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we’re Eamon and Bec and this is our tiny
home on wheels Trinity last week with our newly
assembled squad we ferried over to a new continent this week we dive headfirst into new
food course number has arrived and it’s four more delicious plates new culture new
people and new rules these are our first impressions of Morocco welcome everybody
to the Blue City aka Chefchaouen today we are going to explore we’ve left the Vans
up at a campground and first things first food! basically nothing’s gonna stop nothing like we’ve ever seen and after a bit of a maze we’ve arrived
at a restaurant the back actually found on Google happy cow and Google combined
they are supposed to have vegan options which is very exciting and it’s a
Moroccan restaurant so hopefully we can try some local authentic food while
still based yeah we’re gonna new subscriber coming in here that’s up
there okay okay nice to meet you so none of us are
really sure what to expect except for Alan but everyone else this is our first
meal in Morocco so we’ve started we haven’t really ordered anything but they
just arrived with some bread so that looks lovely for a wonderful server to
actually just order all of our food for us gonna be a surprise but he you know
what you’re doing it is the pumpkin worker spinach
eggplants and green pepper and tomatoes just when we thought we were full and
finished course number two arrived it’s for more delicious plates we’ve got
veggie tagine lentils chickpeas and a white bean and since our delicious so I don’t know if any of you guys know
but our tea company’s logo is actually based on a chai wallah which stands for
tea maker and that’s exactly what it is it’s a guy pouring the chai from a
really high height great job a really nice way to finish the meal with a
little mint tea I got a little hand washing station right here thank you
thank you my friend take care thank you very much very very
good so we’re just fixing up the bill they kindly split it six ways works out
to 41 Durham’s each which is less than five dollars that’s good i four-course
meal with tea nice charlie put it on man you got a trunk he should put it on No see I you so the crew is just sort of
wandering around a little lost and we stumbled upon Mustafa who was so kind
and generous with his time he walked us around showed us the way and then said
just keep right keep right keep right and you’ll have a great time and already
it’s been wonderful we’re in I think the main square now rare I think it happens four or five
times day maybe more just thought this was peanut butter huge think of almonds
right here I think you’re all wrong maybe like argan oil everyone’s telling
me it’s an oil but that’s that’s enough butter it’s definitely been the
highlight of my day Becca was right this is almonds and he’s
actually making it fresh for us without added honey and whatever else he puts in
it so it’s pure almonds that are grinding here so he’s charging us about
1750 Euros us it’s kind of similar or two kilos so that’s the last us a couple
weeks what’s that chops I was just saying it’s
a five hundred a nine year old gay like quick maths I managed to work it out
trying to flex on the vlog hang the gap site is at the top of the city so we had
a lovely walk down but now start our ascent I’m trying not to show it when I
am and then to make matters worse we are now switching to plastic water plastic
water you mean big water bottles yeah we’ve been advised not to drink the tap
water here so as much as it pains I still at all we’re gonna be getting big
bottles of water so we have to spot one grab one and then Eamon has to be a man
and carry it up the hill we had a workout this morning already
turns out we didn’t need it two days it’s a beautiful thing it is
isn’t it I’m really looking forward to watching the sunset from here today
how’s our fearless leader Allen I think we told you in the last vlog you
probably couldn’t guess his age can I spoil it for them yeah yeah let’s get
7171 trips around the moon 71 years young now look at this guy if I can be
half as fit half as happy half as well-traveled as you Ellen I will have
lived a happy life you’ll get there no problem welcome back to our campground this is
where we’ve been parked up for the past two nights and we have one more night
here it costs each of us ten heroes approximately per van and as you can see
we’ve made ourselves right at home Beck and I have made ourselves a little
cuppa and we are going to watch the sunset just on top of the hill I can’t
wait to just like take a moment reflect on how lucky we are to be doing this and
yeah I don’t know when we’re on the road I’m so filled to the brim with gratitude
we’ll just be driving along and I’m like huh love life so feels good to be here
it feels good to be on this adventure and I’m really grateful to have a squad
of people who we can feel safe traveling with and for however long we’re together
I just think that’s really special I think we found a spot locals ready to
watch this Cheers we’re sweating today you know bye-bye
so we were planning on having another barbecue dinner which we did last night
which was absolutely incredible but we are feeling a little bit tired as well
as we’re totally out of gas so we’re trying to make a makeshift meal with the
leftover veg we have alex is busy working on a youtube video but Charley
Ellie and Alan are gonna come over and we’re just gonna have a nice look family
meal here shoutout to island for his extra camera
stuff we’re out of gas on the list restock is restock this tomorrow
I missed that due to your generosity and your expertise with the Instagram not
only is my Instagram account gone skyward but my blog started to take off
as well that’s pretty basic so in order to make it readable for your obviously
your viewers as well will link his blog below fantastic and how’s the dinner
tonight absolutely disappearing but we had a lot
