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Hello guys! Welcome back to my channel “Nita JC”. This is my second video. My first video already uploaded 3 January 2019. I wanna say “thankyou” to everbody who already subscribed and watched my video. And please kindly support my channel by subscribe and comment my video. And please kindly support my channel by subscribe and comment my video. I really need your advice for my previous video, and don’t forget to like, share and press Bell button So you can get direct nottification when I upload new video. In this video, I wanna share my story when I was pregnant. I got married in January 2018. I was immediately given the trust of God to pregnant. I was immediately given the trust of God to pregnant. 1 month after my wedding. In the begginning of my pregnant journey, I didn’t recognice I was pregnant. Cause, I have normal menstruation. So I’m tried to test pack, The result of my test, showing 2 line (positive) , which indicated I was pregnant. After that, with my husband , we go to doctor. I lived in Palembang. I went to the famous obstetrician here. After checked my womb, my doctor said my baby already 5 weeks. πŸ˜€ and we don’t know, my baby doesn’t have a heartbeat yet. So my doctor told me to comeback after 2 weeks later. After we went to this doctor. We felt that we were not very suitable for this doctor. So we decided to change our doctor. Coz, I had never been pregnant before we don’t know which doctor to go. After 2 weeks, I asked my friend She told me about this doctor really make me comfortable when we consulted really different with my first doctor really quick when checked. And he told me, I can eat whatever I want to eat. And he give me a lot of vitamins. But at the second doctor, I felt really different. She explained to us, the process of pregnancy She provides us more detailed information about pregnancy. what should we do “as a new parent” After that, She checked my womb, my baby have a heartbeat! We really excited as a new parent! πŸ˜€ Then we go home and enjoying my pregnancy Then we go home and enjoying my pregnancy. A few days, I was bleeding And I feel very shocked, so we quickly went to the doctor. so we quickly went to the doctor. My doctor gave me medicine and told me to rest Then I work off for 2 days. The doctor said if the blood remained out I would most likely have a miscarriage A few days I rested at home, thank God my baby is still healthy and strong. One month had passed, 2 months had passed, and 3 months had passed after I went to my second doctor. I’m a person who doesn’t like to expose about my pregnancy. But from this video I want to share for mothers who are pregnant and want to get pregnant. So you don’t experience what I experienced After a few months passed, I was 5 months pregnant, I had a long holiday for Eid. I have consulted a doctor, if it’s 5 months it’s safe to go on vacation and road trip. I went to Bali by road trip with my family. I use a car to get to Bali. Coinciding I was 5 months pregnant and coincided with this long vacation. Well, at that time there was a rush of pregnant women going to the doctor . Because they also want to go on vacation. The doctor will also go on vacation. Because for long holiday, my ussualy doctor very crowded and have She has a queue of around 30 people. So I decided to move to another doctor After asking with my friend, I went to another doctor because she was pregnant too. and than I go the doctor she suggest me. My first doctor is man, my second doctor is woman and the doctor I want to go is a woman. When I checked this doctor. This doctor really lazy to give me explanation about my baby. I don’t like doctors like this. When she checked my womb, my baby lack of weight. So she told me to eat sweet food, like ice cream. So my baby can be bigger. When she checked not too long and not comprehensive. Cause of that I don’t like doctors like this. (never return) I checked for a long holiday and make sure my baby is healthy. (Never mind Because finding another doctor is also difficult. But overall my baby is healthy and I can go to vacation. During my trip, There were no problems I faced, I enjoyed my vacation. I came home safely. At 5 months we can feel the baby’s kick. It feel so amazing, can feel your baby inside your womb. You know how it feels if you have chance to get pregnant. From 5 months of my journey, every time I went to the doctor. My doctor always said my baby lack of weight. Can you imagine, I gained 2 kilograms every months. Sometimes 3 kilograms. Now I entered 6 months of pregnancy (Yeay!!!) But, from the first month I became pregnant, I could not drink milk But, from the first month I became pregnant, I could not drink milk After I drink milk, my body is cold and warm. And I felt nausea and vomiting. So I not drank milk (pregnancy) again. After 6 months, I already went to 3 doctors. So this time I should decide my final doctor to help me giving a birth. I want to use a doctor that I use normally, so I ask my friend because we were pregnant together. Because this doctor only worked in a hospital which in my opinion was not good (I have bad memories before), So I decided not to use this doctor (T.T) Because this doctor only worked in a hospital which in my opinion was not good (I have bad memories before), So I decided not to use this doctor (T.T) So I have to move to another doctor and another hospital too . I am looking for another doctor, and this doctor is a man, and one of the famous doctors in our city. Most people go to this doctor because this doctor prefers normal childbirth rather than C-Section (I want to give birth normally). If it can be normal, we definitely want to give birth normally. After deciding to change doctor,
