GUESS The BEST Part Of Having A New BABY! | Ellie And Jared

– Oh my goodness, Jackson,
look what I found. – [Ellie] Tommy Joel, guess
what just came in the mail. – All right, kiddos! Tomorrow is a very fun day. – [Ellie] Good morning, Tom. – Good morning, Tom Tom. – [Calvin] Good morning, Bubba. (Ellie chuckles) – [Ellie] This is what we do
every morning after I feed him, they kinda fight over who
gets to hold him first. Can you bet who won today? – [Jackson] Me. (Ellie laughs) – Morning! Good morning, guys. I am feeling very rested. – Yeah! This is baby home. – The baby is home! I think they know that. We have felt very rested. Tommy is pretty consistent,
he’ll wake up one to two times at night, and I’m just very proud of him because he is making
recovery and transitioning– – Yeah, and these. – And those. Transitioning to three kids very nice, and I’m very grateful for him. And especially his sleeping patterns. – [Jackson] Are my eyes moving? – [Ellie] They are a little, yep. – Like this. – [Ellie] Can you see what
late night snack we had? Oreos. Good morning, baby. – Good morning from me to you. I was in my office
getting the vlog uploaded and ready to go for
today, and Jackson came in and asked, “Dad, what are these?” And I was like, “Oh,
they’re Post-It Notes.” And he’s like, “Can I
borrow them for a sec?” Sure, have at it. And I come out of my office
just a few moments later, and look what I see. Oh. Hmm. Ah? Ho. Hmm, uh, what? Huh? Oh. They’re everywhere. (laughing) Oh, there’s one right
there, and one right there. Jackson. What is with all these
Post-It Notes, young man? – Because I wanted to order
them to the whole house. – [Jared] Well, I think you did a pretty dang good job, didn’t ya? Hey, we got this new Nintendo
Classic, should we play it? – Yeah. – [Jared] I think that’s a great idea. What game should we play first? – Let’s play the motorcycle one first. – You got it, Excitebike it is! I’m so happy that that’s
one of Jackson’s favorite regular Nintendo games,
’cause it was one of mine when I was a kid. You ready to race? – [Calvin] Yeah, that one. – [Jared] This one? – Yeah.
– You got it, dude. We’ll play that one.
– No, that one. – [Jared] Oh, this one? Oh yeah, that one right
there, that’s Excitebike. (laughs) You guys are so awesome. I love this more than
anything in the whole world. – [Jackson] After the motorcycle
one, let’s play this one. – Oh, perfect. These came out a long time
ago, and they just came out with a rerelease and I got
the last one at the store. – Yeah. – Yeah, and the one complaint
I have is that the cables are just so short. – And when you were a
kid, the one opened up. – Yeah, and inside of it.
– Yes, that’s right, and you put the game inside of it. (laughs)
– And. – You’re crazy! (Nintendo music) – [Calvin] Say cheese. – Cheese. Well, it was short and sweet,
but it was nice seein’ ya. – It’s always sweet. Hey, get off, lady, he’s talking to me. – Geez, ‘kay, Bollie meeting, hands in. – [Bonnie] (laughs) Adjourned. – One, two, three. Bollie!
– Adjourned! Bollie. – Bye, guys!
– Okay, bye. Tomorrow is a very fun day for us. Do you want to know why, Jackson? – Why? – It’s because our town
launches off a ton of fireworks, so we spend the whole
day together outside. – Is it gonna be dark outside? – Uh-huh, and then we’ll
watch the fireworks, but we’re gonna play– – Remember we did it? – Yeah, I do. We’re gonna play outside all day tomorrow, but we need something to
help us play the best we can. Do you think we should get something that we should play with? – Yeah. – I think we should get
a giant Slip N’ Slide. – Ooh! – Is that cool? Let’s go look for one, okay?
