Furless Baby Squirrel Grows Up to be Cute… | The Dodo Little But Fierce
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Furless Baby Squirrel Grows Up to be Cute… | The Dodo Little But Fierce

How are you this morning? Hello, baby Clyde. Oh my goodness! There’s a whole incubator
full of black cuteness. Sweet thing. Aww! Aww, Clyde. You’re doing so well,
little buddy. It’s time for you to come out
of quarantine, and meet your new
brothers and sisters! Are you ready? There ya go! There ya go! Aww. You don’t have to
be alone anymore. OK, buddy. Look at her black fur. It’s starting to show. Oh my goodness. Isn’t she just a little
peanut of joy? Uh oh, somebody’s
ready for breakfast. All right, girl. OK, OK. Breakout in progress! Breakout in progress! What are you doing? Look who is trying to
open his eyes! I wonder what he’s
gonna think when he sees what
his mom looks like. OK. My eyes are open. NOW WHAT! Hello, big boy! Hi! Look! Can you show everybody
how big you are? How about that? How about that? In case you’re
wondering about the cutest thing in the world. It’s definitely sleeping
baby squirrels. Lazy days. What are you doing? Well you found a good
sleeping spot, did ya? Are you learning how
to climb today? First day on the new bridge! How do you work this thing? I can do it! I don’t need your help, Mom! I can do this by myself! I’m a big girl now! Can I help you with that? Ohhh, you got yours
out already. Come on, Clyde. You’re gonna have
to do better. You’re gonna have to
do better, buddy. Look at little buddy Clyde! He’s getting so big! Hi, Clyde! Are you OK with
your new cage? Last one before you
get to go outside! Hi Clyde! Hi Tinkerbell! Guess what? It’s release day today! Is everybody excited? Are you excited? You get to go out
into the world today! OK, let’s do this! There’s their nest. It’s up in the tree. Their new home! Hi! How do you like
your new home, girl? How do you like it up there? Where’s everybody else? Are they gonna
come out soon? Yay! Release is going great! Love you!


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