we went to the doctor again when my baby was 6 months. My baby wrapped around the umbilical cord. Okay!! Another case again πŸ™ The doctor said the baby is usually too active to move so that it can be wrapped around the umbilical cord. So, I am sounding my baby everynight to broke away from the umbilical cord. At the time of checking with this doctor, my baby’s weight was still less than normal for a baby. Lack of around 200 grams to 300 grams of normal weight πŸ™ I am really worried The doctor said to come again at 7 months for check up. When my baby was 7 months old, I came back to check up. On the results of this check up, my baby was around 1700 grams. It turns out it’s still less than the normal weight of the baby. So I was told to eat a lot so I could make my baby’s weight normal At that time I had gain weight 16 kilograms. My cheeks are really chubby and I’m really fat. I usually eat every 2 hours, and there were people who were pregnant who didn’t like to eat, it was very different from me. I like eat snacks while I was work. πŸ˜€ After 7 months, with me eating and taking vitamins from the doctor, but the weight of my baby also did not rise and I really confuse for that. I always consume calcium and vitamins but my body also feels tired quickly in this pregnancy. In these seven months, my baby has removed the umbilical cord. We are very happy. Yeay!! It’s really good news. After that we returned joyfully. Well, when I was 31 weeks old, my baby did not lack movement. My baby also has no kicks, usually kicking. At that time at dawn in the morning, so I told my husband how come my baby’s movements were lacking in motion. Poor kicking as usual. Then he said maybe your baby was sleeping, so it doesn’t move. I’m waiting until in morning, On that day I was still go for work, but my hunch was not good Because my baby still not move, I went to hospital. At that time I was confused where to go, because the obstetrician had a practice in the afternoon. So I called the puskesmas or where did I have an ultrasound to check my baby. Because of panic, I quickly called my husband. He said directly to the ER. I went to an emergency where I chosed to give birth later. After arrived at the ER the nurse immediately checked my womb. And she said there was no heartbeat, but the nurse said we did not use ultrasound but only a normal heartbeat device. but the nurse said we did not use ultrasound but only a normal heartbeat device. If you use ultrasound you have to wait for a doctor. There was 12 o’clock in the afternoon and had to wait for the doctor until 2 o’clock, even though it was an emergency room that needed fast handling At 2 pm, the doctor came and checked. The result was that my baby had died. What I can do only to cry hysterically at that time. So I only get pregnant until I was 31 weeks old. So after I was aware of control. My mom asked the doctor. My mom at that time came with my husband. My mother asked the doctor whether to do the surgery. (C-Section or normal birth). The doctor said for normal birth because my physical condition was strong, so we chose normal birth according to the doctor’s advice. It was 3 pm , the nurse began looking for a room for labor. After getting a room, I entered the delivery room. I entered accompanied by my mother and my husband My feelings were mixed up. You imagine it has been a long time ago but something like this happened. What is really unexpected Mother who has experienced it will also know how it feels. After I entered the room, I was inserted into a vagina to open the birth canal. During this process I was transferred to another room by, in this room only me, the husband and the doctor. Objects are inserted like a balloon After the process I searched, it was induction process. When this process I really hate this doctor.
Why??? First, I really felt a pain when he entered that ballon, moreover we have lost our baby. When this process, our feet must be opened wide He said to me to be cooperative and cooperate. If you can’t work together how you can give birth, at that time my legs have been tied with a tape. He said in a tone like anger. I’m a little annoyed too. My feet before the process are tied with tape. The legs are opened and straddled. When the balloon was inserted, my vagina was bleeding. After entering the balloon, I was transferred back to the delivery room different from this room. After returning to the delivery room, around 3 o’clock I was given medicine And around 5 I was given the medicine again. The medicine is small in the form of tablets. Only the tip of the nail. I don’t know the dosage. I also used IVs and administered intravenously with medication. The induction process is given a drinking medicine and medication through intravenous fluids. The induction process with medicine, not natural induction like give a birth. So after the beginning of this process, many of my friends arrived after getting news. The position of my baby’s stomach didn’t go down. One of my friends said that my baby after the opening would go down. The process starts at 3, a few hours passed around 9pm, the balloon that was inserted into my vagina came out and