– ‘Kay. – Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! – Let’s go get a Slip N’ Slide! – Yeah, let’s do it! Jump! Nice jump. Now Jackson, Calvin is a
pretty good driver on these little shopping carts,
but I think you might be a little bit better than him. Will you show and lead
us where we need to go? Drive us where we need to go, would ya? – [Jackson] Okay. – [Jared] Okay, just make sure you don’t crash into anything, oh my gosh, geez! (sighs)
– Oh, I’m sorry. – Geez, that was a close one. ‘Kay, where do you think we should turn? – Um. – [Jared] Or do you think we should go– – That way. – Okay, let’s turn that way. Here we go, good job. (softly chuckles) Oh my goodness, Jackson,
look what I found. (gasps) What?! That looks so big. Do you think we should get that one? – Yeah. – [Jared] That one looks so cool. Oh my goodness. 25 feet long. You know what we should do? – Huh? – [Jared] Let’s get two
of them and stack them in front of each other. – Okay.
– Would that be so cool? – Yeah, and you have to
stack them if it goes longer. – [Jared] Uh-huh, so
it’ll go twice as long. – Why? – [Jared] ‘Cause that’s so
much more fun, don’t you think? – Yeah. ♪ I think we should put
it in the backyard ♪ – Where Penny will jump on it. ♪ That’s right, so maybe
when we’re playing with it ♪ ♪ We can put her inside ♪ – Yeah. ♪ I think that’s really a great idea ♪ – Are we gonna watch the
fireworks pop in the front? ♪ Maybe in the backyard ♪ ♪ No, in the front yard ♪ ♪ Maybe in the backyard ♪ ♪ No, front yard ♪ ♪ What if we can’t see
them from the front yard ♪ ♪ Yes, we can ♪ ♪ You think so ♪ – Yes. ♪ Tell me why ♪ – Because let’s set the
firework box in the front road. ♪ We’ll set the firework
box in the front road ♪ ♪ Is that what you’re trying to say ♪ – Yeah. ♪ We are singing a song
as we talk to each other ♪ – Yeah. ♪ And it’s really great ♪ – Yeah. (Jared laughs) – All right, one last stop to get diapers. Oh my gosh, Tommy has
already gone through a two, one, two, one, two, one,
two, one and half boxes. He’s almost out of the other one, so I had to pick up those boxes. We went to the store and
grabbed diapers for Tommy. Can you believe that? And I also grabbed a few
things of Dr. Pepper. This is the first time in
I don’t even know how long, maybe a year and a half, that
I’ve had to buy Dr. Pepper. But now that Tommy is
here, I had a fun idea for an Instagram picture
that I wanted to take that involves Dr. Pepper,
Jackson, Calvin who’s at home, Tommy who’s at home,
and me, and Dr. Pepper. Did I already say Dr. Pepper? A couple times. Muah! Let’s go home. (laughs) I love you, buddy. Thanks for being my
shopping partner today. You excited to bust out those
Slip N’ Slides tomorrow? – And those fireworks. – We didn’t get fireworks! We’re not allowed to have fireworks at our house, unfortunately, this year. – Sometimes waking up from
a nap is hard, mister. Mister Jackson’s over there
singing songs to baby. What do you think? Is he awake or asleep now? – Awake. – [Ellie] He’s awake? Should we go see him? – [Calvin] Yeah. – [Ellie] ‘Kay, let’s go see him. What? – [Jared] I’m laughing
at my Instagram picture. – [Ellie] He’s awake! Finally. He has been sleeping all day. It’s been hard to get him to eat. Huh, mister, ’cause you’ve
been sleeping all day. – Uh-oh, I think he’s gonna poo! With that face. So I told you about a
little Instagram picture. If you want to see the actual picture, follow me on Instagram,
it’s already posted, but here’s this little sneak peek for ya. I am such an idiot, but I
think it’s so hilarious. I have to do it. – Tommy Joel, guess what
just came in the mail. Dad, guess what just came in the mail. – [Jared] What just came in the mail? – [Ellie] Your social security card! – [Jared] You’re a real human being! – You are legit. Changing a newborn’s diaper is
sometimes a joke and a half. I like want Jared in here listening to me. Because you change their
diaper, and then they either pee in the air, like in the
middle of changing your diaper, so like on my clean sheets
