How to Become a Midwife : Midwife’s Role During Childbirth
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How to Become a Midwife : Midwife’s Role During Childbirth

Hi! My name is Maureen Browne and on behalf
of In this clip, we will be talking about the care by midwife in labor.
During labor, the midwife will be less focused on the clock and she will allow labor to assume
it’s spontaneous course. Examples of this would be fewer vaginal exams, not rupturing
the water bag, and continues fetal heart rate monitoring only when medically indicated.
She encourages the mother and her partner to be active participants in the laboring
process, which might include changing positions in labor, using a water tub if available,
and informed decision making on interventions that may become medically necessary.


  • acidstars9

    You are extremely ignorant, midwives have extensive graduate training in what to do to handle emergency situations if they occur. Midwives provide primary care to most pregnant women around the world. OB/GYNs are trained to handle high risk pregnancies or complications if they occur, but the vast majority of women do not need to see an OB/GYN.

  • acidstars9

    I responded so that people who came to see the video would not only see your ignorant comments, they would see a different side. Anyway, who really cares if it's 2 months old if you obviously still replied to it? It had nothing to do with being a hippy, I am only stating the fact that most women around the world give birth with midwives assisting, and OB/GYNs are trained in complications and surgery, not normal birth. Before you make such a dumb comment, maybe you should do some research.

  • acidstars9

    You are thinking only of North America. In most other parts of the world they do give birth with midwives. If you don't believe me then look it up. Try opening your mind for once. If you don't care, you don't have to reply. I am just wondering why you were looking at this video in the first place if you so obviously don't like midwives.

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