let out a sound the tip of the balloon was weighted Because it was ballast so the balloon was pushed out. After came out, I think what opening time it was then the doctor came and the nurse to my room. The doctor came to check and the nurse came to cleanse his blood. The doctor said it was the first opening. What? First Stage?!!! After waiting for 6 hours πŸ™ Oh No! Usually this induction labor process takes 18 hours to 20 hours at the longest to get my baby out. After the first opening, 10 o’clock then 11 o’clock When it was 12 o’clock, the pain and heartburn were felt, before it had been felt but over time it became more painful. At 12 o’clock the doctor came again and checked that it was the third opening. In this labor process there are also other people who give birth in another room. There were two people, the first to give birth very quickly. It only takes about 30 minutes, shouting for a moment straight out the baby. The other one, shouting with me, I just found out that giving birth was very painful. I am very sad, as long as my life is sometimes against my parents. I also just found out that the struggle of parents to conceive and give birth is very hard. I like to fight parents, denying saying rude. Sometimes I also do bad things to my parents. At that time I realized and gave birth to a lot of pain. My birth process was accompanied by my mother and my husband too. They had no beds at the time, so they had to sleep on the floor to look me. At 12 o’clock they should rest but have to wait for me, so they use a jacket to sit in the room. I was told by the nurse, if the baby wants to get out quickly, I must sleep on side to the left. So from beggining I started sleeping a lot to the left. A few hours later (still pain), Finally the doctor came again to check me and said “Mrs, if I wait until 6 in the morning your baby doesn’t come out, I will do C-Section” What?!!! At that time I did not know what to say.
I want to cry. He also said he could not wait for my childbirth again, he waited the longest at 6am. After 6 am, the doctor will be replaced by another doctor. If until 6:00 that morning, my baby does not come out too, then that doctor will do a C-section. He spoke in a mocking tone. I really annoyed. Try to imagine in a position like me. Regardless of what I experienced, the doctor should give me strength and tips instead of joking me. He said softly but painful. I thought the doctor is not professional. Already sick, but he said like that. I have waited around 15 hours, and he said will do C-Section. In my opinion, 2 mistakes were made by the doctor. After that, the doctor left, and the nurse came and gave the medicine again. The medicine given is very small and only half of the tablet. After taking this medicine, the contractions that I felt were very powerful. That night I passed by screaming with the patient next to my room. I thought I would die. LOL Until 6 am my baby still not come out. Then come a replacement doctor. I was worried about the doctor will do C-Section. I have surrendered if only way is C-Section. Then the doctor who should be responsible is going home My opening was checked by a surrogate doctor, the doctor said I was opening eighth. From this opening, the pain was very severe, it was difficult to disclose, but to quickly get the baby out, I walked in the room, so that my baby quickly come out. But the pain that I experienced was getting worse. The most intense pain occurred on my back It was very painful even though my mother was having elusions . It feels like being pulled from behind. For mothers who have given birth, they know how it feels. I cannot express in detail because it is very painfull. Even though I was opening the eighth birth, my baby did not go down. His position is still in the middle of my stomach. At 6 that morning, my husband returned home . He took my clothes and took a shower. Then he will come again to stay to take care of me. After he came home, at 07 am – 09 am contraction got sicker. Exactly at 9 o’clock my husband came My doctor also came to check me back. He said my baby would come out. The doctor said one or two hours your baby will come out. The contraction process still continues. I waited and my baby came out at 10am At the time of my baby’s discharge, I was only accompanied by a nurse and my husband. The surrogate doctor I don’t know where He go. So the nurse holds a pair of scissors to open the birth canal without being accompanied by a doctor. So dizzy. But after my child was born, the doctor just came and didn’t know where. Maybe he is checking other patients. He came and checked my baby. The first doctor said that my child was wrapped around the umbilical cord. I can understand that his death is due to the umbilical cord because it is something we cannot avoid . Because it was played by his own baby which caused his death. But when seen after the baby is born, my baby is normal, healthy, and not wrapped around the umbilical cord. After the delivery process, I was cleansed and the nurse helped me to wear clothes. After finishing, I feel very tired. But I immediately stood up to see my child directly, maybe this is the strength of a mother. This is end of my pregnancy story (31 weeks pregnancy). I’ll tell you about this story in next session. Wait my next video. Bye…. And please kindly like and subscribe my channel. And please click “Bell” to get direct notification for new upload video! Bye-bye! God Bless us πŸ˜€


