How I NATURALLY Flavor my Toddler’s Oatmeal || Weekend Vlog: Good Deals on Baby Clothes &Family Time
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How I NATURALLY Flavor my Toddler’s Oatmeal || Weekend Vlog: Good Deals on Baby Clothes &Family Time

Hey everyone! I’m starting my day off meal prepping my
son quick breakfasts for the week. My son is just playing with my niece again,
she is just the sweetest bonding with him and letting him play with her piano. My son is obsessed with this ever since I
made it for him when he started eating solids. I really love this recipe I coined since I
flavor the oatmeal naturally – I just cut up some apples, take out the seeds and blend
it until smooth. There are a few chunks of fiber which is really
nutritious for the little bub. After blending, I mix it with my already seeping
instant oatmeal. I just mix the hot water with some instant
Golden Oats and I make sure it’s not too runny so the apple would create the perfect
consistency. I saw an ad of an online seminar with Tony
Robbins in it so I clicked on it and received this email. He was going to be with Dean Graziosi so I
looked him up on instagram. I just listened to the webinar while I was
getting ready and did my make up. I’m not good in doing make up but I’m
just using this Pore Eraser by Shu Uemura, some bronzer, and mac shimmery eye shadow
just to brighten up my eyes and some parts of my face – I just base it on what I feel
like and the effect I want to see. I don’t really know anything about techniques
on make up. Now we’re off to take our son out, and were
also with some friends for lunch and coffee too. Ofcourse we always make sure this little boy
has the best time. I was trying to make an Instagram story and
it keeps saying my story’s too short? It’s the first time this happened – is this
a new thing? So I just took a boomerang instead. Then we’re off to our usual Korean barbeque
favorite! While the little man was taking a nap after
filling up on side dishes (haha!). When he woke up he was a little ball of energy
again! Playing with a balloon from one of the stalls. After my bathroom break, I found him mesmerized
with the butterflies and fireflies on the ceiling – it is really quite gorgeous though! We were going to check out some stuff for
the little man at H&M but ofcourse I was drawn to the ladies’ section first. Now finally what we came here for – some sweaters,
jackets, and mittens for him. Were already ready to go home at this point
since the little one is getting cranky too. Just some relaxation after a long day and
fitting the clothes we got for him. I didn’t really expect we could find him
some mittens with actual finger slots with his size! This is for 1 to 2 years old – super cute
and tiny! It was kind of hard to put his fingers in
the holes (Haha)! We got such good deals! We got a 3 for 2 deal for 1200 PHP which is
400 each. Which isn’t so bad especially for baby clothes. And the mittens were 299 PHP for 3! Almost a hundred each! Not bad at all, I expected it to be more pricey
but I’m not one to complain! I just reached a hundred subs! And there were some benefits to it so I’m
happy this tribe is progressing! Thank you for watching! Please subscribe and be part of my tribe – ‘Til
next time!

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