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Happy Birthday Chelsea | Barbie LIVE! In the Dreamhouse | Barbie

Hey, hey, life in
the dream house. Oh yeah! Life in the dream house. Barbie. Life in the dream house. It’s my birthday. It’s finally here, my
favoritest day all year. I’m so happy I could just– Happy birthday, Chelsea. Breakfast is ready. She’s up, and she’s
on her way down. Places everyone. We’re going to make sure that
Chelsea’s sixth birthday is the best one yet. Stacey really loves
birthdays, but she takes them very seriously– maybe
a little too seriously. I’m on food prep. Barbie, you’re in charge
of distracting Chelsea. Skipper, you’re on
decorating duty. Aww, can’t Ken do it? Ken’s in the garage putting
Chelsea’s gift together. It’s a bike. All Chelsea ever talks
about is getting a bike. She’s going to be so
surprised, and it gives me a chance to show Barbie
my technical expertise. [CRICKETS CHIRPING] A special birthday breakfast
for a special birthday girl. This is all great and all,
but what I really want is to– mmm mmm. You’re welcome. Skipper, get moving
with the decorating. Aww. You don’t hear Ken
complaining, do you? Baking can be hard work. Why do I always have to
have the hardest job? [PARTY MUSIC] Want to know what I want
for my birthday, Barbie? A unicorn? Guess again. A pink unicorn? No. A singing pink unicorn who
can grant your every wish? Noooo! Ken, what’s wrong? Another daddy long
legs get in your hair? Why? Do you see one on me? Kill it! Kill it! How’s the bike coming? Almost done. Barbie, you log in each
gift, who it’s from, and Chelsea’s
emotional response. Skipper, you’re on
wrapper recycling duty. Aw, come on. Woo hoo! What’s keeping Ken? This has been the bestest day. The yummy cake, the decorations,
the military-precision scheduling. But– But? I just wanted– A unicorn? No! A bike? No! I just wanted– I got it! To sing the most special
birthday song of all. No! All I really wanted was
a tennis-playing robot. Ugh.


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