  • Yuni Arni

    Emang klo janin meninggal di dalem itu bisa keluar secara normal atau caesar… klo secara normal lwt induksi ga ada perubahan ya di caesar krn klo ga kluarin bs jdi penyakit buat si ibu nya…

  • Emma Risma

    Ikut berduka ya kak..
    Ak dulu jg ngalami yg pernah kaka alami. Tp usia baby nya baru 24weeks anak pertama juga.

  • Syarah Awaliyah Syarah

    Turut berduka ya KA πŸ™
    Alhamdulillah aku melahirkan 32week.. anak aku sekarang sudah umur 34bulan dan itu ngerawatnya butuh perjuangan sekali Krn ga mudah lahir 32week 😭

  • sound of soul

    Turut berduka cita yaa ci.. Kalo boleh tahu, dedenya cewe atau cowo? Pemulihannya berapa lama?
    Sabar & kuat yaa ciii..

  • amanda anggraini

    Turut berduka cita yaa ci πŸ™πŸΌ Mdh2an cpt pulih dan cpt dikasih kepercayaan lg
    Semoga sehat selalu πŸ’›

  • jenny pattynama

    Jadi inget mbak iparku tahun 2014 kemaren pas waktu lahiran baby nya ninggal udah 2 hari taunya pas ngeden 2 kali kok bayi gak keluar eh tau nya udah meninggal babynya cantik sedih sekeluarga😭😭😭
    Tapi alhamdulillah 2 tahun kemudian punya lagi baby boy dan kelang 2 tahun punya baby lagi cowok 😁😁
    Turut berduka cita ya kak pasti cepet dikasih lagi bismillah πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  • Rika Audia

    Aku juga pernh ngerasain apa yv cici rasain diusia kehamilan 26 minggu lahiran normal tanpa bantuan apapun selain obat rangsang saja dan rasanya sangat terpukul 😭😭

  • A_ Nab

    *Waw…. Getir tapi cerita bisa setegar itu. Semoga segera dikasih kepercayaan lagi ya.
    *Hampir mirip sama tante saya. Pas dinyatakan bayinya meninggal dikasih obat, tp enggak turun2 sampe suster2 heran. UK 4 bulan. Sama dokter (yang bukan biasanya. Kebetulan juga pas lagi libur natal dan tahun baru jadi cuma ada dokter jaga) dikiret, tapi bius belum bereaksi dokternya maksain buat kiret.
    *Beda dokter beda pendapat ya. Bayi saya beratnya 2kg di usia 33w, tp dokter di tempat saya periksa (di 2 dokter berbeda) bilang itu masih normal. Walau kadang masih down dengan komentar orang2 soal kandungan/ bayi saya yang kecil.
    *Terimakasih ya buat sharingnya, jadi bisa lebih waspada lagi. Mungkin memang harus minta opsi ke beberapa dokter dulu sebelum menyetujui buat tindakan kalo ada kasus macam itu.

  • Irma Apriyanti

    Turut berduka cita mba… Saya tau persis apa yg mba rasain.. Krna saya jg ngalamin hal yg sama di UK 29weeks…. Untungnya dokter dan bidan yg menangani saya pro normal walau janin sudah meninggal.. Proses melahirkan saya diinduksi sampai 4 hari.. Lebih sakit lg ketika bayi saya berhasil dilahirkan tp ga ada tangisannya..
    Smoga kita smua di kuatkan ya mba.. Dan segera di kasih momongan yg sehat dan selamat.. Aamiin..

