First Syrian baby born in Israel: Pregnant Syrian woman gives birth in Israel
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First Syrian baby born in Israel: Pregnant Syrian woman gives birth in Israel

Now, this little boy is very special. Yeah,
this newborn is the first Syrian baby ever to be born in Israel. For the first time since
Syria’s civil war broke out, a woman in labour was brought into the country for medical help. The 20-year-old mother was in the early stages
of labour when the army quickly transferred her to an Israeli hospital as there was no
access to a local one. On Saturday morning we received a woman from
Syria who was in her first labour. She had early labour. She was brought in by ambulance
to us and was found to have ruptured her bag of waters. We received her and we made
her feel welcome here. We later augmented her labour and she went on to have a normal,
spontaneous vaginal delivery. Until now, only wounded Syrians have been
among the hundreds of civilians escaping the war and seeking medical care in Israel.


  • Jimmy in Mexico

    I am so glad that this made the news and it shows the compassion of the Israeli people to the world. The western news media needs to be more honest reporting this type of story rather than demonizing Israel's government. How many times do people see that Gaza has done some good deed to Israelis? NEVER. Israel ALWAYS accepts non-Jewish people for care at their hospitals. They treat Christians and muzlims as well as all members of other religions without prejudice.

  • legolas flamier

    When it's a post about Israel's good deeds you guys yell propaganda but yet when it's a post against israel you all yell TRUE don't you guys see the hypocrisy

  • OrphanPaper

    the socapath version of (god)christinity using one to cover the sins of the maney & its discusting israel with 6 million people purged from the area houses still being distroyed to be "made inhabitable" by catapiller bulldoses, millions in trouble & the zoinist state is patting its self on the back for helping 1 person like being served a turd

  • Jacob Ellinger

    To all you israel hating fools. You know that one day Israel is going to own all of Palestine and more and all you God hating infidels will be killed by Jesus's holy fire. Don't like it? Don't believe it? The day you die you will find how hot the fires of hell really are first hand and there will be no virgins waiting for you, only eternal suffering and separation from the one true God who is not ala for ever and ever. I pity you more then I despise you.

  • TheEEStudent

    Mmm.. Since you babble so much about "Palestine", answer this: If there was a nation called "Palestine", and no, I do not mean the British mandate of Palestine, since that wasn't a state and besides, it also initially included trans Jordan – then What was it's ruling body? Who was Palestine's president before Arafat? what was "Palestine"'s currency? Where were its borders? Who set them up and on what grounds?

    Let's see you deal with reality, not with slogans.

  • TheEEStudent

    Btw, the "Arab Palestinians" cannot even pronounce their own invented nation's name. Since Palestine is a Latin word and Arabic do not have strong "P", they are forced to pronounce it "filistin". Another interesting fact is that they do not even have a flag. Their so called "flag" isn't theirs – its the Baath party's flag.

  • TheEEStudent

    In fact, just about everything the "Palestinian Arabs" have today – is because of the Jewish immigration to Palestine. The fact is that Shifa was a British army camp before 1948. They have a hospital and they have doctors to man it, as a result of the existance of Israel. Likewise, they have electricity, running water and sewage systems, because of the work of Jewish engineers. It kinda reminds me that sketch from "life of Brian", "What have the romans done for us..".

  • TheEEStudent

    You do understand 55% of Israelis aren't from Europe, yes? You Arabs violently deported about 1.2 Million Jews from Arab states of the ME till 1972, to Israel. Now you want them to go to Europe.. Nice prospect. Only problem with that is that Europe will also fall to Islam. And then what?.. This is our historic homeland. This is where we make our stand.

  • TheEEStudent

    The usual Arab bullshit: First claiming the Jews are Nazis – then proving with their own words, that they are themselves Nazis. Where did you pick this Nazi propaganda from?

  • TheEEStudent

    That's because Jews aren't racists. Judaism is a religion, not a race. There are Black Jews, Yellow Jews, even some red Jews around here. Most Jews in Israel are light brown, like honey. not white.

  • idiotfini

    Even if it's a good act, there will always be stupid people to criticize Israel because of pure antisemitism and hate. disgusting !!!

  • Amalgamaite

    They should just take the baby and raise it Jewish.  Look at Steve Jobs.  His father was Iranian.  He was given-up at birth, and look what he became!  These Muslim babies are BETTER OFF in the care of Israeli mothers.

  • Yasmine X

    My gosh, the comments. I know this small news is not going to change the world or restore peace between both camps. BUT Why do both sides go straight to dismissing anything possibly good that happens between Arab and israel ? YOU are the same people who later say they wish for peace in the Middle East. if you are serious, start with the little comments you write on here for example, huh ? I’m Arab and don’t care I just see individuals not groups of individuals

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