Hey guys, what’s up welcome to my channel today’s video is going to be testing out basically okay here’s the tea I had a bunch of products to test out separately like do the Kylie Jenner review the dose of colors review this weird shaky mascara review all different videos Ain’t got time to film all different videos, so I’ll just put it all in the one. So I figured we would just do one of my first impressions makeup tutorials and kind of just try it all out into one video So I partnered up with Glossier to test our new Wowder. This is a brand new powder that they just came out with and I am really excited to test it out today Also, have the Milk foundation, so I will be testing out all this makeup for y’all and we’ll see the tea on it I’m excited for today’s video. Oh my God my hair hello I was like there’s something else I was gonna tell them what is it and then I looked in the Viewfinder I’m like oh so as you can tell we Lightened up my hair like crazy. Oh my gosh. I’m super excited about it We got some like really ashy pieces in there, and then we got some Bronzy pieces, it’s just like a fun mix. I might keep changing it up I don’t know let me know what you guys think I don’t know if you remember before my hair It’s pretty much all dark with a little bit of barely ombre like not too ombre, and then I would clip in my extensions. I have on extensions right now to keep my hair flowing, but yeah I lightened it a whole bunch, and I’m really excited about it Before you leave make sure you Subscribe to my channel before you leave Subscribe and we’ll go ahead and jump right in and get started Okay, guys the first product I’m going to be trying out today is the Elf glow lotion Neutral. Now this is a fresh glowing hydrating moisturizing lotion called Glow lotion, it hydrates the skin with illuminating effects. So this is just going to be my moisturizer for today. It looks white on screen but it’s purple. Oh, it’s kind of thick, I always get hesitant It’s definitely kind of luminizing. Let’s keep it moving and see what else happens with it It smells really luxurious, like it smells expensive Maybe it’s just me being crazy But I think it smells expensive like you don’t know what that expensive smell smells like but you smell something You’re like that smells expensive. Actually I’m just going to add a little bit of this I don’t know why I’m using the sample size, but the touche eclat blur primer I don’t know if I said that right it’s by ySL, and I’ve been liking this stuff. I’m just going to add a dot Where my pores are a little bit annoying and this is just going to help prime the skin I just like to massage it in there Maybe a little on the forehead too, and this really helps the blur factor Now I’m really excited to try this out that’s why I keep reaching for it. This is the matte foundation by milk make with Excuse me by milk makeup. It is supposed to be like a blur moment for me here. This one is in shade, honey It says shake it up,shake it up, shake it up Please be my shade. I think it could be a little bit warm toned for me But that’s okay, because my body is a lot darker than my face. So today I’m going to apply it with my what brush, let’s sing it together. The Y6 from Morphe! Ok, I found it. I couldn’t find it for a minute and I started to panic Okay Okay, I think this is going to be my shade I’m gonna move my mirror a little closer so I can see what’s actually happening on my face Yeah, this is a little bit warm for me, but I think that’s okay just first impressions putting it on I Don’t hate it first off though is going to be thicker It’s a little bit shiny but that it says it’s a matte foundation and that might dry down because I did just apply it to my face. Here is the Finished look it doesn’t look very matte on me. It does have some Coverage it doesn’t feel that heavy on my skin I Still don’t hate it. It has a little bit of luminosity happen in my pores on looking that blurred But I feel like I need a way just to suck in like see how it settles on my skin So let’s just keep the video moving along now I have another product you guys are going to be super excited for me to try out, and it is the color Pop new Concealers This is called the no filter concealer and they came out with a bunch of new shades in it is what the little component looks like I’m going to be trying out shade light neutral look how Creamy that looks they did come out with those little concealer and contour sticks in the past that didn’t work out for me This shade maybe just a touch too light, but we already gone in and that’s okay You blend it now it feels really thick and creamy it feels luxurious I Literally, oh, let’s put a little bit right there Right up my face, okay cool blend for three years. I’m going to hit the beauty blender with a little bit of setting spray So far they blend out so easy For as creamy and thick as they are I see just a little bit of darkness still which isn’t too bad that’s about normal for Concealer girl they can all cover my dark bags You can see like it’s blending out like so easy with this beauty blender