How Pregnancy Shapes The ‘Dad Bod’
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How Pregnancy Shapes The ‘Dad Bod’

When a man and woman love each other very
much (and sometimes not) they end up making a baby. And the woman’s body goes through
a ton of changes, but then again, so does the man’s! Pregnancy causes a lot of visible (and invisible)
changes to mom bods. Mental, physical, hormonal, emotional, and so on… but the moms aren’t
alone in this brand new world, science has finally begun to recognized Dads might be
going through changes right alongside. In 2007, a study came out describing Couvade
syndrome — also known as sympathetic pregnancy. The study followed more than 500 men and found
a majority of the men displayed pregnancy-associated symptoms of morning sickness, stomach cramps,
mood swings, and a few developed swollen stomachs (called pseudocyesis). A ton of studies have
documented these sympathetic effects, which worsen as the pregnancy progresses, clearing
up after the birth. They’re not sure exactly what causes Couvade Syndrome, but they think
it’s psychosomatic — or caused by the mind; thus, it’s not a medical condition, but a
psychological one. So though sympathetic pregnancy might be caused
by anxiety, attention-seeking behavior, or as a quote “statement of paternity” as some
hypotheses say… there are actual changes men go through during pregnancy. Male marmosets
and cotton-top tamarins, primates with similar child-rearing practices to humans, gain as
much as 20 percent of their body weight during their mate’s pregnancy — perhaps to store
extra energy in preparation of raising their offspring. Studies in humans found cortisol
(a stress hormone) and prolactin (lactation hormones) spike in men alongside their pregnant
ladies. Recently, a study from the University of Michigan
found surprising hormonal changes in fathers which started rather quickly. Within the first
12 weeks of their mate’s pregnancy, testosterone and estradiol levels dropped in the Dads-to-be,
and the drop continued to throughout the pregnancy. The researchers admitted they don’t know why,
but they expect it has something to do with the changes the woman’s body is going through,
perhaps to prepare the men as they quote “transition to fatherhood.”
Anecdotally, it might be a good thing for testosterone to drop, as it’s associated with
aggression, risk-taking and sexual savoir faire; but curiously it rose in women over
the same period! Estradiol is similar to estrogen, and estrogen in men hasn’t been very thoroughly
studied; though scientists think a drop in estrogen in men show symptoms similar to menopause
in women: i.e. — decreased bone density, a decline in libido, and fat around their
midsection. And finally… we can’t talk about fatherhood
without mentioning the infamous Dadbod; well, sort of. Men who lived with their child gained
2.6 percent in their BMI or an average of 2 kilograms. Men who lived apart still gained
one-and-a-half kilos, or a 2 percent BMI increase. The study, in the American Journal of Men’s
Health found lifestyle changes caused weight gain, but could this be explained by a lowering
of estradiol levels? Maybe? Ultimately, most of the studies of pregnancy
are lady-facing, which makes ALL the sense, but to completely dismiss or ignore men because
they’re not actually pregnant seems kinda stupid; especially in light of the surprising
science we’ve seen. Humans evolved two-parent caregiving to give our offspring the best
parental resources available and that does seem to extend pre-birth. Say it with me now.
More. Research. Is. OBVIOUSLY. Needed. What do you think about sympathetic pregnancy?
Is it real? Have any of you experienced it? We KNOW some of you out there are parents. Hey parents, if you haven’t subscribed, go
sign in and subscribe. Really. You won’t regret it. And we’d love to know you’re out there,
so we can make more videos for you too. Do y’all know some other things about pregnancy?
Are you sure they’re not myths? Check out this video where I debunked some tall tales
about birthin’


  • Cute Kittie Kat

    Please do a video on people washing their hands… Or these days.. Not and why they should!
    Girls are guilty too and most ( if they do anything) just rinse their hands or put soap on their hands and run there hands under water and scrub with their hands still under water… Its GROSS… And these are females too… Its not just guys…. And its got me so paranoid to even touch the bathroom doors. I wish there was a alarm that goes off saying that they havent washed their hands

  • Caron Pascual

    Trace, your voice sounds hilarious when you increase the video speed. Though, then again, whose doesn't? 😀

  • Acinomnieves3

    My husband had sympathy pains in his hips and back. Drs and chiropractor agreed, the pain was mental since there was nothing wrong, it was in the same place as my pain, and it stopped after I have birth.