that we just washed. And then you change their
diaper so then they pee, and ’cause you try and hurry really fast, so then you’re out a diaper. And then half the time they
pee on the other diaper that you had just put on, so
then you’re out two diapers. And then you change their
diaper and they’re happy as a clam, and then all of a
sudden they go and they poop, so then you’re out three diapers. And then you finally put
another diaper on them and it lasts about 10 minutes. So changing a newborn’s diapers sometimes is really interesting. – Messy. – ‘Cause they go through so many at first. – Right, I mean, come on. Let’s be efficient with
our diapers please. – It’s kind of funny. – We don’t want to be spending
all this money on diapers. Tommy, learn to poop once and be done for at least 20 minutes. – But that’s how all newborns are. It’s like you do it, and
it’s like why do I even change the diaper, like
wait five more minutes because it’ll save you a diaper. – Yeah, save us a diaper. – This is usually what
my nightstand looks like. Nipple cream, a bunch of
diapers, a clean diaper, and then some food. (laughs) Because I sit here and nurse
and I’m like, I’m starving! – Can I make a little
clarification on that? This is what your nightstand
looks like in the daytime. In the nighttime, it’s about multiplied by a factor of three. – Yeah, ’cause then I have
a drink, and another treat, and then a treat for midnight
when I wake up to feed him. – [Jared] And then an empty
plate from the snack before, and then you have all the
stuff that’s in this drawer. – And Jell-O cups. – So it adds up. – [Ellie] What was my
snack when I was pregnant? What was my go-to snack? – While you were pregnant? – [Ellie] Uh-huh. – I can’t remember. But your snack right now.
– Suckers. – Oh yeah, suckers. – [Ellie] What’s my after
snack that I’m like, been eating tons of? – Jell-O. Like, multiple packs of Jell-O. – Like I’m like bring me three Jell-Os. ‘Cause in the hospital
they had Jell-O for me, and I was like, why do I
not eat this all the time? – Right, so Jell-O, if
you’re watching. (snaps) – (chuckles) My gosh. Jell-O, Dr. Pepper,
newborn Huggies diapers. Everything, we are a love of it all, and none of it’s sponsored. You just have some awake time. You finally are growing into your jammie. – [Jared] Isn’t it crazy
what one week can do? – I know, last week this
would not even fit you, but you’re almost two weeks old. I am getting ready to
have the best dinner. Mom showed up, we’ve got Abby here. Kids are downstairs
playing, and Jared and Mom have set the table. Mom made some bread and some soup. – You know, this bread
is good enough to go in a cookbook, wouldn’t you say, Mom? – [Ellie] (laughs) It
could go in a cookbook. And these, it’s like why
don’t I ever buy these? But they’re so good, is
it like an older treat? – Yes, Grandpa loves these cookies. – [Ellie] Pinwheels, well they’re good. – When I left the house,
I was a little discouraged ’cause my bread didn’t turn out like it– – [Ellie] Usually does,
it’s a little thicker. – Like it usually does, and I
was embarrassed to bring it. (laughing) And I told Chad I’m just gonna stop at Great Harvest and pick up a bread. – [Ellie] No!
(Jared laughing) – And he says, “No, you’re
not, there’s nothing “wrong with that bread.” And I got thinking that holds me back, because so many times I
think it’s gotta be perfect to present it, and it doesn’t, does it? – [Jared] No, not at all. – It all comes out the same. (laughs) – Mom likes to, you know, make sure, like she likes to impress
me. (Ellie scoffs) So you know she does
her very best. (laughs) – I do, I do. – We’re all rolling. Mom, your bread is– – Well it holds a lot of
people back from taking food to the neighbor because they
don’t think it’s good enough. – [Jared] Yeah, exactly. – And this is my own kid.
– But it is good enough, it is good enough.
– Yeah. – Well I think it looks amazing. It’s warm still. Smells amazing. I’m gonna eat it. Put it right there.
