical emergency that requires immediate need by the doctors.
Unfortunately, often after Shoulder Dystocia occurs in the
panic that can sometimes take place, too much pressure can be
pressed on a baby’s head that can result in damage to those
nerves and cause the condition called Erbs Palsy. Erbs Palsy
can, in some circumstances, be a permanent condition that can
cause your baby a limitation or a difficulty using their arm for
the remainder of their life. If this is something that you’ve
been faced with, something that you’ve been told your baby has,
call us. You may have a lot of questions about this condition,
about what the future holds, how medical bills are going to be
paid, and whether or not your baby is going to be OK as his
future goes along. I’ll be here to answer these questions for
you. I handle cases like this every single day. My name again
is Raymond Silverman. Thank you for your time.

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