give birth to a yourself  from love (eng sub)
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give birth to a yourself from love (eng sub)

We have to tell an important message, especially to trans people to say why we found ourselves in this situation We were on hormones for two years, and we are not exactly in detransition now but something happened, like…we did not start transition from the right situation from a situation healthy for a soul A person we -actually, which HORMONES started to create, -that man who was showing up he was not how we wanted him to be Why? Because we suffered terribly in our life, and… when you start to look as yourself ( your hidden man or woman become visible showing your looking ) then happened that we became revengeful to woman’s nature in us, and generally We had a need to defeat it literally… [roaring]…. what we did not like on those hormones we simply could not feel that person exactly as ourselves When you are trans, you have to understand that you must create your child or children from love Because, you are your own child, and your own parents You have a nature of man and woman in yourself and before giving the birth to yourself you must enter in marriage with yourself In marriage[from love] to create a child of love, not a child of wrath And we did not know it and we electrified ourselves negatively then we attracted negative powers around us and people started to destroy us setting up everything, poison in our food, even they killed us Behold, we weren’t wrong claiming we are trans (a man who live in body of woman, in our case) If we lied, when they killed us, we would not be here now, but “burn in hell”, figuratively speaking We came to the situation where we endured destruction.Why? Our energies were not in balance Before you enter transition, learn to love yourself the most important is to enter in marriage to create the child who you’ll be, your own You have a chance to do it, but don’t do it from wrong motive thinking the change of looking will change inner feelings [or circumstances] On the contrary, it will not happen You must set up an healthy situation inside of you temporary, we are not on hormones, is there the other way how we will do our transition it’s our thing We know what we can do to give the birth to ourselves But it starts from the inside, you must have a child of love if you wish happy life and success for yourself We faced a situation much harder to start to love ourselves Practically, through destruction…that’s how happened to us That’s why we must say, it’s not enough to take hormones and start transition if you electrified yourselves negatively, still bearing suffering and pain, your nature (energy) will attract everything what brings suffering and pain, [through wrath and hatred ] opposite of your expectations So, first enter in marriage with yourself, and learn to love yourself Your man’s “me”, and your woman’s “me” (your physical and not physical must enter in love and balance no matter how different they are) for the child which will be born from such marriage(of love) you must achieve it first We are now exactly in that phase, where we are learning to love ourselves as we are now Then, we can start the change, and give the birth to ourselves, our son We are our son, and we are father and mother of him (in same time) we love our child and ourselves When we faced death we realized it then…although we returned into same body which was ruined even more than before We found our peace entering in our marriage from that moment…, look, we had nothing, literally starting under the zero and we brought our life to some level, when we exist still surrounded with negativity, but they can’t approach now, because of our inner setting that inner setting is very important as protection of possible evil stopping negative powers to take control over our life We will not let it happen It’s our message, because we finally found our setting, we had to die to understand it understand how much our setting was complicated, that marriage in one body exists! It’s written “two will be one flesh” It exists in literally sense! It’s not about, male and female are merging sexually “Two will be one flesh” is a marriage in one body, in human being There are males, females, and human beings Males and females enter the marriage (to procreate) but human being already has a marriage in itself, and has a chance to give the birth to itself from that marriage But, let it be from the marriage of love, let the child be born from love, that’s the most important

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  • Jerusalem city of flesh and blood

    How marriage influences on "destiny"

    What we know, marriage is one of the most important moments in life, which is changing magnetism of "destiny".

    It's very important what is the setting of the marriage (on which circumstances is made, as from which motives).

    People don't know it, so they are like gamblers with life, and gamblers with conceiving the children.

    In procreation, conceiving a child is, in the most simple words, "evoking the spirit". Mother's and father's sexual energies are making the special setting on which soul of someone will respond (they will attract the certain soul into life, making some kind of "destiny" for that child, and their energies and emotions involved in sexual act will invoke the soul with certain virtues and flaws). It's based on emotions (vibrations which they are making through sexual energies); it's not about genetic, or only genetic, because it's just a physical part, but we are speaking here what is happening on invisible levels.

    Knowing this, from that reason we want foundation of our marriage to be the greatest possible, and conceiving of our children under our control, because emotions which we are laying into our marriage we want to be the greatest qualities, and before giving the fruit from our marriage we need all qualities we want, or our children will be just a "product of gambling".

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