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ass Don’t even try Don’t you try What is this Girl how you don’t fix this thing to say, um, whatever this is I peed on it You must have put the dogs piss on this you must appease and you mustn’t girl You must have had B be a Coco pee on this thing are you don’t barter this thing from somebody else They have these damn lines only you don’t play with me. I’m know you’re not being for real You That’s the sound of the police that’s the sound that the police or the ambulance Know I’m here for you. You can’t be food. You ain’t been nowhere. What you done? Did you not have somebody in my house? Don’t play with me Jessica. Yeah, okay you And we know this was supposed to take place The food gets are the food Depot you can’t even say to Depot to my food your pot Food deep hot. Okay, what happened when you went to? I mean, where did you find this specimen of a seaman at Six Flags? That’s explained That’s you sitting up here 15 years old drinking a kiddy jungle juice Yeah, Kenny Jamba Juice Yeah You so sweet And this is you. I know you’re joking. I’m not okay Well, let me get you let me start getting you some diapers and stuff You’re going a puppy pad you can use that as a diaper You gonna cook those little sweaters you can put this on your motherfucking when you come home from the hospital So wait, so you don’t hear Yeah I’m not the bust a cap in your ass Why you sitting here playing with me? Watch your mouth you talking about lady. Yeah You always talking some bullshit Always with the boys here getting a piece of shit right gonna give him you gotta look at it Why are you breaking up tomorrow? Because you test for? None I guess nice in three pieces, I guess that means you’re gonna have triplets, right? Go get your base about now get a bat, huh? Just go fifteen years old your juice, but they’ll cheer you can’t even spell home Food Depot home their pot get out of you. Is that supreme? It’s just a prank it still I was just afraid So, how did you feel Like kicking your ass Could you always with the bullshit? Well guys if you liked this video anyways my arm poopy pants Well guys if you like to know comment like and subscribe and if you new to my channel subscribe Make sure you get this video too. I could say good ten thousand likes and Make sure in the comments you tell me what kind of more pranks you want to see cuz this one was thumb


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