How Much Do Guys Know About Birth Control?
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How Much Do Guys Know About Birth Control?

– I know that it controls
birth, and that is about it. – I’m gonna guess that not that many guys know that much about birth control, at least hormonal birth control, just because it’s usually
women who have to deal with it. So, we’re gonna hit the
streets of Hollywood today to see what guys actually
know about birth control. Thank you for talking to us
about birth control today. – Oh, no problem. – I’m gonna ask you a personal question. – OK – How much do you think you
know about birth control? – Ah, more than most, but less than some? – More than I’d like to. Because I’ve had too many
close calls, you know? – Absolutely nothing. – Alright, here’s the first question. If you are trying to get a daily hormonal birth control pill, what do you need? – Don’t you need to be like 18? – I don’t know. – Um, a pill – Perscription? – Yes. You need a prescription. That is absolutely right. – Yeah, unless you’re
getting from, like, online, like a creepy Chinese website
or something like that? – You may be able to find
it on the Black Market without a perscription, that’s true. If you are employing the “rhythem method” of birth control, what does that mean? – Um, maintain a certain
stroke, speed, a velocity. – You do what’s called a
“Cascara Beat” to your pills you just… (clapping to drum rhythms) – It basically means pulling
out, not to be crass. – I think it’s about timing it with, uh, the menstrual cycle,
and everything like that and making sure that when
the female is ovulating that you’re not procreating. – Ding, Ding, Ding – Yes, thank you. I’d like
to thank my fifth grade uh, PE and health teacher. – Ready for the next one? – Yeah – What does IUD stand for? – You got me again, I have no idea. – No guesses? – Not one. – Don’t know. – Do you know what an IUD is? – Nope. – Internal Uterus Damage? – I don’t know what it stands for, but i think it’s implanted. – Yeah, it’s inserted, I would say. – Yeah. – Inter Uterine Device. So it’s the thing that
goes up into your cervix, and prevents you from getting pregnant. – That is almost exactly correct. It’s Intrauterine Device. – Is that like the ring? – That’s actually a different thing, – Oh, that’s a different thing. – but the ring is a thing. – Close enough. – Alright, ready for the next question? – Oh. – Two common types of IUDs are
the Mirena and the ParaGuard. The Mirena’s made of plastic,
what is the ParaGuard made of? – Hopefully not metal, or yes, metal. – Good intentions, I don’t know. – Copper? – It’s copper. – Yeah, ok. – Would you shove something
copper inside of you? – No. – The “implant”, a small
matchstick sized rod which releases hormones, is
placed inside what body part to prevent pregnancy? – I’ll go for Uterus for five hundred. – I feel like this is a loaded question that it is not the vagina. – It’s not the vagina, you’re right. – Then I don’t know. – I feel like I’ve seen my
friends have it up here. – It is actually in
your arm, you’re right. – Ok, one last question,
no right or wrong answer. Would you take hormonal male birth control if it was available? – Yeah, why not? As long as
there’s no crazy side effects. – Yeah, because the female birth control really, kinda, messes with your system. And I have all the sympathy for girls that don’t want to take
it for those reasons. – Sure. – Yeah, absolutely. – I think it’d only be fair
to, you know, spread the love. Spread the hormonal imbalances. – Do you feel like you
learned anything today? – Absolutely, yeah. I thought you were going to
school me and you kinda did. – So, the results were kind of mixed. Some guys knew way more
than I thought they would, and I was totally impressed. – Ask me about sponges, let’s go. I’ll talk about sponges.
I watch Seinfield. – And some guys were
mystified by the entire thing. – Because, I mean, your period is probably different from her period, and it’s. How can you track it? – One guy was so nervous
he literally ran away in the middle of being interviewed. – So you guys don’t use anything at all? – oh, ah, well, she’s on the pill. – She’s on the pill. So you
guys do use birth control. – Yes – You don’t use birth control. – I’m over here
(incomprehensible mutterings) – You don’t want to do it? Why not? Too much? But it seems like most
guys would be open to the idea of taking a male
hormonal birth control. Which is pretty cool,
because I feel like it’s time for us to share that weight, you know? It takes two to Tango. So, you might as well both
put on our Tango shoes. You know?, We both need shoes. He needs shoes and she needs shoes.