– You walked right by it, you were like, oh, that– – [Ellie] Thank you, Mom, for the bread. And for soup. She made me some soup. – [Jared] All right,
kiddos, turn the TV off and come upstairs. – [Kids] Okay! – [Jackson] Are they leaving? – [Jared] No, they’re not
leaving, we’re having dinner. – [Jackson] Is Abby gonna have dinner? – [Jared] Would you like her to? – [Jackson] Yeah! – [Jared] Okay, I think she will. – Can she still play here? – [Jared] Sure, I think
that’s a great idea. How are you, Abby? – I’m good. – Good.
– Abby, Abby! – Yeah, everyone find
your seats at the table. It’s time to eat. – Let it be known that Mom just said that it was a compliment. I think it’s cute. Jackson just said,
“Grandma, I just burped!” Jackson always loves drinking
Grandma and Grandpa’s burping hot cocoa. And Grandma just said, “I
think my food makes you burp.” That’s a compliment. It means it satisfies your tummy. – I think that’s actually
true in some cultures. You burp to show your appreciation
or something like that. – [Grandma] Mm-hmm, I’ve heard that. – Hey Mom, don’t move.
– Is it? What? – Okay, now she can be on camera. (laughs) – I’m getting old. (laughing) – Don’t worry, I do it
to my mom all the time. – Okay. (laughing) – Oh!
– I’m full! I’m full. (Ellie laughs) – We were talking about how weird it is for us to lay our baby
down while he’s awake and have him be completely happy. This was not what we’re
used to, huh, Jared? – [Jared] Not at all. – [Ellie] We are not used
to just laying our baby down and him being…
– Content? – [Ellie] content, but
it makes a difference. You don’t have reflux, you’re happy, you don’t have any torticollis. You’re just healthy, huh? But guess what? Abby wants to hold you. You ready? (chuckling) All right, you have enough
siblings, you know what to do. (laughs) – Just stares. Every time I see him
his eyes are wide open. (Ellie laughs) – [Ellie] Yeah, yesterday
at church he was– – He never closes his eyes. He never closes them. – [Ellie] (chuckles) Just at
night when he’s supposed to, huh, Tommy? What do you think of him? – Like Lucy, she’s kind
of big, but Tommy’s tiny. – [Ellie] You are, huh? – Someone has been on a marathon nap time, and it’s this guy right here. Except for the fact that he just woke up. – He’s been sleeping most of the day. – [Jared] Uh-huh. – Like most of the day,
and it’s been really hard to get him to eat, ’cause
he’s been like so zonked. But he’s been awake for the last two hours and would not stop eating, and I’m like, I have to feed you because you literally haven’t eaten much today.
– All day today. Oh, Penny. Making a mess. – No, he’s like as happy as a clam now. – [Jared] Mm-hmm. – Once I get a burp out of him. – [Jared] Now he’s got
some food inside of him. – [Ellie] I know, I gotta get a burp. – How early do kids go on growth spurts? Like how early do they do
their growth spurts, you know? – Well he’s almost two weeks. – [Jared] What do you think, Penn? – Do you smell him? She’s been pretty good around him. But I’m not gonna lie, like,
I wasn’t nervous at first, but she’s still kind of a puppy and hyper. – She’s hyper, yeah, when
she does her little zoomies, when she’s running like all
crazy, you just kinda like. – She’s good to not knock
Jackson and Calvin over, but I think she sometimes
isn’t aware of him still, so I’m like. (laughs) – Oh yeah, she doesn’t quite see him, but yeah, that’s where we’re
gonna end our vlog tonight. I think I might take Penny
for a little walk here in just a minute ’cause
it is a beautiful sunset, and this girl needs to
get some energy out. Where are ya? You need to get some energy out? Yeah, you need to get some energy out. That is where we’re gonna leave you. Thank you guys so much
for watching the video. If you enjoyed it, give
it a big thumbs up, and check out my Instagram
for that Dr. Pepper picture, ’cause it’s freaking amazing. – Oh, some people are being
like, “Is this an ad?” It’s not an ad, we just
love doing Dr. Pepper stuff. – This is the truth. ‘Kay, Penny, can you say
goodnight to our friends? (dog panting) Goodnight.

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