• Ashley Zenuni

    What are symptoms of blocked Fallopian tubes? I’m 22 with PCOS should I get the test done to check , I have already started my first round of clomid and just waiting for my ovulation to start !!

  • Anushree Vk

    Thank you for this video Ingefleur.. I've been trying to avoid plastic containers for over a year now.. way before we decided to TTC.. however Ive been wondering about the safety of using Teflon pans for cooking. What's your opinion on those?

  • Jacquelyne Ubabuko

    I love your videos!!! Thanks for your knowledge and sensitivity!! Do you have any videos for the cervix before during and after ovulation?

  • Dulce Maria

    My period is 3 days late and yesterday on periodDay3 I saw some drops of blood thinking I was going to start any minute no cramping/ nothing happened that day. So today day4 and today this morning I was cramping so I didn’t see anything yet and when I checked again I saw some light bleeding what could this mean I am bleeding very light and mid day brown spotting then bleeding idk I’m confused can some one help me pls ??

  • Nonie Ladsak

    Hi…i love watching this video…i watch until the end…my question is…can still get pregnant having endometriosis naturally without even surgery…what i mean is a natural pregnancy by taking supplements diets…so what advice you can give???

  • Apurva S

    Cant think you enough Ingefleur for this video.🌸 It sure is not so supported or discussed topic of awareness, so wanted relevant sources to be informed from. Have a personal ttc story along with last year missed abortion to it. Back on track of ttc again for a while now. I totally vouch with the stress as a major aspect since I was in a very stressful work environment earlier n faced couple of irritating symptoms. Working well on detoxification, health n lifestyle along with doc's guided ttc streamlining. N this video came on right time as well. Hoping for the best. You helped alot. Tjanks again. N yes.. Can see more subbies each time I check ur videos again for knowledge. My best wishes to you for your personal n professional front. ❣️

  • xLSivx

    I am about 31 days – 32 days I ovulated from the 13th -15th TMI…we started on the 12th – the 16th so I am hoping that we hit the target for this baby been trying for 10yrs

  • fruitful motherhood

    Ingefluer can you please make a video about getting pregnant with adrenal fatigue? Seems quite common in our modern fast paced lives and makes it difficult to maintain a pregnany.

  • Pam lee

    Hashimoto's, pcos, endometriosis and TTC after one miscarriage 9 months ago..on 4th round of clomid. Any help or guidance is appreciated. (For my 26 year old daughter)

  • Gabriella Caannella

    I love your videos and you are so helpful!! I have a question about the Sepia 200c, do I take it JUST the week before my period and the week of or one a day through the whole cycle ?

  • Laura Joyce

    Please more videos on this topic! Natural healing, ttc tips and routines to follow any help! You are the only one who’s advice I trust and rely on. I have been in so much pain for two years since I lost my pregnancy due to genetic issues with my baby. I have no answers and no help and after two years, no success in another pregnancy. 😢

  • Elisiane Mendes da Silva

    Can I take the magnesium every day even when I’m not having my circle ? Since a read that it reduces stress and I really need that too I thought about taking every day . Is that ok ?

  • Chitra Nair

    mam i m taking pulsatilla 6x tab two tyms 5days gap and natrium sulfuricum tab daily 2tab three tyms..my bilateral tubal blockage due to partial hydrosalpinx is there. will it clear my endometriosis and help me conceive? plz 😢

  • Chelsey Ottinger

    Hey I have been off of the pill almost 8 years and have been ttc for that long. I had surgery last March for endo and have been doing iui with meds since. I have only had one ectopic pregnancy in December and that’s been the only pregnancy I’ve had. I have scarring on my left tube. Do you suggest to do the detox still? And what else?

  • keepinitreal

    Can you please share a basic pill detox with us? Since your slots seem to be booked and it's very expensive! Please share that information with your followers, seems pretty cruel to withhold that. How do we know if we need a detox? If you're having regular periods after the pill does it mean your body is back to normal cycle?

  • Richa Sharma

    Hi, I loved the way you go into the details. I have PCOD and my uterus is bicornuate. Do you think I can conceive with bicornuate uterus or embryo can implant to such uterus?

  • wahyuning Tyas

    Hi.. im on clomid now and I think clomid makes my period so light 🙁 what should I do? Do I have to stop?but if im stop i wont ovulate..im confused.. 🙁

  • Rebecca Reyna

    I did! I truly truly healed my
    Own reproductive system after being unable to get pregnant for 6 years. In January I had a biopsy for uterine CA and a uterine polyps. March I got pregnant. God is soooo good! I truly believe a woman must be completely aligned with her mind body and soul to become pregnant. 💕

  • Lottiee

    Hello, what about women who have PCOS and endometriosis, what works for PCOS can often worsen endometriosis, I don't ovulate on my own and can ovulate with vitamins but these vitamins can worsen endometriosis, how can you resolve both naturally without making either worse? Thanks

  • Domesticated Bougie Girl

    I have hypothyroidism and recently had a miscarriage, my bbt is running at about 97.1 on CD10 (my last “cycle” was miscarriage) how do I regulate my bbt and cycle after miscarriage. My ovulation prediction chart is all off whack because now it thinks I have very irregular periods compared to my last cycle I charted. My LH level is low with watery CM.


    I m suffering with endometriosis . I m getting aurvedic treatment about 6months. Now i feel the severe pain has reduced ,but still i get a mild pain. my period is regular and it is 30 days cycle .i m trying to get pregnant about 1 year . But still fail to.what is ur opinion on me??

  • HeKel DiT ReG Semoné Kies

    Hi, can you please help. I was told that I have a thin uterus lining, that why we are have trouble to conceive ?

  • Terresa Oxentenko

    Another cause: Rh factor incompatibility. The antibodies of an Rh negative mother destroys her Rh positive fetus. The fetus turns to black goo and then is discharged through the vagina as well as retrograde through the Fallopian tubes and into the pelvis. It is also life threatening to the mother, and a sad loss as well. I think the cure is an Rh compatible pregnancy to shrink the endometriosis. And I appreciate your video with so many practical recommendations. Thank you 😊

  • Vivian Orgill

    Chocolate cysts do not occur inside the uterus, they occur on ovaries. Endometriosis does not occur inside the uterus. And the endometriosis implants that are outside the uterus are not exactly the same as endometrial tissues. This video is not exactly accurate and is misleading. Surgery does not cause endometriosis, and it's not retrograde menstruation either.

  • ilima smallwood

    Thank you for this video. I am interested in learning if you have thoughts on conceiving with adenomyosis… I have been diagnosed with adenomyosis and the suspicion of endometriosis is high – i have had 5 miscarriages in the past 1-2 years. What seems to be happening is the egg gets fertilized but it can't implant…so I get another very heavy cycle/miscarriage 2 weeks after my last cycle. I have had a consistent 23 day cycle for about 7 years. After watching your video's I am realizing that early ovulation may be a factor but my instinct is that implantation is really the issue.

    If you have any knowledge on it would you consider doing a video on adenomyosis and implantation? I believe that anything regarding the body is possible but I'm sure there are things I could do to help and support my body better with these issues.

  • Richelle Ortega

    I was diagnose with endometriosis…my OB injected me with depo..now i stop my injection because i want to get pregnant..but 3 months ago after my depo…til now i sill dont have my period…and i feel breast tenderness a lot…what will i do should i have my injection again or not? Please help

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