  • Candice Macdonald

    I have the implant in the arm! It's for a medical condition I have. I love that it's a well-known thing at least amongst women. It really helps with my condition and I just want to let other women know that if you honestly feel that something's not right down there, then you see a doctor because mine really helped me a lot and I feel like a new, more productive person now that I'm not spending five days out of every month in bed sobbing because of the pain in my stomach. Get yourselves checked out, vagina-bearing individuals!

  • tina lina

    "time to share the weight" ABSOLUTELY! The 'what if' scenario should not all fall on the shoulders of the girl because of an error taking a freaking pill – or any other birth control being taken!

  • lizette cardenas

    When I was a junior in high school,a freshman asked me for advice on surviving school.
    I said focus on final exams,ask for help when you need it and don't get anybody pregnant. He replied by assuring me that he would never be in that situation, because he would use two condoms at the same time.
    I facepalmed right through my hand. 😂

  • rsss

    I think it's a disgrace that everyone – vagina havin' or no – doesn't learn this stuff in health class. Then again I also think it's a disgrace that I have to get a prescription (aka permission) to take control of my own damn body.

  • hep the great

    You litterally can have a non-hormonal birth control that guys can take. It's like a shot… down there. Just some plastic, no hormones, no side effects, lasts a decade, is 100% effective and completely reversible. But I doubt many men would be willing to do it.

  • whaddupchunt

    i feel like the guys were lying when they said they would take a pill….. no guy wants to do that. girls don't even want to do it -_-

  • Iain Campbell

    Is it odd that I was taught about all of these (and more ways of preventing STD's as well) in school as compulsory lessons?

  • Phantom Bermuda

    In my science class, they are teaching us different types of birth control and having a debate on which one is the best. They're are boys in my class

  • Lore & Fablery

    Ok, but think about how much more important this lack of male knowledge becomes when you consider that most of our politicians are male(80% of congress), but they're the ones making laws regarding female access to birth control.

  • Jasmine

    These questions are a classic example of how Buzzfeed likes to make 21st century men sound stupid in order to fuel their hyper-feminist, left wing agenda.

    Which ordinary person would know the answer to all these questions?

    As a woman who is on birth control, why would my partner need to know the details about several other forms of birth control?

    Why do you need to shame men and find it disappointing that they not know these facts? Not knowing the details should not mean that a man is not participating enough in contraception. This is stupid.

  • Bibituu

    Omg its so sad how many girls are brainwashed , BC is so bad for you , messing with your body's nature , and risking getting a thrombosis … and all of you keep forgetting the most important ..BC IS NOT GOING TO SAVE YOU FROM STDS ! 1 in 8 living with HIV and being UNAWARE of it …

  • Serena.Saint.James

    I'm really surprised at how much some of those guys actually knew, also sharing the hormonal imbalance would be a nice change of pace. I don't personally have a lot of side effects from birth control but I know a lot of friends who get sick or heavy symptoms from it so they can't use it at all. Plus it would be nice for guys to have a say in reproductive safety in case their partner is being dishonest about using birth control correctly to have a child on purpose against the others wishes.

  • Aori Hanazari

    HAHAH The funny thing is, they were working on the male birth control pill but had to stop it because the guys could't handle the side effects women have to deal with. Hilarious.

  • NotBizzy

    Wah Wah there are side effects of male birth control, some test lines were just discontinued because of intense acne breakouts, weight gain, and other effects

  • Saphire Artist

    I feel like some of the guys said yes just because of the video if it was a real life situation the percent of men that would actually take the birth control would be slightly lowered

  • Kyra B

    In my opinion, birth control should have only been made for guys. Why wear a bulletproof vest and risk being shot when you could just unload the gun?

