Guess Who’s Preggers | Shay Mitchell
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Guess Who’s Preggers | Shay Mitchell

(bright tone) (calm synth music)Shay: When you’re
in the public eye,
there are some things
you wanna just keep a secret
until you feel ready.This, for me,
has been the hardest.
This is gonna be
really fun and awesome when I’m not trying
to hide it anymore. What do you think
I should name this? – (gasps)
Oh, my, are you pregnant? (laughs) – Yours is so beautiful. Shay: Oh, now I can see it. This is getting huge now. – Oh, it’s so pretty. – I didn’t want to come out
on social media so early on. – I was gonna say you’re doing a
really good job at covering it. Crowd: Shay!
Shay!Shay: I’m gonna be so happy
when this comes out.
I can be pregnant.I can be, like–
not suck my stomach in.
Ah, (bleep). This doesn’t look pregnant. This looks like I (bleep)
let myself go for a long time. – Wow.Shay: Months of hiding.It’s been
a really lonely journey.
I think pregnancy is awesome,
for the most part, but… it’s also really (bleep) lonely.Woman: It is so cute!Shay: Oh, my God!
Look at my–(laughs)This was so important to me,because this is what I did
all the time before.
Like, photo shoots,
feeling great. They, like, really enhance
your self-confidence, and I’m like–I haven’t done
that in so long. I’ve been hiding it. Give me a six-pack right now,
will you?Now it’s about us, and I
would never want it to be like
I’m not confident of us.I’m extremely confident now,because I have my baby
growing inside me.
– Those look so good, babe.Shay: But it didn’t feel rightto just put up a photoand be like, “I’m pregnant,”
and have people just think
that everything has been
peaches and rainbows.
This is real life, and I want
people to come along with me
on this journey in real time.(synth music) Now I can do this. (laughs) (bright tone)


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