  • Eka Ayunita

    Alasan meninggalnya knp ci.. sedih bgt dengernya.. semoga cepat hamil lgi dan lahir dgn sehat dan selamat

  • Muhammad Hendrik Sumanjaya

    istri saya juga mba. hmil prtma keguguran.hamil kedua janin meninggal usia40 week
    smoga cepet dberi kpercayaan lgi ya

  • Siti Awaliah

    Baru 10 hari yang lalu aku ngerasain kehilangan kaya mba. Dari usia kehamilan ku 16 weeks dokter udah memvonis bayi ku ada kelainan berat yaitu anenchepaly kelainan tanpa tempurung kepala jd semua organ dalam kepala terlihat jelas, dokter sudah menceritakan apa yg bakalan terjadi kalopun lahir gakan bertahan lama paling lama beberapa jam saja.. disitu dokter menyarankan terminasi (penghentian kehamilan) tapi saya dan suami menolak. Bagaimana pun bayi dalam kandungan saya layak hidup saya bahagia bisa merasakan gerakan dan detak jantung si kecil.. bayi saya layak mendapat kasih sayang sepenuhnya walau dia hanya merasakanya didlm rahim. Soal hidup dan mati saya serahkan semua kepada Allah saya pasrah, saya tetap menjalani kehamilan seperti sewajarnya pada usia 34 week kemarin saya melahirkan secara normal. Alhamdulillah bahagia saya merasakan nikmatnya melahirkan bahagia bisa melihat buah hati yg saya sayangi..

  • qulsum maulida

    Baby saya juga pernah ada lilitan tali pusar,tp alhamdulillah g kenceng dan usg berikutnya udah lepas. Usia kandungan sekarang 35 minggu, cuma udah warning krn bobotnya 3kgan,harus diet gula,padahal bobot saya cuma naik 5kg dari sblm hamil. Semoga bisa lahiran normal,sehat g kurang apapun.amin

  • Fifa interested

    Kenapa dokter tuh enggak nyaranin langsung secar aja ya, ya emang ibu kuat tapi kan babynya udh enggak ada. Kalo begitu menyiksa ibu batin dan fisik, kesel deh jdnya

  • Tri Astuti

    Sama saya juga keguguran umur 31 minggu 😣. Kelilit tali pusar juga bbj juga kurang juga. 😣
    Rasanya sedih anak pertama juga

  • Dyah Ayu Qori Fauziah

    Anak pertama saya juga meninggal dalam kandungan krn terlilit tali pusat UK 38W (kata dokter di ngawi dan madiun). Saya juga lahirin normal kak. Jam 21.00 minum obat induksi, jam 01.00 mulai mules2 sakit banget terus semakin sakit sampai jam 05.00 ketuban pecah. Akhirnya jam 06.00 sudah full pembukaan dan melahirkan.
    Sekarang saya sedang hamil anak kedua, ketika saya cerita pengalaman saya ke dokter di Klaten, meninggalnya anak pertama dulu bukan karena tali pusat. Tapi ada faktor lain, bisa disebabkan krn kehabisan nafas/penyakit atau stress.
    Untuk pelajaran kita semua, harus benar2 memilih dokter yg bagus, no matter how much it costs dan yg penting ibu, bayi, suami, dan dokter sama2 saling meyakinkan dan menguatkan.

  • Chairunnisa Anisa

    Anak pertama saya juga meninggal ka UK 32week sudah meninggal dlm kandungan, Alhamdulillah lahiran normal walaupun sunsang,dicek usg sudah tdk ada detak jantung tapi bayi seperti ngedorong Alhamdulillah langsung keluar. Yg sabar ya ka aku tau ko apa yg kaka rasainπŸ˜”πŸ˜­πŸ€—

  • Afrin zahra

    aq sedihhh dengar riwayat kamatian baby di dlm kndungan 😒 krna sy hmil 38 week jgk dokter blg air ketuban brkurang, baby takut gk brnafas krna kurang nya air ketuban 😒

  • asih mimi

    Innalillahi wa innailaihi ro'jiun…turut berduka ya CiπŸ˜­πŸ’”.. & trima ksh atas sharingnya & you are a very..very STRONG MOTHER ever!!!!! Tetep Semangat y Ci πŸŒ»πŸ™

  • Anggibudi Santoso

    Turut berdukacita mba πŸ™ Semoga Tuhan cepet ngirim gantinya GBU πŸ’— Aku juga lagi jalan 26 Week liat video beginian buat mendengar sharing untuk lebih berhati hati minta doanya semoga babyku sehat tanpa kurang apapun diperlancar sampai HPLπŸ’—πŸ™ Tuhan memberkati πŸ’—πŸ’—

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