  • niels tuynman

    Actually, most of the studies on male birth control have been put in the freezer due to a couple of reasons:
    1. women wouldnt trust a guy to actually take the pill every day (to all the women here: would you?)
    2. in general, men would be less "medication-loyal"
    3. the side-affects to male birthcontrol are proven to be much more severe then either female-birthcontrol or the benefits of male-birthcontrol in general
    4. female birth control is widely used for reasons other than actual birth control. Stuff having to do with hormones in general and menstrual problems
    I'm a medical student in Amsterdam, and just had 8 weeks of college on this subject 🙂

  • Margaret McDevitt McMahon

    What is here described as the "Rhythm method" is actually "Natural Family Planning." Rhythm method makes it sound old, outdated, and useless. It is just as effective as the pill. And there are no negative side effects or alteration of natural body functions or hormones. And both partners participate equally. Check it out!

  • Sami TheBarefootRamble

    Can we please have a sequel to this video about the guys that dropped out of the study for some effects that women have dealt with that for years.

  • Nicole Dashiell

    2:39 "Would you take hormonal male birth control?"
    "Yeah why not? As long as there's no crazy side effects"

    Like depression, weight gain, acne, nausea, headaches, mood swings, changes in libido, eye problems, and higher risks of blood clots? Oh wait that's female hormonal birth control.

  • Mikedy

    I hate how everyone thinks that birth control is JUST for pregnancy prevention. For example, I use birth control for my acne, but I'm not sexually active. It's so annoying.

  • T F

    Yay male hormonal bc! Except they just recently pulled out of a study for it because it had almost the same side-effects as female hormonal bc and something like 25 of the 300 boys couldn't handle it. Ugh.

  • Stephanie Smith

    Just want to put it out there that we should all be more open minded regarding Long acting contraceptive devices (LARCs) eg/ IUD and implanon. These are shown to be way more effective than the pill/ injections etc and have less side effects and long term complications in general 🙂 they last for up to 10 years and you get your fertility back once they''re removed! win win!

  • Mindy Wong

    One of the biggest issue with Male birth control is that it is causing a small number of men to be infertile for 1+ years than the intended length of time. Although I do agree that men should be able to take birth control, there are still more research to be done.

  • cosmicdog

    I was nailing a bird last week and asked her if she was likely to get pregnant, she informed there was no chance as she had a coil fitted. I replied "the size of your vagina you could have had carpet's fitted". At least I don't have to worry about getting her pregnant, she hasn't spoken to me since.

  • TheMissnola

    BuzzFeedYellow it would be nice if men could take hormone birthcontrol, but a trial for a type of hormone birthcontrol for men because was stopped because 20 men jumped ship because they noticed discomforts such as headaches, bloatiness or any minor discomforts women face every day by taking hormonal birthcontrol.

  • BeanzPlz

    My school provides condoms and pregnancy tests and i think birth control.
    We're a secondary school so the school makes sure it's available and explain it all too us.
    I know more then theses people tbh

  • Kayla

    I wouldn't take birth control pills again, and I wouldn't want my fiance to take them either. There are pros and cons to the pill, but for me the pros are not worth the cons.

  • AreusBookworm

    Another question that should have been asked is if everyone takes hormonal birth control pills FOR birth control. Cuz for some it's purely for the benefits "messing with your system" gives. Like for acne or cramps and such.

  • 14freckles14

    What kinda side effects can you get from birth control? I've been using it for about a year just to ease period symptoms and Ive experienced nothing but positives.

  • daboys1215

    It's times like these that I'm happy to be asexual. No money spent. No drugs taken. Peace and quiet life.

  • Dreamie Queen

    I don't take the pill…I've tried many brands, many different types and all of them mess up with my body. My body just react so badly to them. I puke, I get diarrhea, I get cramps, and it doesn't reduce my period pains… it's just not worth it.

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