HOMOFOBIAS en el parto| MADRES LESBIANAS | HOMOPHOBIA in childbirth | Vero basku
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HOMOFOBIAS en el parto| MADRES LESBIANAS | HOMOPHOBIA in childbirth | Vero basku

Hello beautiful people We are back!!! Today in “while he sleeps” we will explain you with hair and signs as our baby came to the world Well, the pregnancy was great because I did not suffer anything Well, I suffered her
(so funny) Put up with her, that’s very difficult! Pregnancy the truth is that it was a precious few weeks Because I felt myself super good You see why I say now that if we have a second, that she has it, because if it has gone so well! It was all perfect, except the last month … Where my ankles I do not know if you know POCOYO POCOYO has a friend named ELI ELI’s legs, those were my legs … And the moment of the birth arrived And we went to the hospital And there The question party came I was until pussy I really was up to the pussy What I lived in the room, were internalized homophobes that is to say Homophobes that we have inside, but we do not realize that we have them We enter through the door of the maternity ward The first thing they told me was, Only one companion can enter I’m smoke And then she told me … and the daddy where is he? and… And where is your mother fucker? Total, that I had to live constantly, every time a person entered through that door the same situation And where is the dad? And where is the dad? and me… Imagine, okay! Imagine!!! With all the tention that I had, She, dead of pain, to fall to the ground, the ball of the world! It was thrown to the ground she said Aaa! It hurts me hurts Aaa! Someone came and told me… Where is dad??? And after a few hours of pain and uncomfortable questions… Finally our baby arrived!!! Babe say hello, you are about to be born Aarón Hello, we are very nervous, I hope everything goes well, I LOVE YOU! Aarón, honey! Yes!!! At four in the afternoon (It was the most beautiful moment in the world) I feel like being spoiled, it was very nice but it was disgusting She splited open!!! And then I decided, you’re not going to give birth EVER! And once the child was born, the second raund of questions!!! Every change of nurse, I was asked the same thing … WHERE IS THE FATHER? The moment arrived, so cool that all … we love !!! That is, at the happiest moment of your life, you have to start moving paperwork! And the first question was! Where is the father? And there, my patience was over! I said, look, we are two mothers Then he pulls out a paper in which he puts, FATHER AND MOTHER! And I said, you have the model of mother, mother? No! And again, in the civil registry, in the town hall, everywhere, all the time crossing out All the time crossing out! And the same question !!! WHERE IS THE FATHER!!! (I am your father) For me, honestly! It was a nightmare, a very big nightmare! It is ok! Come with mommy Well that is, that we are that kind who cross out, we cross out all the time! We are all day crossing out
(We always cross) so, all the papers, father/mother or how they want to say it, We did not put the name and we were so comfortable! no! it bothers us it bothers us We cross father and we put mother underneath, as we can And then we put our names Thats’s annoy me public administrations, You are still giving us papers where they put father, mother, husband and wife She, when she married me, she signed on the husband part! How are you! Hey! MACHOTE! MACHOTE!!! (In 2005 in Spain, same-sex marriage was passed by law, in 2010 we married, 5 years were not enough for administrations to change the documentation for our family model to this day, we continue suffering this inequality.) And after going through all this again! It arrived the day I had to ask for maternity leave In my work, of 15 days And guess what leave I had to catch? The paternity leave !!! PATERNITY!!! Let’s see, I’m a mother, I’m not a father! fucking hell People besides say that i’m sensitive But how am I not going to be sensitive! they tell me No, it affects you because you are sensitive to the topic! SHIT!!! I’m not sensitive to the fuck topic! Is that everything …. Father, father, father!!! I’m going to take the leave, and give me the paternity leave! I’m sensitive? What we want to ask with this video To arrive as far as we can Is that please, after 11 years of having passed the law of equal marriage After all the laws that come out, at least in our community, in CATALUÑA For equality, against homophobia, please public administrations Just enter the computer and change husband and wife By husband and husband, wife and wife as you wish In case of families, mother, mother, father, father Or progenitor 1, progenitor 2, tutor 1, tutor 2 There are a thousand ways each one of us Although it seems silly, We do not have to conform When we find that situation It is necessary to show disagreement, to show that it seems to us wrong, that we are not satisfied, that we care Me, for example, I’m a teacher at a children’s school. And of course at school are tired of me To correct those little things, those small papers that we give to the family We always put family If you have to put father and mother we have models with tutor 1 or tutor 2 Or father and mother with their two possible combinations We do it in a way that is equal for all More, families have come to our center Homoparental families, who have benefited from this equality And that is very much appreciated You arrive Which are respectful to you and your family It’s a plus To the minority have forgotten us, and it does not mean that we do not exist And so it hurts And makes the difference In our case, our son is 4 years old and does not realize But, having to spend all day crossing out papers And the papers of the agenda When I give it to my son, to tell the teacher He sees that stud It’s like, and why am I different? Then, I always think, And bullying continues, why bullying continues Why does continue this type of attack to people who are different? It’s super clear, Because we have to change from the beginning, the beginning, the beginning, the beginning And we’re not doing it We are doing the same, we are turning a blind eye We are all guilty, absolutely all and nothing more Up to this point today’s video Do not forget the three C’s To comment, here below the video To share for all your social networks And click on the image below Click on this drawing, and the subscribe screen will open directly And if you do, you will not miss any video, any Sunday See you later LIMONCELLOS!!! AND LIMONCELLAS

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