  • Damian Reloaded

    It means daddy is probably gay and he wants sperm in his "shit canal" so he can give birth to poop babies.

  • jeppep95

    You lose your testosterone if you stress or lack sleep i think that would be why youd lower your testosterone levels

  • lordkalem

    oh look. another thing Dumbass News got wrong. Again. srsly guys spend more than a single hour looking into the crap you spout.

  • Shawn Ravenfire

    Makes sense.  If you hear or see someone else throwing up, it makes you feel like throwing up too.  If people around you are having mood swings, your moods are going to swing with them, just as a natural response.  If the person you're with is eating a lot of extra food, you're going to want some of that too, so that explains the weight gain.  The rest, yeah, I guess that's psychosomatic.

  • Aimi Geη

    I'll never have kids. I just don't like kids. I don't care if the meaning of life is to have kids, I don't like kids, that's it

  • Taylor Dan Smith

    My gf is 4.5 months pregnant and I have felt a much lower "drive" (although she's still super hot in my opinion), & I feel like I'm way more emotional. …im might just be a pansy tho. Idk

  • Glam uae

    Oh Gosh all the things you say, are true. The man feel this way and gain weight,
    And it helpful when the testosterone props a litl bcoz its Hurd to be sexually active during pregnancy, (first 5 month).
    And maybe a husband can't be sexually active bcoz he loves his wife and baby in her body and can't having a sex, bcoz he think that baby maid feel the fathers body parts.
    It's all pcycologyc issue
    I'm pregnant now and it's soon Hurd for me to be honest. And my husband are going true all my pain and gain weigh, he is so supportive thanks God.
    Love him so much
    Thank u for your video and channel.

  • AppleCore360

    My husband drasticly changed during my first pregnancy. He got emotional, gained weight, felt a strong sence of responsability… I am now pregnant for the second time and it seems he is going right back in those changes. And no, for all those jokesters… He didn't start drinking, he actualy stopped alcohol all together.

  • shortee61904

    I never had any nausea when I was pregnant with my son but his dad used to throw up in the mornings and if I got a craving then he'd eat the same thing

  • Jess Eewikk

    Were the studies done on hetero couples only? Would a gay couple experience this possibly if they adopt or surrogate? In a lesbian couple would one see this? A separated couple?

  • Trixinator

    Totally true – my husband gained around 5 kilos during my pregnancy, and he has become tidier at home, strangely 🙂

  • Christian Galesias

    To you ladies .. If you want your husband to experience how being pregnant feels like …. while your husband is sleeping .. Try to walk over his legs 3 times and he will get the sickness you've been getting during the pregnancy.

  • John Patrick Fernandez

    My wife is going 5 months and I also look like pregnant.. hahahaha weird.
    Probably the reason why Im getting fat is because i ate her leftover foods..

  • Jordan Jungman

    I definitely gained some body fat. I think mine was more from my wife having a bunch of extra food around that I wouldn't normally buy, but also couldn't resist eating. All that ice cream was hard to put down when you are watching someone else enjoy it so much…

  • Danny Kidd

    I didn't have any of the psychological effects except that I gained weight with all three of my wife's pregnancies.  If she ate so did I.  She lost the weight after the pregnancies but I didn't.

  • Eli Orellana

    My dick wiggles when my baby mama come around….also my boxers seem to move….can science explain that….lmao

  • Catherine Patin

    With our first pregnancy, my husband definitely gained quite a bit of weight, right along with me. I remember he was symptomatic in other ways also. There's certainly something to this. He did better with our second daughter but I think he struggled a little then too.

  • Skylar Rottino

    What did Cleopatra look like?
    Why did she call in love twice?
    What are some interesting facts you know about her?
    Was she really beautiful?
    What was her race?

  • johnny johnson

    bartender: hey johnny, drinkin an awful lot today, something up?
    johnny: my girl said shes pregnant
    bartender: oh boy… have a drink on the house
    johnny: make it a double.

    that is why the dad bod shows up :). its simply stress and lifestyle change. dont really see as giving up but just not committing as much to health and fitness. kids and family are more important obviously; however, they shouldnt indulge too much, if you love your kids you'll stay in at least moderate shape so you can see their kids someday 🙂
    some people saying that the "dad bod" looks sexier than a fit person. no, the commitment is sexy, the lack of personal health isnt

  • Corey McGuire

    You talk about dad bods, but what about dad jokes? Why are dad jokes universal? What is it about puns and dad's? Does this serve a function like language development in offspring?

