#gemstones #gemstoneastrology | Shall I use a gemstone | Be Careful while wearing gemstone
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#gemstones #gemstoneastrology | Shall I use a gemstone | Be Careful while wearing gemstone

Om Namah Shivay You must very careful while wearing Gemstones there are few precautions otherwise you may end up
receiving negative effects of gem stones or you end up having more problems in your life as these are very expensive stones So i am going to tell you few points
according to the planets and whenever you wear Stones
you have to take care of a few things lets take an example of the Sun
suppose a person is struggling with his career, progress, job related
then you are advised to wear Ruby Stone so you will buy and wear
and you did not thought about when you should not wear the Ruby Stone
and in what all situations the Ruby might harm you Suppose if you have fever, high blood pressure
Ulcers, and some sort of bleeding going on or you having dominating attitude
then you should not wear Ruby Stone as the Stone will harm you the best is to perform Surya Namaskar in the morning this is the best remedy for Sun Suppose if you are asked to wear a Pearl (Moon Stone) If you are emotionally unstable,
and suffer Anxiety issues, mood swings, Weak Emotions, depression then its okay to wear but if you are over weight then you should
not wear if you have Cough, then you should not wear
if you are a person with high attachments you should not wear then you should not wear moon stones Thirdly – Remedy for Planet Mars
If you are advised to wear Red Coral or Moonga Red Stone for Mars Remedy Now if you have Lack of energy, and you don’t want to work, because of low body energy, or you and have weak muscles then you can wear Moonga, or Red Coral Stone But if you are suffering from Fever, and infection in body Ulcers, aggressions or you suffer from Body heat then you must not wear Red Coral Stone
you will have more problems the best way is to work on Planet Mars (Mangal)
is to engage yourself in Physical activity Play some sport like Badminton,
In morning go to a Park/Garden and do simple running/jogging there is no better remedy to work on your Mangal Fourth – Mercury
Emerald (Panna Stone) is asked to wear to enhance your
Intelligence / Communication Level speech or memory related issues
then the person is advised to wear Emerald Stone (Green Stone) Normally if a person wears Emerald Stone
he is always benefited and there are no ill effects but the effect of Planet mercury is such
that it takes all the properties (Good or Bad) of the adjoining planet if you are wearing any stone related to
Shani (Saturn) or Mangal (Mars) then you should not wear Emerald Stone you have to be extra careful while wearing
Emeralad as it will take properties of Shani (Saturn)
or Mangal (Mars) the next one is related to Jupiter – Pukhraj
(Yellow Sapphire Stone) Yellow stone is asked to wear
Nornally there are no bad effects of Sapphire People who are Pessimistic, Sad, in depression,
or people with self pity attitude they are asked to wear Pukhraj but people with different Ascendant (Lagna) like Taurus Ascendant (Vrishabha Lagna)
Libra Ascendant (Libra/Tula Lagna) are not advised to wear Sapphire
their negative tendencies will rise To empower Planet Venus
to enhance beauty, Charm, Grace if you have problems in relationships
they are asked to wear diamonds
normally diamonds do not have ill effects but people with Dhanu Lagna (Sagittarius Ascendant)
or Meena Lagna (Pisces Ascendant) these people are not advised to wear diamonds the best remedy for Males is that
they should start respecting females, automatically their Planet Venus will be strong to empower Planet Saturn (Shani)
Often you are advised to wear Blue Sapphire Neelam now people wear this very happily but they dont know that Blue Sapphire is such a dangerous Gemstone that you have to think more than a hundred times a person with lack of Discipline,
a person who remains serious or not able to handle stress are asked to wear Blue Sapphire but for example, if the person is aggressively possessive, very Cold in nature, or have manupulative
tendencies then he must not wear Blue Sapphire Stone The best remedy is to Chant Om Namah Shivay pray to Goddess Kali Please ensure to wear these Gems
Only when you are aware and with full precautions or else you will have negative effects so lets meet again with some new infornation Om Namah Shivay !!!

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