• Manfredo Joaquim da Silva

    Pablo Catalán
    India is controlling the birth of new monkeys!
    They are invading the city in search of food!
    Public intervention in Camboja, quickly!
    Catrate some old big monkeys, the kings of the sanctuary!

  • Kathy Love

    What is wrong with that babies but that is a big sore what is that what is that baby's ass like that does anybody know that babies shouldn't be like that all sore and like that she's peace come on people

  • ninja dawn

    They are so obese! Baby's going to drag on the ground soon. Must be their poor diet? I wonder what the long term effects will be? Could be part of the problems with the baby's

  • ninja dawn

    Fly's tons of fly's buzzing them why doesn't she clean baby up? They are always flipping them upside down to sniff their butts and I've yet to see one clean a baby

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