  • Vlad The Inhaler

    The deeper you get into family life the lower your testosterone levels will be.
    Knowing that 18 years of your life are going to be different no matter what will crush a man.

  • Roscoe Kane

    I am father of 2 young children. My eating habits definitely changed when my wife's did during her pregnancy. That might have mattered.

  • Frank Chacon

    I will be honest I didn't feel any symptoms when my spouse was pregnant with my son however it I did seem to gain some weight but that could be just because she stayed home cooking all kinds of really really good food over the last month of pregnancy lol

  • CF1001

    Were we actually 2-parent organisms in tribal society? Sure in most men (especially leaders) take pride in their sons but in most modern tribes the women are the ones doing all of the child rearing while the men hunt and even today we have a tendency to pass our children into institutions like school. I think we were more like a group of parents like the old adage "it takes a village to raise a child"

  • ProfoundProcrastinator

    May be just a coincidence but my dad only started getting chest and back hair and the ability to grow a proper beard soon after i was born.

  • Terminator Channel

    I have. I had morning sickness for a week and gained weight and also got stretch marks on my inner thighs. I all ways told my wife if I could take your pain I would… and I did

  • The Seph I am

    I would have sympathy mood swings and definitely gained weight and lost testosterone but after my son turned 3 months I felt mostly like my old self. (Albeit far more sleep deprived)

  • Thea Elise Dahl

    My boyfriend is almost as pregnant as I am😂 he has had the morningsickness, he put on some weight and he has been moody.😂 he alsow has wierd cravings, as me😂

  • Caitlan-Marie Philbin Jayden & Rileys Mum

    ny boyfriend seems to be getting my pregnancy symptoms. where as I have no symptoms.. hes feeling sick getting sore heads feeling tired etc..

  • LaceChaser

    I am so glad I found this video! The doctors and OBs would all just say "aww" when I would describe my symptoms, but now I know this is actually a real thing! Thank You!

  • graysmoke89

    I'm experiencing this right now. My wife is 8 months along right now and I am feeling depressed which is out of character, my nickname is mr. Sunshine. That's how I found this video, searching for an explanation to my issues. It's reassuring that it goes away after the birth.

  • Pixel Kitten

    My boyfriend gets more stomach cramps than he did and gets a bit of morning sickness. It's kinda funny… I mean I feel bad but it's amusing to watch him go through his "man pregnancy" while I'm over here with shitty real pregnancy xD

  • Motoko Kusanagi

    It's funny because you can spot a dad from a mile away. In his appearance and his behavior. Just like a pregnant woman. I knew who all the dads were at work and they never told me before then.

  • Brittany

    My poor guy has gained weight with me during pregnancy. When we're in bed I usually start rubbing my belly and he will eventually start rubbing his without even realizing why he's doing it lmao. I think it's attractive.

  • Christine Williamson

    I'm 17 weeks pregnant and my husband has gained weight ever since even eats strange food and eats more then I do, I believe he has the symptoms bc I'm rarely having any so far

  • Roozie F

    Of course they think it's good if your testosterone drops everybody wants men to be wimpy whiny nowadays so no it's not a good thing men are men that's why we have testosterone

  • Charlie Rose wish dom

    testosterone is a full . the same man feminist academia also ran bias studies on the  Y chromosome starting from prison and liking Y chromosome to violence  sex is good for pregnancy also with semen helps the cervix

  • Me too

    I don't even live with my baby's mom and I had nausea before she did when she got pregnant so I would say yes it does affect us as well.

  • EM Newman

    I too am experienced it now. My wife is 37 weeks pregnant and I've had a ton of changes in this pregnancy (my fifth child) as in comparison to the previous four.
    I'm moody, hungry, sleepy and my ankles are as fat as I've ever seen on a dude. Not to mention the 3.5 kg I've gained (mostly around my navel). I'm a person who cares about his fitness and I eat very well, there's no reason I should've gained weight. I'm a believer!

  • Renzo Cordova

    My wife is 7 months pregnant and I could not come to reason as to why I was going through almost every feeling explained on this video!
    I’m relieved to know I’m not alone in this!

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