of cauliflower yeah it looks good there’s nothing a good sleep after a
long fun day we’ll see you guys in the morning making a tea
side door and now it’s time for coffee can waiting everybody it’s got to be my
favorite part of the morning Island cookie you gonna stay headed back today
we’ve trimmed down the team to just four we’re heading out early – okay so we got
five we’re gonna head out into the market and the market is a produce
primarily market I think all vans are a little bit low on inventory so we’re
gonna see what we can get at that market and then hopefully find more of a
supermarket to get you know other types of groceries yeah would you agree with
that I would agree with that although we’re making up the idea that it’s a
produce primarily market we have no idea doing so we’ll see what we see suddenly eyes I think we’re a little bit early to the
market because all of the stands are just setting up but they were kind
enough they gave me this basket they basically felt all the veg you want
in there and then I don’t know we’ll see how much it cost this cost me seven zero
which is 70 cents did they see what I have in you this is
this is my happy place you know a thing or two about markets as well so my
friend here is very smart giving out samples of his dried figs and I’m a
sucker so okay one kilo my friend we made it back in one piece
now it’s time to leave the campground but before we do we’ve got a whole list
of things to do refill our water drain our gray tank we’ve got to tear down our
barbecue put away all this delicious food and just get ready to hit the road
putting all of our new veggies together we’ve got lunch on the go today
yeah well I was busy filling up the water in that Lex manis little roadside
we haven’t met the road yet decided to make a nice refreshing drink as it is
getting hot so we’ve got some fresh mint we just interested in their cucumber
pieces and then ice sitting on the couch in the basement at your mama’s house
when we store the last bit your sisters weed we’re blowing that
smoke in the vacuum cleaner and those are the golden years top of our lungs so
your boney van yeah but our music we take a set from a California right now well what do we have here it looks like
Allen is picking up some new friends I guess that’s one of the major bonuses of
traveling solo is he’s got two seats so they can sit up front with him I wonder
how far they’re going I’m pretty sure here barranco that’s true actually look
at this right there they trauma that good
all right the roads are getting a little bit bumpy er yeah we just headed down
Orange alley there where the entrepreneurs don’t think of anything
other than oranges so it’s got us a little bit thirsty cos we picked up some
of these and this is like the best tangerine I’ve ever had not only is it
delicious but they’re they’ve got like a nice air gap in between the orange and
the peel and look I’m peeling this with one hand so we had to pull over because Alan got
stopped by the police so I went back and stole we needed some puppy love suckster
sure she’s happy to be oh that’s really cute she thinks that’s her cherry cuz
she drives on the other side nice sweet cookie you’re gonna sit on this side
though she’s like okay so you’re welcome Alan we stole Sookie yeah Oh traffic jam so Alan actually parked here
a few years ago this is Hassan not a campsite but apparently it’s free of
park you can give them five or ten Durham for being a nice guy how many vans we can fit dear life Charlie Charlie Charlie
I’m a boon yes french condesa French familia
perfecto welcome to this evenings camp spot everybody all four vans have fit in
this little olive grove not far from the ruins we’re looking to check out
tomorrow morning the only problem being that our van was
on a massive slant so Alan has been kind enough to lend us his blocks so as for
tomorrow morning we’re gonna check out some amazing ruins just over yonder and
I guess we’ll see then good morning everybody we’ve arrived to the official
Roman ruins site here but we’ve noted how touristy it is there are plenty of
tourist buses arriving its 70d REMS per person which is close to 8 euros and we
just feel like Alan’s seen it and the crew is ready to move on so enjoy this
beautiful view from here and it’s time to vamos from here we packed up and
drove south towards the city of macness back in Spain we had a problem opening
our back doors and figured this was a good time to get this fixed upon arrival
it seemed like an easy fix but as the day went on and became
apparent there was a bigger problem with the motor so we ended up here at a local
locksmith so this is camp guys we made it here last night and we booked it out
a because we didn’t want to sleep in a noisy City but be because there’s
apparently some monkey just like your perfect afternoon ye
monkeys in one wheels I’m a good time we are reading in a brochure earlier that
this particular species of monkey there’s only 10,000 left of them in the
world and 80% of them are found right here which is so crazy bears but oh the
tickers so human-like aren’t good walking back up to camp we were all just
chatting about feeling a little conflicted about that site we just
brought you to well we definitely did not feed the monkeys there is quite a
few gentlemen there selling tomatoes and things that you can feed to the monkey
which is obviously keeping the monkeys there all we can do is urge you guys not
to feed wildlife and to just keep them wild all right is everybody ready for
the workout there you go well it’ll be a miracle if we have any
friends left after that workout definitely had an altitude here so make
it very difficult but always feels so good to me your body I can’t see their
self in my eyes we’ll see you Sunday and these guys were
all day late last night you have a dog named margarita and a little goat hi
sweetie she’s quite nice you look cool
oh okay see you


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