the real question is how is it going to wear it? Looks pretty with this foundation. I feel like I Mean it’s a little light. I know but I feel like it looks pretty and the Foundation is Looking pretty good alright So we’ll see how that wears to the end of the video and if you didn’t know I also put little descriptions on how things were throughout the day because I know I test out so many products in the videos I put it in the Description box so check it out that out too now I’m excited to test out the wowder no lie I’ve already tested out this product and I like it one little key thing with this guy right here It’s not really for baking it’s more for just applying it you can apply it in specific areas or you can apply it all over your face and Set your makeup. So it comes with a little spongy thing in there, and you just tap your brush hello And you can just jesus you can just tap your brush in there It is supposed to give a real skin finish look it’s also supposed to Mattify your skin completely But yet at the same time letting your skin breathe which who doesn’t want that? Here’s a little brush to use with it This is a glossy air brush. This is when the powders I love because it’s not too translucent and this gives you the illusion of being pore free And I’ve really been enjoying it so again. You don’t want to get too much on your brush and You just want to kind of you can put it all over. I’m really going to set this concealer with it, so Velvety this product truly if you have larger pores And you’re really not into caking it on like you just want to set your pretty little face this like just tapping And then softly rubbing we’ll do a close-up of my pore areas that were not looking too great And I’ll show you how they’re already Mattified also, you’re not going to get flashback from this product and it comes in three sheer shades And I’m going to use the light/medium today But they also have a deep dark and shade Rich can you guys see how my pores are way more matte and blurred the skin looks soft Compared to before Just looks smaller So there you have I’ve really been enjoying that product again not really for baking but more for just like setting and really Mattifying the face next I’m going to try out this new Bronzer called Palm Island from Ciate This is new and Tati says she loves it so I’m excited to see if I love it Tati is normally dead on I’m going to use an M581 brush Okay, so far a lot of product comes off easily so you get a lot of color and pigmentation so far and as you can see it just This one’s a little bit warm toned Very pretty though this one doesn’t have any glitter or sparkle in it at all so it just looks My whole look is kind of going matte today, and I think that’s awesome. You know. I love a good matte look but um Bronzer is really beautiful right now Just kinda flowing with my look I like how it’s applying too I feel like its applying really smooth I’m not getting patchiness from it. I feel like it’s pretty even so okay Ciate I’m digging the bronzer for sure for blush. I’m going to use this new one from dose of colors This is called statement, and it’s from their collection their little mint collection Here’s a swatchipoo of it looks really pretty and matte – everything’s just matte I’m excited I’m going to take a Y1 brush, ooh so much pigmentation so pigmented These are subtle kind of – let’s see. Oh, there’s some color Very pretty very matte. I’m a sucker for a good peachy pink blush. I kind of did a lot there next I’m going to go ahead and Is this what I’m going to use today. I think this is what I’m going to use today. I’m like looking around make sure there’s nothing else here I’m going to use the I Want It All birthday collection palette from Kylie Jenner here, it is I’m going to try out her birthday shade for my highlight today And then we’ll hop onto the eyes. I’m going to take an M510 brush. Oh my God I just picked up way too much. I didn’t know it’s pretty but as you can see like Sparkles explode everywhere It’s a little dusty, but this is a brush swatch so very pigmented It’s pretty things are really working out for me today Yeah, it’s definitely pigmented But do you see it is a very glittery and dusty so you might want to Spritz it with some spray first which? I’m gonna ahead and do? Girl, we got Sparkles flying I Put on my brows And I also went ahead and primed my eyelids with my mac paint pot in soft ochre that I always use now I’m going to take a e27 brush, and I’m going to take buttercream frosting which is this neutral shade right here I like going over my eyeshadow primer with a neutral shade it just helps soften it up So that way the other colors they blend so much easier if you do this, I’m telling you It’s like a life-saving trick You ever feel like Girl my mirror is messed up you ever feel like your eyeshadows are sticking to your primer Too much, you can hit it with the translucent powder or just like a cream colored eyeshadow I’m going to take some party time on an R 39 brush These have a lot of pigment and medium amount of fallout Which is what? I typically opt for I don’t like as you guys on my review of the abh structure palette or structure I keep calling it the structure palette I’d be making it words in my head y’all not the structure Palette the subculture palette it just had too much fallout for me so this one I feel like it’s a good medium amount of fallout So I like that. I don’t like when shadows have a zero fallout because I feel like I’m like girl I can’t get any pigment off. You know So I’m really focusing this color right here in the crease and kind of just pushing it back and forth all over I really want to have a pink moment because this is like a pink themed palette So I am taking this color up a little bit higher it was a little bit more pink than I thought But that’s okay. I think it’s going to be really pretty I’m just blending it with the R39 right here And then I’ll just take whatever is left from the outer edge and just start to work it inward like that back and forth I’m going to have a bold moment grab a little bit of this hot pink, but I’m literally going to be like just on the tip and then I’m going to focus it, right in That crease but I’m going to keep this color way lower than I did the first color I’m going to take am M425 brush and take forever young pretty matte pink color. I’m just Going to pop it right there Going to keep the Lid a little bit lighter pink You can see a lot of color comes off with these shadows But there’s not too much fallout so I’m really enjoying that I’m just packing this on It’s good to use a synthetic packing brush whenever you do your lid whether it’s a matte or shimmer it Really cuts down on the fallout and helps you just to press it in to your eyelid for like extreme pigmentation I’m going to take this sigma Lo4 brush and take birthday girl. This sparkly color. How can I not use this? I’m just going to focus on the inner corner and just a little bit on the brow bone to make it pop This is really opens up the eyes and it can lift the eyes to diffuse just a little bit on the brow bone Too much now I’m going to add a little bit of winged liner Actually will fully dedicate a video to how I do my winged liner if you guys start out my little channel under my videos But I’ll be right back. I’m going to take em to tin brush and take forever young and lit it on the lower lash line and then I’m going to tap into the new black p. Pink is the new black. I’m assuming the hot pink next Have a cool shake it up, Mascara from Rimmel you guys seen this it’s really heavy this to the Mascara And it has a shaker in it if volumes and it’s plum free and They clump free with every use shake it to refreshing it when need it prevents it from drying out I’m just going to apply to my lashes, and we’ll see what happens here the brush is just like a big pretty normal looking brush, but I can go ahead and tell you I’m going to despise this Mascara because You can see it’s one of those really watery. Can you see that? It’s like barely putting anything on my lashes Super Watery Mascara look at it. It’s just up just flings everywhere hmMm It’s not doing me any favors at all so I feel like really wet and I feel like if I blink or if it even slowing off my last like it would splatter everywhere cuz it feels, so Watery I hate Watering Mascaras I think I said that my favorites video and they also don’t Listen my poor little lashes at all the watering Mascara. See they’re still pointing downward I’m going to take Mika notes from lily lashes I’m going to have to go back to my original dior Mascara just to get these bottom lashes coated Have this super hot pink color from the minis from the birthday collection from Kylie this color is called Party girl let’s see what it looks like on my Change it like neon It gets too much with the eyes. This is her lip velvet not her lip matte I like to lip velvet 20 times better. There’s not as drawing all right cool. We got hot pink on I guess We’ll do hot pink. I think it is a lot with the eyes but we’re going to rock it, so Yeah, this is our friend a local and now I have the blur spray from the link up. This is their new setting spray and Shall I Just Shake it. I think what’s the help blow you see what happens? Don’t Gotta get it going you Know I’m going to pat it out with smelling medicine That smell very mentally and mediciney. It’s freaking me out a little bit of that spray, but we’ll see what happens. Oh my God It’s gonna happen to me. Oh right. This is the final look guys I like all the products, but Sadly my Mascara I didn’t like I kind of want it to love it if you want a good drugstore Mascara check out the L’oreal paradise with a big shot by Maybelline clutch love those on the other products they were Pretty darn good like I feel like everything looks good and pretty what do you guys think leave down your comments? What you think about each product? I love you guys Thank you so much for being here and watching I’ll have everything and all the information in the description box about this little tip tape And I will see you all in my next video

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